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    Welcome to my AddOn portal!
    The new slDataText is in a polishing stage, where I'm working out some minor issues and trying to optimize it's memory usage while reducing it's dependency on certain libraries. I'm also building a new interactive tooltip library from scratch to remove the dependency of TabletLib for the social modules. Once the tooltip library is completed, I'll be rebuilding the social module(s) into one module and integrating the new realID system into it.

    Also, I'm working on a text-based unit frame AddOn that utilizes a text status bar library I wrote while rewriting slDT. I'm currently adding a bit of additional functionality to the library, but it works very well, and is very low memory usage. Currently with player, target, pet, focus, and targetoftarget the AddOn is under 100kb of memory usage, but this is prior to the Configuration menu being implimented, and that will add a little bloat to it. If I'm happy with the final product, I'll likely release it.

    I'll try to keep updates coming on both projects. The new slDT is probably around 75%-80% complete, and the new slUnitFrames is around 25% into development.
    06-12-10 07:17 AM by: Gimbli
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