There is currently a conflict between DLMS and ArkInventory.

ArkInventory seems to prevent the auto sell/repair features in DLMS from working. I am currently trying to find out what that conflict may be and how to correct it.

Giving credit and thanks to dakender for identifying the conflicting addon.


Issue has been resolved and update 1.1 Beta has been uploaded.
Included an optional database for DLMS as a seperate download.

To Install:

- Place the DLMS.lua file included in the "Optional DLMS" in your "World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<AccountName>\SavedVariables" folder.
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03-22-14 08:06 PM by: Auz
The DLMS.lua and DLMS.toc files should now be correctly located in the corresponding top level FOLDER (e.g. DLMS) rather than top level themselves.

My appologies to those that have already downloaded. For those that have, Please create a folder under Interface\Addons called "DLMS" (without qoutes) and place "DLMS.lua" and "DLMS.toc" in it.