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Version: 2012828
by: smccandl [More]

One day I was running my Guildmates thru Deadmines and a [Green Wing Macaw] dropped. When I moused over the [Parrot Cage(Green Wing Macaw)] it said my current toon already knew it. I got to thinking, I have 9 other toons, I wonder which ones already knew the Macaw. When I got back to town I mailed it to my first alt. When he opened his mail it said he already knew the [Green Wing Macaw]. Now I had to mail to to my next alt. My 5th toon wound up being the one needing the Macaw. What a pain in the butt. I went to all the major addon sites and started looking for an addon that could show me what Companions my toons knew. After several hours I turned up nothing. While I have never written an addon for WoW or used LUA I have been a programmer for several years so I decided to make my own and after several days PetShop was born.

PetShop will track every Companion your toons knows and add lines to the GameTooltip to show you which toons currently have that Companion and which toons are missing it. PetShop currently works with every tooltip I can think of, Mailbox, Backpack, Auction House, Trade Window, Loot Window, Chat Links and the Companion Frame.

As of version 3.0.5 I have added the ability to "Ignore" any toon. All you need to do is while you are logged on with the toon you want to ignore just type "/petshop ignore". If the current toon is being show it will now be ignored, if it is currently being ignored it will now be shown.

I hope you find it as useful as I intended it to be. I am always open to ideas, suggestions, compliments and complaints. For the most current version or to find out more about PetShop, my Guild (Dragon Slayer of Duskwood) or me (Rakreo of Duskwood) please visit

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20120828 - Updated ToC for 5.0.4 patch and added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 297 Critters and 421 Mounts.

20120709 - Added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 291 Critters and 417 Mounts.

20120418 - Added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 274 Critters and 364 Mounts.

20111130 - Updated ToC for 4.3 patch and added some new Mounts/Companions. File contains data for 264 Critters and 338 Mounts.

20110719 - Added more Companions and Mounts. File contains data for 247 Critters and 331 Mounts.

20110628 - Updated TOC for 4.2 patch. Added more Companions and Mounts. File contains data for 240 Critters and 328 Mounts.

20110429 - Added more Companions and Mounts. File contains data for 240 Critters and 326 Mounts.

20110425 - Updated TOC for 4.1 patch.

20110321 - Added a bunch of new Companions and Mounts.

20101017 - Updated TOC and added a count to the number of toons that need the pet/mount.

20100914 - Stripped PetShop back down to it's simplist form. Sorry, been away from WoW doing Real Life programming. Hopefully I can get back into Wow a little more now!

3.3.0 - Added ChatThrottleLib to control the flow of Addon Message traffic. Hopefully this should fix the disconnection problems. Rewrote the send message routines to be more efficient and reduce the amount of traffic generated.

3.2.4 - Cleaned the code and added localizations. Should fully support guild members.

3.2.3 - Never released, internal guild testing ONLY!

3.2.2 - Now supports alts in opposite factions on the same server and guildmates who also run PetShop 3.2.2+ Due to a complete rewrite of the addon, AGAIN, it will automatically reset your Saved Variables when you first run the new version. Use "/petshop" for a list of options available in the new version. Next version will hopefully contain a GUI for config.

3.2.0 - Due to a complete rewrite you will need to type "/petshop reset" once to clear all the old data. Then just logon with each toon once to repopulate the database.

3.0.5 - Now has the ability to Ignore a toon.

3.0.4 - I sure hope all those bug I introduced in 3.0.3 have been removed!

3.0.3 - Hopefully removed a version compare bug in 3.0.2!

3.0.2 - Now has much cleaner code and a smaller footprint!

3.0.1 - Now works with the Companion Frame. Due to changes to the database upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 will require a database reset. This is done automatically and only requires a reload of each toon to repopulate the database.

3.0.0 - Initial release
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Unread 03-19-11, 11:59 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Any chance of an update?

I like the concept of this mod as I am a pet collector. Any chance of it being updated to work with Cataclysm?
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Unread 01-09-11, 08:04 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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plz...can u u do same thing but for glyph?..ty
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