Welcome to ChronSyn's portal! Most people call me 'Chron', but I go by the name of 'Scott' in the real world.

I'm a new developer who started developing addons on 24th June 2012. I've got several years experience in software and web development, as well as over a decade of experience in the IT industry. Moving onto WoW addon development was more of a spontaneous occurrence than a planned event.

Having moved to a new realm and setup my own casual guild, I wanted an easy way of recruiting members. I didn't like the idea of auto-recruiting members through other addons (i.e. automatic whisper and invite), and so I set about creating my own addon. With no prior LUA knowledge, I sought the assistance of the community, got the core of the code, and built 'GuildInviteAssist' from that in less than 8 hours (credit where credit is due of course - see the page). Although it lacked some crucial checks in the initial release, these were/should be added in a future version.

It's my hope that continuing the learning of LUA will allow me to create a number of useful mods, and my experience as a developer in other languages and areas will allow me to be inspired and create mods to fill any areas of the 'market' that are empty.
06-25-13 06:13 AM by: ChronSyn
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