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05-28-11 08:17 AM by: hankthetank
More cool IDE development stuff. I've learned the ropes of the Lexer/Parser Framework Irony that makes it easy to describe languages via EBNF with lots of extra features of which all are undocumented :/ My Lua grammar in action:

Makes it easy to implement standard features like bracket matching without much of a hassle:

Also, MPQ handling almost done:

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04-12-11 01:48 PM by: hankthetank
Not much time for WoW lately and development thereby :/ Anyhow, I programmed some small applications to dabble in IDE development and evaluate the potential workload.

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03-12-11 05:46 PM by: hankthetank
Time for the 3rd round of my UI preview. The develpoment of awesome new modules has slowed down a bit in favor of debugging, optimizing, unravelling taint issues and all that totally boring QA crap.

So what's new?

Objectives tracker, nothing much to improve here but a little skinning and user placement. Wowhead URL dialog integrated:

Chat bubbles:

And the latest addition, my DataBroker bottom / top panel:

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03-01-11 04:59 PM by: hankthetank
My hard drive has started to make alarming noises so I thought it would be a good idea to make a first SVN commit. So for everyone who wants a hands-on of a really early not even nearly finished version, here you go.

Here is the final version of my nameplates based on cael's:

And my chat frames in all their ingame glory:

Memory usage of the UI still < 200kb

Buffs: Done

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02-13-11 10:19 PM by: hankthetank

The UI is slowly making progress. rActionBar/ButtonStyler is modified to my needs. The Skinner settings and textures are recompiled although Skinner is memory consuming as hell. But I don't feel up to rewriting that yet, especially when I'd need to maintain those skins with every FrameXML change.

The font module is finished, digs through all the font objects and replaces them with a given master font or setting from the configuration table - all with 50 lines of code. In addition it can display that neat tooltip which retrieves the font object names under the mouse pointer for use with the config:

The minimap is almost done but I'm really unhappy with the way the button bin is coded at the moment. I literally had to copy the whole logic behind a few dropdowns, LFG and PvP buttons in particular, one-to-one from the original UI. That really sucks for maintenance and flexibility and would especially make it prone to Blizzard UI changes. Besides it doubled the amount of code.