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Welcome to Tacit's author portal!

Just setting this place up, so check back often!

I've got a lot in store for 2.4 with a few new UIs. I will be building a core UI that everyone can use as a starter package. From there, we'll have a couple of "add-on packs," for more specialization. For instance, there will be a raid pack, a PvP pack, and class packs (eventually).

Version 2.0 Released!
By: Tacit_Hunter - 06-15-08 07:23 PM
Tacit_Hunter's Avatar Version 2.0 has finally been released!

For the time being, I've stuck with the all-in-one design. The modular design did not pan out as I wanted it to.

The custom art is going to wait until I get a better grasp on the usage of Skinner and eePanels - I don't want to provide an unfinished product.

Version 2.0 on the way!
By: Tacit_Hunter - 04-05-08 12:58 AM
Tacit_Hunter's Avatar I've started work on version 2.0 of Tacit UI!

I'm going to a more modular feel for the new release. Here are some of the design philosophies I'm going for:
  • Class Packs - Essentially, there will be a small downloadable pack to select addons configured for your class!
  • Goal Packs - Once again, a small downloadable pack that will load addons designed for raiding, PvP, or questing.
  • Custom Art - I'm currently designing a bottom frame to support everything in one easy-to-read place.
  • Increased Efficiency - By going to the more modular design, we'll be able to reduce how much memory is taken up by the core package.
  • Better Control - With the new custom art, everything will be along the bottom frame, and no longer drifting off to the side or on top (except party and raid frames, they will remain at top), thus easier to find and click.
  • FAQ! - And finally, I will be including a FAQ detailing how to set up each and every mod to do what you want it to.
If you have any suggestions, or would like to help design the new version, please send me a private message!

Until next time ~

Tacit UI Updated!
By: Tacit_Hunter - 03-27-08 02:18 AM
Tacit_Hunter's Avatar I've done a basic update for patch 2.4! Check it out!

My new site!
By: Tacit_Hunter - 03-07-08 09:33 AM
Tacit_Hunter's Avatar Welcome to Tacit_Hunter's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!