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WeightsWatcher  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.7r1
by: IQgryn, dpsthree

WeightsWatcher gives you an easy to use way to compare gear based on the actual stats, not just the item level.

Currently, all base stats, gems in non-crafted sockets, and enchants should be handled properly. Also, gems are suggested based on the weights you have enabled. Note that crafted sockets and other "stacking" enchants are not currently handled, because they are not detectable through the WoW API.

All weights can be changed as you see fit, and you can create and enable as many or as few as you would like.

The default stat weights are provided by AskMrRobot.com, with their consent. Everything else the mod does is of our own creation, and does not use the AskMrRobot.com optimization formulas.

Endgame players will probably want to create hit- and/or expertise- capped weights, which is easily done by copying an existing weight and setting the appropriate values to 0.

Slash commands:

  • /ww config - Brings up the main configuration window
  • /ww config display - Brings up the display configuration window
  • /ww config calculation - Brings up the weight calculation configuration window
  • /ww config gems - Brings up the ideal gem configuration window
  • /ww config enchants - Brings up the ideal enchant configuration window
  • /ww weights - Brings up the weights configuration window
  • /ww version - Displays version information
  • /ww help - Displays this message

Known issues:
  • Trinkets and meta gems are not currently handled very well. Specifically:
    • The special effects on meta gems are not included in the default set of weights (but you can add them yourself)
    • "Chance on X" and some use effects on trinkets are not taken into account (these will be marked as unweighted)
      • Use effects that increase a stat by a static amount are now handled
      • Equip effects that increase a stat by a static amount, stacking up to x times are also handled
    • Other, more oddball trinket effects are not handled either (these will be marked as unweighted)
  • Similarly, enchants that have procs or other special effects are not handled well. You can weight those enchants manually, however.

Planned (eventual) features:
  • Whole-character scoring
  • Import/export weights from/to Wowhead and similar sites
    • This would have to be limited to the stats that both WW and the site(s) supported, so it would likely be an imperfect translation
  • Outfit creation based on a given weight
    • Currently best handled by using Outfitter's WeightsWatcher support
    • Ideally suggesting changes to gems/enchants
  • Handling unique-equipped gems, mutually-exclusive enchants and the like properly
  • Suggestions welcome!

The authors of WeightsWatcher can be contacted at [email protected], or through the project page at WoWInterface.com.

We take bugs very seriously; if something is not being parsed properly, you get a nil error, or anything else goes wrong, please try to reproduce it and let us know so we can fix it.

  • Actually support the new secondary stats (thanks to Dale for pointing out that I didn't quite have it right)

  • Stop crashing with WoW 6.*
  • Support new stats, remove old ones
  • Updated the default weights
  • You will need to restore your default weights to see the new defaults. Open the weight configuration screen with /ww weights and click Restore Defaults. Note that a couple of them changed names -- you may want to delete the old ones.
  • Parser updates for new items/stats
  • Updated gem/enchant info
  • Miscellaneous backend changes

  • Fixed the handling of Titan's Grip
  • Handle Sha-Touched sockets better
  • Updated to newer gem and enchant information
  • Track all professions and reputations, not just those that could affect which enchants you can use
  • Fixed an issue causing the default weights to halfway include the (defunct) Unholy DW weights
  • Lots of code cleanup (the addon actually shrunk a little this release)
  • Marked as 5.4 compatible
  • Many small backend updates to parse items more accurately

  • Fixed the names of the Confounded gems. Thanks to Cabby for the bug report.
  • Marked as 5.3 compatible
  • Many small backend updates to parse items more accurately

  • Handle the new tooltip format for reforged stats
  • Handle upgraded items better
  • Fixed reputation tracking for Pandaria factions
  • Marked as 5.1 compatible
  • Enabled support for the enGB locale (I can't test it though, so let me know how things work)

  • Removed some remaining references to no-longer-existing slots (should fix a nil error or two)
  • Fixed Sha-Touched gems and sockets
  • Updated to the newest weights from askmrrobot
  • A few small parser fixes
  • A few under-the-hood tweaks

  • Re-added some features that were accidentally removed in 1.6r3
  • Auto-fix a missing options table
    • This will reset your options to the defaults, but only if you were getting nil errors about ww_vars.options
    • This will NOT affect weights -- they are stored elsewhere
    • I have not yet determined how this happened, so I'm taking the previous 1.6 versions down until/unless I do, to avoid more people losing their settings

  • Added support for Monks

  • Added support for MoP gem and enchant suggestions
  • Fixed several parser issues
  • Support PvP resilience and PvP Power
  • Fixed comparison with wands
  • May have fixed an invalid slot error

  • Fixed nil error with Shaman and Warriors when looking at dual-wieldable weapons. Thanks to def9 for the bug report.
  • Fixed dual-wield detection for Hunters and Monks
  • Fixed Titan's Grip detection for Warrriors
  • Fixed comparison with ranged weapons

  • Handle renamed stats in MoP
  • Auto-upgrade existing weights to use the renamed stats
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

  • Fixed a nil error for items with no text
  • Fixed the parsing of a few enchant items
  • Updated the list of gems to include all the cata epics
  • Fixed a typo in the options

  • Fix a nil error when parsing certain stacking equip effects. Thanks to Fast for the bug report.
  • Handle a few trinkets that have extra text describing their effects (mostly from Molten Front)
  • Update to the new names/stats for several enchants
  • Fix a few parsing issues
  • Lowered memory usage a touch

  • Changed to using weights from askmrrobot.com by default (with their permission)
    • You will need to restore your default weights to see the new defaults. Open the weight configuration screen with /ww weights and click Restore Defaults.
    • These are updated much more often than Wowhead's and we will do our best to keep our version up to date as well. Please feel free to poke us if we fall behind on that.
  • Bumped to TOC to show that we're compatible with 4.2
  • Fixed the stats on Vivid Dream Emeralds
  • Removed some debug code that was accidentally put in the released version
  • Localized some text that was missed in the enchant changes

  • Added several spell-only enchants that were accidentally skipped in 1.5r1 (embroideries, runeforging, etc.) to the list of weightable stats

  • WeightsWatcher now supports enchants!
    • Any enchant with "normal" stats will be suggested automatically based on your current weights
      • Those with procs and other unusual effects have been added to a list of enchants you can manually add weights for
        • With the exception of Lightweave, Darkglow, and Swordguard embroideries, all of these enchants have a value of 1 when being weighted. The mentioned ones have a value of 1 for the first rank and 2 for the second rank.
        • We eventually plan to support procs in general, but it will be another large project. When we do, we will move all the enchants we can to that method of handling.
    • WW will take the following into account when figuring out the best enchant for your gear:
      • Your level
      • The item level
      • Your professions and their level
      • Your reputation with relevant factions
      • The obvious stuff (slot, subslot, etc.)
    • The options have been given a bit of a workover to support this
      • All your current choices should carry over to the new structure
      • There are some new ones specifically for enchants as well
      • The options are still accessible via /ww config, but you can now use /ww config <submenu> to jump immediately to the submenu of your choice
        • Submenus: calculation, display, gems, and enchants
        • Note that Blizzard's code to do this has some bugs which may open you to the wrong menu if you have alot of addons using the Blizzard config UI. I recommend the addon BlizzBugsSuck to fix this issue (and a few others) until Blizzard releases their own fix.
  • Frost mages no longer have a default value for mastery rating of 700
  • Default weights have not otherwise been updated since Wowhead has not updated theirs -- if anyone can suggest a more up-to-date source for the default weights that won't take use hours of looking through forums AND handles all classes and specs, let us know!
  • Some obsolete stats have been removed from the list
  • The weights configuration window (/ww weights) is now a little smarter about what happens when it is asked to close
  • Weight normalization now only takes the "normal" stats into account to avoid individual enchants and other oddball stats skewing the numbers
  • Miscellaneous parser updates and other backend work

  • Fixed some issues with deleting weights. Nothing a reloadui didn't fix before, but now you don't have to.

  • Updated to the latest weights from Wowhead. You will need to restore the default weights to see these changes.
  • Affected classes/specs:
    • Balance and restoration druids
    • Marksmanship and survival hunters
    • Frost mages
    • Holy and protection paladins
    • Holy priests
    • Elemental shaman
    • Destruction warlocks
    • All warriors

  • Fixed ideal gem suggestion for items with meta and/or cogwheel sockets. Thanks to dpsthree for the bug report.
    • Previously, the meta/cogwheel gems only counted towards the "follow socket colors" path, which may have resulted in best-following-color gems being suggested for the colored sockets (instead of the actual best gem), or no meta/cogwheel gem being suggested (unlikely).

  • Added localization strings for the new gems in r10. Should avoid warning messages about them.

  • Fixed parsing of the Ebonsteel belt buckle, which I forgot to put in r10.

  • Added the new Cataclysm meta gems and a couple others that were missing
  • Fixed a nil error when running /ww version (since 1.4r8)

  • Updated to the latest Wowhead weights. Use the Restore Defaults button in /ww weights to see the changes.
    • I'm not entirely sure these are all better, but they are newer. As always, using rawr or simulationcraft to get numbers tailored to your character is better anyway.
    • Updated classes/specs: hunters, arcane mages, holy paladins, shadow priests, and elemental shaman
  • Tweaked a couple of parser patterns for item changes.

  • Removed the Ace2 libraries, which were both out of date and barely used.
    • There should be no functional or visible changes, but if you find one, please report it!
    • This may fix a bug reported by Zidomo.
    • Another benefit is a somewhat smaller addon.

  • Fixed the quality limit for suggested gems being ignored
  • Fixed a global variable being created unnecessarily
  • Miscellaneous backend changes to make future updates easier

  • Hide weights with a value of zero by default and added an option to show them
    • Other items WeightsWatcher puts into the tooltip will now only show if:
      • You have the "Show zero weights" option enabled, or
      • You have the "Show Debug Info" hotkey pressed

  • Updated to new Wowhead default weights. You'll need to restore the default weights to see them.
    • Fire Mage
    • Retribution Paladin
    • Disc Priest
    • Warlock (all specs)
    • Arms Warrior (typo fix, armor went from 1 to 2)

  • Added support for minimum item levels required for gems.
    • I think Blizzard made item levels always show. If not, and you see only Wrath gems even on Cataclysm items (and you've set WW to use Cata gems), please let me know.
  • Cogwheels are now properly in the Unique-Equipped group of gems.
    • I'm open to suggestions for how to handle that better than WW does currently.
  • Fixed a few dual-wield checks to be more accurate for Cataclysm.
    • Note that you need to be in the dual-wielding spec (at least warriors and shaman do) for this to work.
      • I could add an option to check both (let me know if you want one), but I don't think it's a good default.
  • Minor backend changes to support the above and remove another global variable.

  • Added support for cogwheel gems. They should show up for anyone who looks at an item with cogwheel sockets.
    • This is tested as much as I can without a high-level engineer. Please let me know if it breaks!
    • I can add a filter if people really want one, but it seems unnecessary at this point.

  • Fixed the nil error when viewing items with prismatic sockets. Thanks to Zidomo for the initial report and dpsthree for finding me some items to reproduce it.

  • Support Cataclysm gems. There may be errors in the data (please let me know if you find any!)
    • There are now categories in /ww config to include cataclysm gems.
    • Currently, there are no item level checks for Cataclysm gems. This will be fixed in a future version, as it requires a bit of work on the backend.
    • Engineering ("cogwheel") gems/sockets are not handled yet.
  • Several (minor) parser updates. As always, please report any un- or mis-parsed items.

  • Updated to newest Wowhead weights. You will have to reload the default weights to see the changes.

  • Fixed a nil error that could come up when using TipTac. Thanks to Ambar0691 for the bug report.

  • Added support for mastery rating
    • Added mastery to all weights, set to 100 for now
  • Minor parser tweaks
  • Changed default Death Knight weight names to reflect the fact that Blood is the tank tree now
  • Started Cata gem support

  • Fixed a few nil errors when creating and deleting weights
  • Fixed some graphical spacing issues
  • Fixed some xml errors in Cataclysm clients
    • WeightsWatcher is now Cataclysm compatible
      • However, new stats such as mastery rating are not yet handled (and are marked as such)
      • Also, certain items may have new wording that is not yet handled (again, marked as such)

  • Fixed several unparsed items
  • Changed the names of a few stats and added several that were not weightable previously
    • These should be auto-updated
    • Specific changes (not a complete list):
      • Melee and ranged weapons' damage, speed, and dps can now be weighted separately
      • Spell hit and crit, as well as ranged hit, crit, and haste, are now weightable
      • Disorient and fear resists are now weightable
  • Changed the organization of the weights config
  • Localized everything for enUS (laid the groundwork for other translations)
  • Updated to the latest weights from WoWhead
    • Warriors now have separate weights for arms and fury
    • Death knights now have Blood Tank and Frost Tank weights (Frost Tank is the old Tank weight)
    • You will need to restore the default weights to see these changes (click "Restore Defaults" in /ww weights)
  • Fixed marking of unweighted lines to mark all sections of multi-line (graphically) tooltip lines
  • Fixed a potential issue with the handling of invalid SavedVars data
  • Added contact information to the help

  • Fixed ideal gem calculations (broken in 1.2b10). Thanks to dpsthree for the bug report.
  • Fixed the upgrade function for stun resist chance (and forced a re-run of said function).
  • Fixed a bug with triggers being "changed" even if returned to their original state (UI only).
  • Fixed a bug preventing classes in the weights config dialog from collapsing when you had deleted an "active" weight from a different character (UI only).

  • Fixed handling stat weights that had decimal parts that don't exactly convert to binary. The main symptom was a weight that "changed" without you doing anything but selecting it (and no visible change).
  • Fixed a nil error when using a decimal point in stat weights (everything still worked as long as you used valid numbers).
  • Changed stun resistance to stun resist chance to match similar stats. Weights using stun resistance are automatically upgraded.
  • Lots of code cleanup (no visible changes though).

  • Fixed handling of the meta gem stat "armor from items (percent)".
  • Fixed thrown weapons to have their dps marked as ranged dps instead of melee dps. Thanks to Edwilly for the bug report.

  • Fixed a bug causing nil errors when creating a new, empty weight. Thanks to dpsthree for the bug report.

  • Fixed a bug causing prismatic gems to not be considered as ideal gems
  • Fixed comparison values in tooltips for weapons (again). This should fix all remaining issues with weapon comparisons, but if not please let us know.
  • Added comparison values to AtlasLoot tooltips (and any future addons with tooltips that we support)
  • Added a hotkey to show everything the parser parses, defaults to never (change it in /ww config).
    • This is as much for our own use as anyone else's, but it may help people track down bugs.
    • I'm not going to heavily document this (yet), but feel free to ask questions!

  • Fixed a bug causing nil errors when showing tooltip hints. This is why you should always test your default settings, kids. Thanks to Zidomo for the bug report.

  • Added support for equip effects that grant a stat on certain actions, stacking up to a certain number of times.
  • Added triggers for said equip effects to each weight. The default weights have been updated to include appropriate triggers. The data upgrade function will attempt to choose the right trigger(s), but is not perfect. For example, hit-capped caster weights will almost always have the wrong triggers picked. To fix this, open /ww weights and pick the correct triggers for each weight.

  • Fixed a bug affecting current weight calculations when an item's socket bonus was being used. Ideal gems and ideal weight calculations were not affected.

  • Handle simple use effects
    • For now, this is only use effects that increase a stat by a static amount
  • New config option added, to allow tuning of use effect calculations
    • Set to 80% of ideal uptime by default
    • Can be set to 0% if you never remember to use your trinkets, 150% if you always use them to maximum effect, or whatever number you feel works best for you.
  • Several backend changes, mostly to support use effects

  • Fixed a bug affecting (some) hunter and warrior weapon comparisons. Thanks to Zidomo for the bug report.

  • Complete parser rewrite
    • All corner cases for basic stats should be handled
    • The groundwork for use effects and procs has been laid (they don't work yet, though)
    • Most enchant scrolls and formulas are now parsed properly
    • Any unweighted effect is now marked as such in the tooltip, with a total count at the bottom
  • Lots of backend cleanup
  • Newly supported/fixed stats:
    • Feral AP
    • Ranged AP (also added to the default hunter weights)
    • Mana
    • Schooled spell damage
    • Spell resistances (fixed)
    • Increased threat
    • Disarm reduction
  • You can now see comparison numbers without holding shift
    • This also fixes comparing to an empty slot
  • Minor fix to tooltip hints (the alternate gems tip used to show even with no alternate gems)

  • Stopped regular gems from sometimes showing up in meta gem recommendations
  • Made the weights configuration dialog (/ww weights) expand all used classes instead of just the current class
  • Minor code cleanup

  • Fixed a silly typo in the default vars. Thanks to attackfrog for the bug report.
    • Only affected new users, but caused a nil error
  • Minor fixes to weapon comparison handling
    • Properly show comparison numbers for a one-hand weapon when you currently have a two0hand weapon equipped
    • Properly compare weapons that aren't affected by Titan's Grip (only affected fury warriors)

1.1b8 (not archiving due to nil error, use 1.1b9 for these features and one less bug):
  • Added the ability to show all equally-weighted ideal gems
    • Should at least help with meta gem suggestions, still best to give weights to the meta effects you want though
    • Set to Alt key by default (but can be configured)
  • Changed the way allowed ideal gems are configured
    • Gems are now sorted by:
      • Source (vendor, pvp vendor, quest, drop, etc.)
        • This includes procced gems (like wrath perfects)
      • Restrictions (none, unique-equipped, JC-only, etc.)
      • Quality (unchanged from before)
    • Should be a fairly seamless transition, but it wouldn't hurt to check your options using /ww config
  • Various backend changes to support the above

  • Fixed a MAJOR bug with ideal gem calculations
    • All ideal gem calculations were following the socket color, whether it was better to get the bonus or not
      • Yes, even if you had the options set differently
        • Yes, that's really bad (sorry!)
    • Introduced in version 1.1b1
  • Fixed a few parsing issues
    • Most notably shield block rating/value now work correctly
    • Also fixed some enchanting scrolls
  • Fixed an error when determining whether a warrior had Titan's Grip talented
    • Only affected comparison numbers when a warrior was comparing weapons
  • Miscellaneous invisible code cleanups

  • Finally fixed that SCT bug. Thanks to SmuvMoney for the bug report.
  • Removed a bit of dead code

  • Reduced indentation on the tooltip
  • Fixed several parsing errors

  • Changed the way gems are handled. You will probably want to re-visit your gem options (/ww config, left side).
    • Split JC-only, unique-equipped, and procced (i.e. wrath "perfect") gems from the main gem quality option
      • This should be somewhat faster when finding ideal gems
      • Attempted to intelligently convert the old level to the appropriate options...but it's not really a linear conversion
  • Changed the comparison behavior when viewing an item without sockets while wearing an item with sockets
    • Holding the modifier key to show ideal weights (Shift by default) now causes the ideal weight to be compared against instead
      • Well, technically, it's the higher of the two, but usually that means the ideal one anyway
        • Unless you have a JC-only gem socketed but don't have them turned on for ideal gem calculations
          • This list is getting ridiculous...
  • Fixed some cache issues triggered by changing options and/or weights

  • Fixed a typo causing a nil error when parsing certain items.

  • Fixed which items' scores are compared when comparing weapons. Should do the Right Thing(tm) now.

  • Fixed meta gems' weights. No default values were added, so you still have to give the meta gem effects weights if you want to use them...but they all work now.
  • Re-did caching, which has no visible difference but allowed me to:
  • Added colorized differences to the currently equipped item(s). Will pick the lower-scored item to compare to for rings, trinkets, weapons, etc.
  • Added compatibility with AtlasLoot (adds weights to its tooltips now)
  • Fixed a minor bug with the "Show Class Names" option

1.0b2: Reposted 12/8 (patch 3.3 dropped)
  • The ONLY difference from 1.0b1 is the interface version and the b1 to b2 bump
1.0b1: First public release
  • Features:
    • Tooltip display of an item's score according to the enabled weights
    • Completely customizable weights, based on each item's actual stats
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Unread 12-04-09, 04:17 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant

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I second the vote for color coding +/- scores.

I agree the gems could be an issue. I don't know if including the gems is a good idea. Ideally, the gems would be the same or better since you're trying to max dps and/or tank capability. For this reason it may be best to remove the gems entirely? But the socket gear is going to have more potential then non-socket gear... it is a dilemma.

A third solution may be to scan the gear for sockets or gems in use only when comparing the same color gem (i.e. hover over a red gem would scan for comparisons between red, purple, and orange; purple would scan for red, blue, and purple; etc.)
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Unread 12-04-09, 04:07 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Re: WW rocks my socks.

Originally posted by Requiescat
It would be pretty cool if something is a downgrade, the numbers could be red, and if the item weight is higher than what you're wearing now, it could be in green.
Thank you for the feedback! We're glad you like it.

That's a good idea. I'm not sure exactly how I'd want that to show, there's a few viable options (and we could always make it configurable):
  • Simply color the current numbers
  • Add differences from the current numbers and colorize those
  • Show only the colorized differences
I'm guessing we'll end up making it another modifier key option, but I'm yet not sure what the default should be.

There's also the issue of which numbers to compare on socketed items. You could compare the ideal numbers to either:
  • ideal numbers on the equipped item
  • current values on the same item
  • current values on the equipped item
Unfortunately, that gets complicated fast if you make it too configurable.

As I posted above (below? previously, I guess), we have finals this coming week, so I'll look into it more once those are over.
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Unread 12-04-09, 03:48 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Talking WW rocks my socks.

This mod is deliciously awesome. I've been using stat score for many months, but I like this mod a bit better. The ability to show more than just your main and off spec is really nice. I love being able to change the weights, and the built-in wowhead weights are great! You did an awesome job with this, I am way impressed. Thanks for offering it up to all of us :]

I think the only thing on my wishlist would be some way of colorizing the weights as they appear in the tooltip. This is totally personal preference, but I do miss the green and red numbers in stat score. It would be pretty cool if something is a downgrade, the numbers could be red, and if the item weight is higher than what you're wearing now, it could be in green.

Thanks again!
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Unread 12-04-09, 02:53 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Re: Localization

Originally posted by getaddon
I'd like to local this addon, can you add localization lua file?
I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing that, but it is something I'm interested in doing. Unfortunately, we have finals next week and it will probably have to wait until they are over.

If I understand how the non-English clients work, both the UI and the parsing code will have to be localized, which could be trickier than it appears at first glance.

I will get back to you once finals are over (the 10th for me, I'm not sure about dpsthree) and I've had a chance to read up on localizing addons.
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