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Hello world! Welcome to my portal, I love to see you here. Feel free to write me PMs or emails to [email protected]
10-30-12 04:42 AM by: grdn
Hi guys,
if you are using my addons and wondering about no updates anymore, please check back on Curse, where I'm updating them frequently. It's too much work for me to upload and manage all of my addons on two sites. Sorry.
01-16-12 03:54 AM by: grdn
Hey there,

I am known as grdn (guardian without vowels) and I develop addons since WoW Classic. I never used to upload and share my work, because I just enhanced existing addons for personal use.

When LibDataBroker suddenly appeared, thousands of Broker addons were released by again thousands of authors. Many of them stopped developing by now. I decided to provide cool Broker addons and keep them alive until I quit WoW, which will happen when the last realm has gone offline forever

- grdn