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    05-19-08 03:19 AM by: Lurosara
    Been sitting on a new rev of Forte_Druid with added support for:
    Ashtongue Talisman of Equilibrium
    Idol of the Unseen Moon
    Idol of the White Stag

    There's a few more features that I want to add before I push it out though, hopefully I'll get some time to work on this soon.
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    04-26-08 05:17 AM by: Lurosara
    Pushed a new revision out. It now deals with the 2 piece T6 balance set bonus.

    The code support for it is slightly more involved than I'd like it to be but it works. It will hopefully be replaced with something a bit more efficient in the next release of Forte_Warlock.

    Looking at what all Xus has planed for v0.986, it looks like the code changes (to the spell timer especially) will let me clean out the rest of the TODO list, including HoT tracking.
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    04-26-08 12:52 AM by: Lurosara
    Introducing OoCWatch!

    It brings back the Clearcasting sound when Omen of Clarity procs. Mainly thrown together so I can get used to how the 2.4 combat log API works.

    As a side note:
    Guild did alt Grull/Mag/Hyjal tonight. Respeced Balance for the duration and got to ensure that the Balance components of Forte_Druid work as they should. No glaring bugs, but I had to manually edit the module to extend Moonfire's duration to 15 seconds to get an accurate timer. (Yes, this means that fixing the set bonus detection is higher on my priority list now.
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    04-25-08 04:38 AM by: Lurosara
    Yay, I have a portal thingy now. I'll be posting random musings regarding Forte_Druid and my quest to find (I guess "craft") a perfect Buff/Cooldown/Debuff/DoT/HoT manager for my Druid.