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Rise of Azshara (8.2.0)
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Altz UI for BFA  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 8.19
by: Paopao001, EKE

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If you have any errors or questions,please post it in the comments.
Please support your errors with a screenshot.

Altz UI is a minimalistic compilation with in-game configuration supported. I wanted to make a UI which gives people the feeling of hiding almost all UI elements, just like after pressing Alt+Z, and that is the origin of the name. It was fisrt released at November 11, 2011. The theme of AltzUI is simplicity. It only shows necessary elements when you want to see them. Also its memory useage and CPU footprint is very low, with only 2 ~ 3mb it is able to complete most of the functionality you need. Please read the all the tips in the tutorial appearing later, it gets you started in no time. If you have any errors or questions, please post it in the comments of the addon's page in wowinterface.com. Please help by spreading the word about this UI by recommending it to your guild members and friends. Thank you.
Key Features
  • Minimalistic
  • One Click Install
  • In-game Configuration
  • All Classes supported

Addons included
  • Class Color-- custom class colors.
  • AltzUI
  • AltzUI Config
  • Aurora-- Graphic UI
    Mods.Don't update it separately.
  • oGlow-- light up your items by adding a quality border to them

Supported languages:
  • English
  • 简体中文
  • 繁體中文
  • Portuguese by Azganoth
Many thanks for completing locales.

How to change font? / Why all font string appears ??? to me?
Main font : Aurora\media\font.ttf

Where is xp bar?
Right to minimap.

How to hide/show the MicroMenu, RaidTools, and Config buttons?
Click the edge of them.

How to change the Class colors?
Edit or disable Addon ClassColors.(ESC→ Interface→ Classcolors.)

How to show more actionbars?
ESC→ Interface→ Actionbars

How to move chatframe?How to change the size of it?
Unlock all frames → Move the bar left to chatframe→Lock all frames→click the bar left to chatframe
Right Click the first tab of chatframe → Unlock.

Where is alt power bar.(power bar for some bosses.)
It's under player unitframe, the yellow one.

How to show the calendar?
Click time on minimap.

How to disable summon little pet?
Config→Others→Automatically summon a pet

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Github Source

If you would like to support my work. Here's the donate button.
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Update AuroraClassic
Fix aura show on raid frame
Update AuroraClassic
Disable garbage collect as default setting because some ppl get freeze
Fix combat text error
Fix wrong chat font setting
Fix frame error from ClearAllPoints() and Watchframe default position
Add The Eternal Palace: spell id to Raidframe spell white list
Update LFGRoleShortageRewards id
Minimap zone name back
Bump toc
Update Aurora and oUF core
Fix click-cast function, which mouse scroll was buggy
Fix micro menu position when you leave a vehicle interface
Add option for raid frame font size
Fix bar style nameplate arrow
Remove PVP indicator
Update ClassColors
Update AuroraClassic
Update debuff spell list
Update oUF, add summon and pvp indicator
Now can sort raid frame by three way: ROLE/CLASS/GROUP
Update AuroraClassic
Quickly fix nameplates and bag error
Quest/objective frame new skin
Fix issue when exporting strings
Better raid frame anchor
Now can click-cast on boss frame
Add option for chat tab alpha
chat filter: same massage repeat filter
unitframe: now can spilt raid by party
Fix chat frame social button issue
config update
Add an option for info bar, can hide/change style
Fix a durability info bar issue
Rework Chat copy
Show social button on chatframe, better position and hover show
Fix nameplate aura show filter and aura list restore bug
A little change to make object/quest frame better
Fix nameplate taint in dungeon
Right click to join/leave bigfoot channel(zhCN server only)
Update AuroraClassic
Add an option to hide castbar icon
Adds new Grow Up option replacing bar1top option
Fix issue with using a removed API
Add options to show AFK screen on login seperately to when AFK.
Fix bug of left over main action bar page number display, now its hidden.
Add option to hide vignette alert while while on flight path
Objective Tracker toggle fix with other custom tracker addons
Add debuff list
Working on locales.
Chat copy.
Fix dispel-able debuff display
Fix Altzui config error
thankts to LunaEclipse73 and Elricfae!
fix issue from WOWI feedback
add azerite bar
trying fix fps drop issue......
fix spell id on tooltip
fix elite announce
fix map position

disable position on map, probably make memory leak.
add portuguese local, thank Azganoth!
Update for BFA. need more feedback.
show blz friendly nameplates in instances
add some auras to raid frame
add the beacon of virtue to raid frame
fix the minimap button bug
add some buff to default buff list of raid frames.
improve the order of bag-sort
relics in bag will show item level
fix bugs of bag
update Aurora
add a few debuffs for Antorus
delete corner indicators for Highfather's Timekeeping
ALT+Click can mill/prospect new herbs/mines in Argus
Right click clock on minimap changes between local/server time while a modified right click (holding alt, ctrl, or shift) changes 12/24 format.(thanks to Kanegasi)
fix bug for flyout buttons on actionbars.
clean up some old defensive buffs in default buff list for raid frames
add a few debuffs for Antorus
add corner indicators for Highfather's Timekeeping and Ishkar's Felshield Emitter.
Add an option toggle for vehicle in raid frames.
Remove other priests' POM on raid frames.
Add a few raid debuffs.
bug fix: actionbar
Merge english locale from kkthnx, tyvm!
update Aurora
Add T21 spell id list
To do: fix pop-up actionbar tooltip problem
bug fix: color in tooltips
bug fix: new currency in Argus
new feature:Durability frame and vehicle seat indicator are movable now.
Add a lot of debuffs to default lists for M+. Reset the dungeon debuff list to load default settings.
Add a option to enable/disable the function of setting focus by shift+clicking
bug fix: Convenient Item Buttons
bug fix: Say Sapped
bug fix: tooltip
change some frames' default positions.
split the option to hide the minimap and the chat frame in combat into 2
bug fix: bg bug
new feature:Convenient Item Buttons
new feature:Tracking the new currency in Argus
bug fix: bg bug
new feature:Add portuguese local by Azganoth
bug fix: api PlaySound
bug fix: export & import settings
bug fix: talent button
Update English local
fix aurora bug
fix bg bug
update toc
add a option to hide the decorative line on top and bottom.(GUI→Ohters→Hide decorative bars.)
add two indicators for new healing trinkets
clean up debuff spell ids in ToS.
update: oUF
update: Aurora
bug fix: nameplate
bug fix: hide hot remaining time number on blizarrd raidframes
new feature: icon-style heal indicator on raidframes
bug fix: unlock font settings of Aurora
bug fix: adjust some default settings for skada and chatframe to make them tidy
bug fix: delete 'Trash' in debuff list for TombOfSargeras
bug fix: some spelling mistakes
new feature: add a new tip on afk screen
new feature: a independent totem bar
new feature: a independent Reputation bar
new feature: add click functions for Reputation bar and Artifact power bar
bug fix: xp/rep bar
new feature: Raid debuffs for TombOfSargeras(Reset TombOfSargeras debuff list to load them)
bug fix: xp bar
bug fix: Aurora
new feature: Raid debuff (TombOfSargeras CathedralOfEternalNight)
new feature: show Legionfall War Supplies when you in Broken Shore
new feature: show Loot Specialization on info bar
new feature: Add a Raid frame indicator for Light of T'uure
bug fix:Do not show others' Cenarion Ward on Raid frames
bug fix:Combo point
bug fix:Energy number on player nameplates
bug fix:Watched Faction
bug fix: Aurora
bug fix: ChallengesFrame
bug fix: artifact power bar
bug fix: delete open all mail button
bug fix: item level
bug fix: disenchant
bug fix: skada skin
bug fix: world map croods
bug fix: item id bug
bug fix: bigger raid mark on unitframes
new feature: add an option for afk screen
bug fix: Aurora taint(queue BGs issue)
bug fix: Aurora Orderhall
bug fix: channel ticks on castbar (need some channel spellid)
bug fix: arena frames can be disabled now
bug fix: combat text
bug fix: nameplates don't run out of screen now
bug fix: can use '/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton' to destroy totem now
new feature: a Raid frame indicator for item 140795
new feature: Raid Debuff Update
bug fix: tooltip
bug fix: bank
bug fix: Unitframe
bug fix: Cleanup nameplate aura list
bug fix: guild bank
bug fix: raid frame gcd bar
bug fix: mana bar
bug fix: Aurora
bug fix: panel
bug fix: quest frame
new feature: Raid Debuff Update
new feature: Raid frame indicators for druid
new feature: Add new potions and flasks for raid tool
new feature: New button for Order hall
new feature: artifact xp bar
bug fix: Aurora
bug fix: artifact item level
bug fix: mana bar for druids
update for 7.1
new feature: Monk stagger bar
new feature: Mage pet bar, Mont statue bar
new feature: Aurora skin for a few buttons, frames, etc
new feature: add a button to reset gold statistics
new feature: add a mana bar for shadow priest and balance druid
bug fix: show combat log filters buttons
bug fix: swing timer
bug fix: join battle ground
bug fix: skada skin
bug fix: conditional fading for some classes
new feature: Aurora skin for Alertframes
new feature: Aurora skin for a few buttons, frames, etc
new feature: Add Enssence font to raid indicators
new feature: Raid Debuff list for The Emerald Nightmare/The Nighthold(Need reset their settings)
bug fix: hide Minimap button icon border
bug fix: Hide Blizzard Received/Output Combat Text separately
bug fix: a loot error
bug fix: Insert Items from first button in bag
Delete Most of the textures in Interface folder
new feature: Export/Import AltzUI settings.
new feature: Add wildgrowth and Atonement to raid indicators
new feature: Collapse ObjectiveTracker when entering an instances
bug fix: Add disable texture to buttons in GUI
bug fix: Power text in Numberic Style player nameplate moved to bottom of Health text"
bug fix: camera distance max works properly
bug fix: add instancechat to chat channel switch
bug fix: RaidTools Setting 'Only available for party 1~5' changed to 'Only available for party 1~4'
bug fix: Delete extra swing timer bar
bug fix: skin ZoneAbilityFrame
delete Interface/Challenges
bug fix: chat channel switch
bug fix: hide talent spell id on toolips
bug fix: nameplate
bug fix: arena frame trinket
bug fix: pet unitframe
bug fix: class color
bug fix: talent button on info bar
bug fix: dispel debuff icon on raid frames
new feature: Chatframe background (GUI→Chat)
new feature: skin ZoneAbilityFrame
new feature: Aurora skin for PVEframe PVPframe ChallengesFrame ArtifactUI HonorTalentUI
bug fix: chat channel switch
bug fix: combo points
bug fix: minimap button collecting
new feature: world map coords (GUI→Others)
new feature: copy chat
new feature: class resource on nameplate
new feature: skin for player's nameplate
new feature: some options for blizzard hidden CVar(GUI→Others)
bug fix: minimap button bar
new feature: hide blz floating combat text (GUI→Combattext)
new feature: independent castbar for target and focus
bug fix: priest raid frame
new feature: 12h - clock(Right Click)
bug fix: micromenu store icon
bug fix: unit frames: holy power, stagger ,readycheck and combo points
bug fix: gui bugged by outdated spell id or boss
bug fix: remove mask on bags
added some skin for Aurora
new feature: New Instance table for raid debuff
Update for Legion
new feature: automatically hide minimap and chatframe in combat. GUI→Others
Update Aurora
bug fix:nameplate
bug fix:buff icon for consolidated raid buffs
bug fix:auto accomplish quest
bug fix:leave vehicle button for taxi
bug fix:hide cooldown bings when the actionbar is faded.
bug fix:Raid frame show debuff icons you can dispel correctly.
adjustment: change the texture for absorb bar in raidframes
adjustment: new raid frame indicators for power word:shield , clarity of will, eternal flame and sacred shield
new feature: Display the vignette-ids introduces with 5.0.4 (chests, rare mobs etc) with name and icon on screen.
new feature: Flashes the taskbar when ayou are alt-tabbed and queue for raid finder, battleground pops up.
new feature: automatically summon a pet
new feature: alert you when LFG RoleShortage Rewards occurs
new feature: cooldown icon for spells/items
new feature: some layouts for actionbar3
new feature: you may change the frame width and icon size for bag and bank
nameplate castbar bug fix
add afk tips
new skins for DBM and BW
put the unitframe theme option in GUI→UnitFrame
bug fix
Add a smaller raid-debuff icon
Adjust the heartbar in fight with Tyrant Velhari
Add a 6*4 layout for right actionbars
Add a new Numberic Style for name plate (you may disable it to use the old ones)
You may chose which aura to show/hide on nameplates in GUI
You may set custom nameplate color for certain unit in GUI
Earth Shield and Prayer of Mending show stacks by numbers in raid frames
Make watch frame movable
fix bug in auto-buy-items
actionbar icon turn red when out of range
make it more convenient to attach a macro to click-cast action
ALT+Click - Mill/Prospect/Disenchant/Unlock instantly
show main tank and main assistant icon on raid frames(optional)
raid frames for 10,20,30,40 man
holy power bug fixed
key-word-inviting bug fixed
/hb can bind middle-button on an action button now
update spellid for potions and flasks
add yellow icon border for quest item
add item-level on armor and weapon in bag and character frame
Bug fix
Horizontal MultiBar Right
Bigger raid debuff icon on raid frames
Move Garrison Extra Button
Garrison Landing Page Minimap Button
Aurora Update
Aurora Missing Texture Update
bug fix
new addon skin mod
adjust default positions of a few unitframes
update Aurora
update ClassColors
Update for 6.2
Update for 5.4.2
reverse changes, just hide the annoying pop-up dialog box. The bug still exsits!
Try to fix some of the taint in 5.4.1
Update for 5.4
Do not show coordinates in decimal
No more accepting the resurrection when anyone in raid is in combat
+ Swing timer (GUI → UnitFrames → Swing timer)
+ the hover fade option of stance bar
Money button bug fixes
Improved 'Auto Quests'
BOSS name length increases
Thicker border for target and threat in raid frame
boss name display bug fixes in fight with two or more bosses.
fix shaman's spec bug
map coordinate will show when your mouse hover on minimap
fix a taint when some class entering new area
Add options for a independent player castbar
Add an option to show each tick in a channel spell.(eg. mind flay)
fix many bugs.
Change number font
The elements in info bar are neater now. Info bar is movable now.
Use icons instead of text in micromenu. Micromenu is movable now.
Show world latency in infobar. Show both world and home latency in tooltip.
When you unlearn and learn spec, the layout will change now.
Change the texture of some buttons in GUI and Raidtool frame.
Fix potion report bug.
eclipse, runes, demonicfury, totem bar show it's duration/cooldown/value on it. (GUI→ Unitframes→ Others)
Add an option to change font size of health and power value fontsize on unitframes (GUI→ Unitframes→ Size)
Debuffs icon on pet frame is shown on top of it.
Change the default position of pet actionbar.
Fix a bug which causes many functional failure in Social and Other tab in GUI.
You can toggle equip sets menu by click Durability button on info bar.
Include addonmanager in AltzUI. You may delete the older file.
Add an option to change the grow direction of stance button on stance bar.
Change layout of the UI, rewrite micromenu and info bar.
Gold tooltip is attached to money button on bag frame now.
The color of watch frame is brighter now.
Option to change damage text icon size will also affect fontsize now.
Delete the option to change the color/alpha of unitframes. But you may find 3 themes at the Others option page in GUI.
GUI button is moved to game menu.
Fix a cooldown text issue
add zhTW locales
tracking menu will show at the bottom of minimap when minimap is on the upper side
add an option to place the minimap button collect frame on top/bottom of the minimap
add an option to change the scale of tooltip
fix a bug that flask number is not correct
the fontsize of text of aura icon on unit frames depends on the icon size now.
add an option to change the size of cooldown text
add an option to place bar1/bar2 on bottom of main actionbar
show align when unlock frames now
Aurora won't the alpha of frame mover now
Try to fix pet model taint.
Try to fix talent taint
Delete damage meter button in the bottom left menu.
Can't Unlock frame in combat now.
Fix a bug that buttons at the bottom are not clickable.
ver5.50 is a very important update. I almost rewrite the whole addon, so please follow steps below when update.
1 Backup and clean your Interface folder.

2 Search and delete AltzUIConfig.lua and AltzUIConfig.lua.bak in WTF. You may also delete any files which name include oUF, because the unit frame mod is built in AltzUI now that you won't need them any more.

3 Unpack the package you downloaded. I replace the font of the addon with a Chinese font, which is 13.4 MB(containing Chinese and English words), so the addon seems much bigger than before, but that won't affect the memory usage so don't worry. If the text in game are display correctly, you don't need change it, otherwise you should replace the font.ttf in Interface\AddOns\Aurora\media.

4 Lo-gin the game. The new tutorial will gets you start easily. After you complete that, put other addons into the addon folder.
feature: show battle pet level on tooltip
feature: new indicator for target and threat on nameplates
bug fix: warlock shards and burning embers bug
adjustment : make raid icon on unitframes a little bigger.
update for 5.2
bug fix : petbattle frame
oUF_Mlight update
feature: show pet damage in combat text
feature: an option to toggle actionbars in GUI
feature: an option to enable/disable class colored nameplates
feature: skin petbattle frame
adjustment : change default position of watch frame
adjustment : remove alpha of the info bar. the tooltip will show in combat
adjustment : health bar in tooltip are thinker now.
bug fix : debuff anchors
oUF_Mlight update
Aurora update
bug fix : Auras on nameplates
bug fix : actionbar don't change in some vehicle
bug fix : the skin of DBM radar
change the way of indicate threat on nameplates, now the color of name is red when you gained threat
oUF_Mlight update
TOC update to 5.1
Aurora update
oUF update
oUF_Mlight update
add ready check, role poll, etc(right click minimap button)
oUF_Mlight update
remove loot buttons
add some grid beam when moving frames
bug fix : sort bag contain battle pets
neaten AOE filter list for combat text.
raid cd : set the cd of Avert Harm to 180.
auto accept rez won't accept in battle anymore.
auto accept invite works properly now, and it won't accept when queuing.
toc change

Search and Delete all oUF_Mlight.lua, oUF_Mlight.lua.bak, AltzUIConfig.lua and AltzUIConfig.lua.bak in you WTF file before update
oUF_Mlight update
add ouput combat text
watch frame can be moved now
a separated font for numbers in UI(AltzUI\media\number.TTF)
make stack number of items in bags/bank smaller
change backdrop of GeneralDockManagerOverflowButtonList
add number to the loot roll buttons
add aura to namepaltes
changed a few default settings
toc change
oUF_Mlight update
change font
Panels' width now changes with Resolution
try to hide backdrop when mirror timer isn't showing.
now you can disable bag mod in GUI.
2 bag sort order (right-button forward/left-button backward)
toc change
oUF_Mlight update
add some texture in interface
change font
show SpellID on tooltips
fix bug with Carbonite
fix a bug when invited by others
remove watch frame hiding function
Disabling all addons button will not disable addon manager and aurora
toc change
Search and Delete all AltzUIConfig.lua and AltzUIConfig.lua.bak in you WTF file before update
oUF_Mlight update
add Mirrortimer skin
the font size of keybind, macro and count text on actionbars can be changed in GUI now
fix bag sort bug
new moving functions
locales update
MasterLooter Frame bug fix
DBM skin improvement and bug fix
toc change
Put all a-addon in one folder. Please back up Interface before update
Search and Delete all aCore.lua and aCore.lua.bak in you WTF file before update

Aurora Update
oUF_Mlight Update
font change
toc change
separate locales (french supported)
remove cooldown flash
actionbar alpha bug fix.
add some button on character frame to show/hide helm/cloak and undress all equipment.
add auto repair and sell grey
skin most of the frames with Aurora.
rewrite the skin of recount
reset all setting won't affect other addon settings now, just reset AltzUI.
add 3 buttons to enable/disable chat/tip/plate

Many changes and bug fixing I can't remember. If I remembered I will add it here...
Most of the file structure has been changed! Please delete/backup Interface and WTF folder before update!
In-Game Configuration Supported
Move bag/bank frame and /rl to reset their positions
Aurora -- update
aBag -- change sort order to avoid bugs
position changed and a bank toggle bug fixed
aChat -- change channel 'Tab' order to SAY, BG, RAID, PARTY, GUILD
aCore -- recount toggle bug fix
support for latests aurora
bottom left and bottom right button improvement
toc update
aMinimap -- flare mark bug fix
-- colored location text
-- Instance difficulty text bug fix
aTweaks -- button styled
oUF -- bug fix
oUF_Mlight -- update
WorldState-CaptureBar texture changed
please delete WTF folder before update!
rActionBarStyler -- new actionbars layout!
aTweaks -- combined raidCD testing and moving command. just use /raidcd to test/move it.
rActionBarStyler -- I think it should work properly now.
rActionBarStyler -- try to fix the vehicle bar bug
aChat -- chat font size unchangeable bug fixed
aCore -- bug fix
change position of BNToastFrame
add combat text font
aTweaks -- DragEmAll add pvp frame
Aurora -- add some textures from AuroraMissingTextures
oUF_Mlight -- update
rActionBarStyler -- fading alpha (petbar)
Class Colors -- update
aBag -- decrease money frame size
aChat -- UnitPopupMenus bug fix
hide edit box when login
aCore -- chat frame setup
shaman and warrior color changed
remove some global function
improve create text global function
media change
aLoot -- /loot → /aloot
icon size and texture changed
aMap -- minimap frame strata move to BACKGROUND
location text position changed
aPlate -- text global function changed
aTip -- bar color gradient
aTweaks -- combat text font size and position changed
raidCD size and border changed
DragEmAll update
Watchframe size, position and strata changed
Aurora -- font change
oGlow -- Update
oUF -- Update
oUF_Fader -- toc change
oUF_Mlight -- update
oUF_MovableFrames -- toc change
rActionBarStyler -- add leave vehicle button
bar2&3 fade-out alpha change
rBuffFrameStyler -- font size changed
stAddonManager --toc change
aCore -- move world channel function here with it's control button
aChat -- UnitPopupMenus bug fix
some API improved
aTweaks -- Battleground Res bug fix
some API improved
oUF_Mlight -- update
rActionBarStyler -- little change of bar1/override bar's position for alt power bar of player
Search and Delete all aCore.lua and aCore.lua.bak in you WTF file before update to ver5.23
aBag -- Bank bug fix
aCore -- UI fade toggle (the button on bottom of screen)
Locale for zhCN and zhTW
Install frame changed
Exp bar bug fix
aChat -- Tab channel bug fix
UnitPopupMenus bug fix
aMap -- delete mail position config
oGlow -- inspect bug fix
oUF_Mlight -- update
rActionBarStyler -- cooldown flash icon bug fix
oUF -- update
oUF_Mlight -- update
aChat -- pet battle combat log support
some little adjustment with tooltip
toc change
oUF_Mlight -- update(EclipseBar bug fix)
add Class Color and other addons in the package are now support it.(some need /rl to apply)
Aurora -- update
oUF_Mlight -- update
aCore -- initialization interface
aBags -- bag buttons are not hidden anymore
aLoot -- position change
rActionBarStyler rActionBuffFrameStyler -- enchant frame position and inner anchor changed
shadow size decrease 1 px
extra button size and position adjustment
oGlow -- some bug fix (delete ranged weapon button)
aChat-- delete size change
aCore-- afk screen changed.some textures removed.
lib update
move setup and addon skins here
toc change
aMap-- remove grow
aPlate-- nameplate style change
aTweaks-- remove TabTargetPlayer.lua and Setup.lua
aTip-- statusbar and position change
Aurora-- Update
oUF oUF_Mlight -- update
rActionBarStyler rActionBuffFrameStyler-- Edit it for new version of altzui
style flyout buttons.Actionbars will show when hover on flyout buttons.
mouse-over fader are now independent of event fader.You may choose to enable either or both.
micromenu is 80% sized of before.
Most of the code have been changed.
Please delete the old version before update!
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Originally Posted by AtomicKiller

Can you help me with chat font? I really need to change it. It cuts some word in half or the whole row.
It just my language (im czech), and it pains me if someone wrote something with diacritic and half of it cut out..
Well I'm still looking for the right font meeting most people's needs.


Main font : Aurora\media\font.ttf
Unit frames font : oUF_Mlight\media\font.ttf
Damage font : AltzUI\media\df.ttf

These may help you get out of the embarrassment.
Replace the font file and see if it works. Please quit the game before you replace it every time.
It's not easy for me to test those usual letters, for I have no idea how to type it at all.

I hope you could understand my broken English.
If I offended you it was unwitting.
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Can you help me with chat font? I really need to change it. It cuts some word in half or the whole row.
It just my language (im czech), and it pains me if someone wrote something with diacritic and half of it cut out..
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Unread 09-21-12, 12:30 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Already added their names. I may miss someone I don't remembered.


The bug has been fixed. Thanks.




I will look into it.

I hope you could understand my broken English.
If I offended you it was unwitting.
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Unread 09-21-12, 12:06 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Re: Beautiful

Originally Posted by Exeed
Originally Posted by Serephina
Hi! I really LOVE this UI! Simple to use and just simplistic all around.

I am having one problem though. I'm unable to open the damage meter. Is there a special way to do this? Also, when I click where it says Damage Meter, it just opens my bags.

Try a Right Click
Sometimes, I'm the reason why women look stupid! haha! Thanks, that was it!
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Unread 09-21-12, 12:02 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Re: Beautiful

Originally Posted by Serephina
Hi! I really LOVE this UI! Simple to use and just simplistic all around.

I am having one problem though. I'm unable to open the damage meter. Is there a special way to do this? Also, when I click where it says Damage Meter, it just opens my bags.

Try a Right Click
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Unread 09-21-12, 11:58 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Red face Beautiful

Hi! I really LOVE this UI! Simple to use and just simplistic all around.

I am having one problem though. I'm unable to open the damage meter. Is there a special way to do this? Also, when I click where it says Damage Meter, it just opens my bags.

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Unread 09-21-12, 10:16 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Hey, first off, awesome ui. secondly, can you check into carbonite messing with the minimap. its buggin me lol. also the nameplates wont stay on
Last edited by defkon : 09-21-12 at 10:17 AM.
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Unread 09-20-12, 02:17 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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zhTW Locale

Altz-UI / Interface / AddOns / AltzUI / locales / twchinese.lua

L["|cffFF3E96C|ralendar"] = "|cffFF3E96|r曆"
L["Remainingxp"] = "剩經驗: "
L["Remainingrep"] = "剩: "
L["Copy Name"] = "複製名字"

Altz-UI / Interface / AddOns / AltzUIConfig / locales / twchinese.lua

72L["RaidCD"] = "团队减伤技能冷却时间" <--重複了
L["eventfade2"] = "當妳不施法,不戰鬥,沒有目標且達到\n最大生命值和最大/最小能量值時啓用動作條漸隱。"
L["mousefade2"] = "當妳的鼠標沒有懸停動作條上時啓用動作條漸隱。"

Altz-UI / Interface / AddOns / oUF_Mlight / locales / twchinese.lua

ns.L["onlywhentransparent"] = "透明度調整只反向填充生命條"
ns.L["portrait"] = "像"
ns.L["enableportrait"] = "像"
ns.L["portraitalpha"] = "像透明度"
ns.L["portraitalpha2"] = "如果你禁用反向填充,\n請降低像透明度使使生命條更清晰。"
ns.L["enableplayerdebuff2"] = "在玩家框體上顯示減益法術"
ns.L["groupsize"] = "團隊尺寸"
ns.L["showgcd2"] = "在團隊框體上示GCD。"
ns.L["healprediction2"] = "在團隊框體示預計治療。"

Paopao001大大 辛苦你了, 身體要緊呀>o<
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Unread 09-20-12, 12:43 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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http://imageshack.us/f/43/wowscrnshot092012154756.jpg/ this is from 5.30

Was there a skin to DBM and some settings??? because now i don't have it skinned.


this is 5.35 unskinned DBM and few blocked errors...sometimes ouf_might get me error but i need to catch it and screen it.

and can you help me with changing font in chat? i need to use something which supports "č,,ř," etc....otherwise it just cut half of the text in chat...
Last edited by AtomicKiller : 09-20-12 at 01:24 PM.
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Unread 09-20-12, 10:50 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Please, add the missing copyrights on the WoWI main page. I hope you do not need to list them?
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Unread 09-20-12, 08:55 AM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Sorry for reply so late. I've been working on it busily. I guess bugs/request you mentioned may have different answer after update, so I plan not to replay it immediately.
Update and see if your bugs have been fixed or requests have been met.
I will reply to the comments one by one tomorrow, for it's too tried and late today.

I hope you could understand my broken English.
If I offended you it was unwitting.
Last edited by Paopao001 : 09-20-12 at 08:56 AM.
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Unread 09-20-12, 07:57 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Hey man, first thank yuo for really nice UI. I have slight problem with skada config, which i can't open on any char. And with default setting tooltips and skada are ovelapping each other.
I know i can move skada, but there my first problem i can't really open config.

thx for help

edit: -hmm install ace3 libraries worked... i wont delete my post, maybe it help someone later
-if you can add tooltip position to next release it would be fine
Last edited by AtomicKiller : 09-20-12 at 08:16 AM.
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Unread 09-19-12, 06:58 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Question about target mouseover panel

Really loving this UI!

I do have a question, when I mouse over a player/mob, the information panel is right over on the bottom right corner, can I move this at all? See the panel i'm talking about in the image below (circled in white)... Oh and also, the battlenet friends toast popup - can that be moved too?

EDIT: Found the solution to the tooltips: Interface>Addons>Altz UI - tick show tooltips at mouse then apply, so just the bnet popup solution would be good thanks

Last edited by Hevnsaveme : 09-19-12 at 07:10 PM.
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Unread 09-17-12, 06:20 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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This Ui is simply amazing and beautiful
Hallo Echo... Hallo Otto ...
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Unread 09-17-12, 01:45 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is there any way that I can change or turn off the nameplates? I usually use TidyPlates. Besides that I <3 your UI.
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