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    Welcome to Ling Interfaces!
    08-14-07 07:16 PM by: lilcure
    So after almost a year I'm back at it again...thanks to Qynova, I had an idea for a mod to get back into the game with and here it is. Introducing a nice simple mod with very specific goals in mind.


    It does the following:
    • Recolors the minimap border based on your durability level
    • Hide or show the built in Durability figurine
    • Flash the border when your durability is below a certain level

    Things to do on it for a future release:
    • Make more frames available for recoloring
    • Add a fubar menu to it
    • Make the colors configurable
    • Make the percentages it changes to those colors configurable

    A Beta version of this will be up as soon as the mods approve it. I hope you enjoy it
    04-24-06 01:14 PM by: lilcure
    Posted a totally recoded version of checkstone today. I recoded it from scratch and was able to really optomize the code ( by a factor of almost 2 ) I removed all the OnEvent Handling from it and just did it on the update cycle that titan was doing anyways and it's much leaner has a lot less overhead. I also released a FuBar version of that mod so please enjoy.

    The other addon that I released is a totally new one called LilTarget, it's an assist and target management mod, really simple and really useful, just how I like them.

    Convert TitanLog to FuBar
    Release TitanHealerMana
    Convert TitanHealerMana to FuBar
    03-30-06 07:58 AM by: lilcure
    Updated my addons for 1.10 they should be available for download very soon. I also have 2 brand new addons on the way. One is a targeting and assist addon, very helpful for raiding. The other is a raid wide mana monitoring tool. Should have those up as soon as I take screenshots of them.
    02-07-06 08:44 AM by: lilcure
    No new versions of my titan addons at the moment they seem pretty stable and do everything I want.

    I do have a new Titan plugin coming that shows the average mana of selected healer classes and estimates time til they are OOM as a whole. If you can't tell just by the mods I offer I lead raids along with the other officers in my guild, and most of the addons will be information that will help with that. If you have any ideas or requests for new ones please post I'll be happy to help out!