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    05-05-09 05:30 AM by: Macniel
    RaidFramesPlus use a callback function that can be used to manipulate mostly everything on a Blizzard Raidframe Button.

    this function is called RaidFramesPlus_Update(suffix, func, unit) that iterate over every existing raidpullout button and if an element with the name "RaidPullout"..y.."Button"..x..suffix exist the function func will be called with its unitid (that is stored in ["RaidPullout"..y.."Button"..x].unit)

    so an update function should look like that :

    function _updateName(object, unit)
    the code that will call this update function looks like that:
    RaidFramesPlus_Update("nameLabel", _updateName, "raid1")
    to update only buttons that are associated to the unit raid1 or
    RaidFramesPlus_Update("nameLabel", _updateName)
    to update every button

    The possibilities are sheer unlimited, I think and I hope you will find this source useful if you plan to adept RaidFramesPlus in your AddOn or Compilation.
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    07-31-08 04:20 PM by: Macniel
    I had activated this Portal for a long time but actually I had not used it.

    SO this will be changed. I will post news regarding my AddOns and also post the documentation of these, so if someone is interested in helping/improving those AddOns you are very welcomed.

    Have a nice Day, and if you have questions read the FAQ first (which will also filled now).