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    04-01-06 05:25 AM by: MetaHawk
    Only recently came across this site from a link I found. Looks to be pretty well set up for addons.

    Latest version is now available and I'll start adding a bit more content here as soon as I can. Soon as I can tear myself away from playing that is.
    I have a level 60 Hunter on Aggramar called MetaHawk, as well as a level 60 Mage on there called Urshurak. Both Alliance. Wave if you see me.

    I recently started another Horde Mage on Ahn'Qiraj PvP server called Meta. If you see me standing around doing nothing, i'm most likely doing a bit of testing. So, stop jumping me from behind you Allys!

    I noticed that Devla has now uploaded the converted Magellan for MetaMap here as well. Plugs in nicely to MetaMap to show many places of interest on the map. Other related addons of interest, which have been made compatible are NotesUNeed and BetterWaypoints, to name but two. Someone has also produced a database of over 4000 NPC/MoBs which loads into the MetaMap Knowledge Base. I'll see if I can get him to upload that here as well.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy MetaMap.
    03-31-06 08:10 AM by: MetaHawk
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