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Version: 0040
by: Chiril [More]


This small addon shows a simple text with some information about your raid. I made it because I am a DD and don't need big raid-frames. When you are not in a raid the text is hidden.
When you mouseover the text, a tooltip will pop up, that shows every member with it's health in percent, group number etc.

The tooltip is made like this:
- group-number in brackets, out of range coloring
- additional information: leader "(l)", assistant "(a)", master looter "(ml)", main tank "(mt)" and online/offline "off!" new!
- name in classcolors
- health-percent gradient coloring

There is a short config at the top in the iRaid.lua, where you can set the position and little things like that.

iRaid now works with OnEvent instead of OnUpdate. The performance is a lot better.

- 3.3 update
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I do like this addon, the simplicity off it, theres just 1 thing: its a memory hog >_> Not in the sence that it uses the amount that recount uses after 10 hours of raiding, but my FPS drops from 80 to about 5 when in a raid
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