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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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FauxMazzle  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 8.3.1
by: Fizzlemizz [More]

A Beta of FauxMazzle (2) [Retail] is now available.

A Beta of FauxMazzle [Classic] is now available.

FauxMazzle 1 "End of Life" The current version of FauxMazzle that has been serving the MazzleUI addicted since November 2013 has reached (exceeded really) its "use by" date. The next version of FauxMazzle (2) is now in Beta for both Retail and Classic (see the links above). It will mean setting up your characters from "scratch".

To see what that means, you can, (if you haven't yet) create a character in Classic and install the FauxMazzle [Classic] Beta package (see the link above) or create a character on the PTR and try the retail package there or try it on live retail!!! The code base for the FauxMazzly bits is the same in both versions.

The new FauxMazzle (2) Beta will replace the current live retail version at the same time the Classic Beta goes "gold" if nothing catastrophic presents.


What is FauxMazzle?
FauxMazzle is a look and feel tribute to MazzleFizz's once great MazzleUI that sadly didn't make it out of The Burning Crusade.

For most designated [wide] resolutions up to 1920x1200. For resolutions greater than 1920x1200, your mileage may vary.


  • Update: for 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.
  • Fix: Updated DUF for Mechagnome/Vulpera race icons.
latest known version of addons included.

Many thanks to the generosity of Elcarath for allowing 3 very cool skins to be added to this project. You can view all the available skins below.

I would like to thank the addon authors without whom FauxMazzle would not be half the UI it is today, literally.

As always, a big thank you to Mazzlefizz for the original MazzleUI.

What do you get?
  • Context Menu (slightly different implementation from the original).
  • Custom raid frames that sorts your raid team by group, or by tank, healers and everyone else.
  • The option to sort raid units by group and/or show the raid units target icon.
  • Various raid unit customisation options.
  • Background textures that although not Mazz's, I consider are a reasonable approximation. If you have the textures from the original MazzleUI (including those from other authors that were part of the pack), they should also work with FauxMazzle. If you do have Mazzlefizz's original textures please DO NOT publish/upload/share them, Mazzlefizz licencing was very specific about the use of MazzleUI code and art.
  • 3 additional skins from the original MazzleUI compilation, courtesy of Elcarath (see the skin gallery below).
  • An in-game configuration dialog for the "configurable" addons listed.
  • The ability to choose your own replacement addons (which you will have to configure yourself).
  • The ability to switch off/on configuration of individual addons should you want to make and preserve your own changes or play around and then re-apply the default settings.
  • A MazzleUI style HUD with additional Druid mana/pet health insert.
  • The joy of once again seeing a cool MazzleUI style layout without hours (and hours and ....) of fiddling around.
  • The ability to have this quick, easy setup for all your characters new and old.

Suspiciously Missing!
FauxMazzle does not include bag, data broker/information bar or quest log addons (it does include a way to move the ObjectiveTracker window).
While MazzleUI included these types of addons, there are many flavours of each now available at WoWInterface.com and they don't overly impact on the overall look in-game, choose the one that works best for you.

How do I use FauxMazzle?
  • Download FauxMazzle.
  • Exit the game.
  • Rename or move elsewhere the WTF folder at [Drive]:\[Programs Files]\World of Warcraft\WTF.
  • Move elsewhere all the folders (or at least the ones not on the list below) from [Drive]:\[Programs Files]\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\.
  • Unzip the FauxMazzle .zip file and copy the newly extracted addons to the folder [Drive]:\[Programs Files]\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\.
  • Start the game and at the character selection screen press the "AddOns" button (lower left corner) and check the "Load out of date AddOns" box (the first time you run FauxMazzle configuration tool (/FM) you will be warned to do this even if you have already done so).
  • Enter the world and type /FM (see slash commands below) . The configuration window should have boxes ticked for the addons you have installed.
  • Check/Uncheck boxes for the addons you do/don't want configured.
  • Use the SmartBuff button to configure reminders for timed buffs etc.
  • Use the options under the HUD tab to configure the HUD to you liking.
  • Press the FauxMazzle button and let FauxMazzle go to work bringing you a bright new interface for your character to take on the world (of Warcraft).

Where's my game (micro) menu and where are my bags?
  • Move the mouse to the right hand side of your screen just above the background artwork and your MicroMenu will appear.
  • Move the mouse just above MicroMenu and your bags will appear.

Slash commands.
  • /FM or /FAUXMAZZLE - Open the FauxMazzle configuration window (/fm and /fauxmazzle are interchangeable for all slash commands) or you can click the FM button beside the calendar and tracking mini buttons.

Hotspot list.
If you mouse over a Hotspot a text will tell you what it actions.
  • Left castle top left - Calculator.
  • Left castle top right - Tiny Pad (a multi page note pad).
  • Left castle lower right - Target of Target frame(out-of-combat only).
  • Left Castle bottom left - (Currently) Toggle Draenor zone ability button.
  • Right Castle top right - Bags.
  • Right Castle top left - Map.
  • Right Castle lower left - Focus frame (out-of-combat only).
  • Right Castle bottom right - Recount and Omen toggle.
  • Target cave top left - Target Trade.
  • Target cave top right - Target Whisper.
  • Target cave bottom left - Target Inspect.
  • Target cave bottom right - Target Follow.

Chat button list.
  • General: A wide range of information.
  • Group: Party and /say.
  • Guild: Guild chat.
  • Trade: Trade chat.
  • Whisper: Private conversations.

Context menu.
This is an easy access space to bring together commonly used non-combat items so they don't clutter up your action bars. It has two pages accessed by scrolling the mouse wheel up/down. Note: The menu will hide automatically if you have or aquire a "live", potentially harmful target (yellow/red).
  • To access: right click the FM button. This will display the menu over the space used by the combat log/loot menu.
  • To hide: move the mouse outside the menu area.
  • To configure: select the Menu/Chat tab of the FauxMazzle setup window, the first page of the menu will automatically be shown (which can be paged). From here you can create, rename or delete sections, drag and drop spells, mounts, items (not pets yet) onto the menu.
  • Default: by default the menu is initially populated with active class items (pick lock, death gate etc., flight items you have ie. Aviana's Feather, Flight Master's Whistle and Hearth Stones. Teleports/Portals are placed on page 2. These can be re-populated or added once learned by pressing the "Default" button on the menu.
  • To add new items/spells: just drag and drop them while the FauxMazzle setup window is open and the Menu/Chat tab is selected.

Customising the HUD.
Under the HUD tab in the FauxMazzle setup window there are options for configuring every part of the HUD, size, colour, text display etc..
Options of note:
  • Exiting or reloading WoW with the Unique checkbox unchecked will save the current settings as the Global default for every new character FauxMazzled.
  • Exiting or reloading WoW with the Unique checkbox checked will save the current HUD settings as personal to the current character.
  • Once checked/saved, unchecking the Unique checkbox will revert a personal setting to the current Global settings.
  • Pressing the DEFAULT button will reset to the default FauxMazzle settings.

Customising the Raid Frames.
Under the Raid Frames tab in the FauxMazzle setup window there are options for configuring many parts of the raid frames.
  • Optional display of each role icon.
  • Optional display of each power type bar (mana, energy, rage etc.).
  • Order by role (default), tanks then healers then everyone else or order by group (groups 1, 3, 5, 7 on the left of the taget frame, groups 2, 4, 6, 8 on the right).
  • Option when ordering by role to have the tanks and healers display to the left or right side of the target frame.
  • Option to show the Raid Icon (skull, cross, circle, moon etc.) currently on the units target.
  • Option to display the Player raid frame when not in a raid (NOTE: triggers an automatic UI reload. NOTE: this option is cleared on entering a group or raid).
  • Options to change the bakground color and alpha of the frames.
  • Options to change the units health Full, Low, Critical colours.
  • Options to set and choose a single colour for unit names and the name shadow (default is colour by class).
  • Option to adjust the alpha for units that are out-of-range.
  • Option to adjust the Raid Icon alpha.
Using Target of Target and Focus Frames.
  • The Target of Target frame won't display unless your target has a target selected.
  • The Focus frame won't show unless you have set a focus unit. Rignt click on the desired unit and select Set Focus from the menu. To clear, right click on the Focus frame and selec Clear Focus from the menu.

The Objective Tracker. (quest dropdown list)
This can be moved for each character to the position you prefer on the screen by holding down the SHIFT key and dragging it. It will not let you take it off-screen.

The default position in the original MazzleUI for the quest log was top left of the screen below the then FuBar bar.

Included addons that can be FauxMazzled.
  • Autobar - Professions, food, drink, potions, lots of useful things at a click.
  • Capping - Battleground status.
  • Clique - Click Casting.
  • Decursive - Disease/Curse removal.
  • Discord Art - Background artwork and text displays (money, armor, position etc.).
  • Discord Unit Frames - Unit, Party and Boss frames.
  • Dominos - Action bars.
  • Examiner - Item inspection.
  • GTFO - Don't stand in the fire.
  • HitsMode5 - Combat log.
  • Mapster - Enhanced map information.
  • Masque - Button skins.
  • Masque Sleek - Sleek skin for Masque.
  • Omen - Threat meter.
  • Omni CC - Cooldown Timers.
  • Pawn - Item stat. comparisons.
  • Prat - Enhanced chat frames.
  • Quartz - Cast timers.
  • Recount - Damage meters.
  • Scrolling Combat Text - Combat flavour texts.
  • Scrolling Combat Text Damage - Damage out information for SCT.
  • Tinypad - Text editor.
  • Tiptac - Tooltips.
  • TomTom - Navigation.
  • TrinketMenu - Trinket buttons.
  • Xcalc - Calculator.
  • Xloot - Loot info.

Included addons that FauxMazzle currently does not configure.
  • Answering Machine - Replays received whispers and AH messages when you return from AFK.
  • Examiner - Player gear inspector
  • GTFO - Don't stand in the fire
  • Molinari - Auto Milling, Prospecting, Disenchanting and Lock Picking (hold down the Alt key then click the item in your bags)
  • MoncaiCompare - Equipmenty comparison
  • OmniCC - Action button cooldown timers
  • Pawn - Item stat. comparisons

Addons configurable but not included in the FauxMazzle package.
Skin Gallery:

Draenei (*Elcarath).

Orc (*Elcarath).

Blood Elf (*Elcarath).


Lich King.

Dates are in DD/MM/YYYY notation:

8.3.1 - 16/1/2020
  • Update: for 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.
  • Fix: Updated DUF for Mechagnome/Vulpera race icons.

8.3.0 - 15/1/2020
  • Update: for 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.

8.2.2 - 11/10/2019
  • Update: Roll-up of the latest known version of addons. Autobar and Druids can still throw an error on occasion.

8.2.1 - 27/6/2019
  • Fix: Skin selection.
8.2.0a - 26/6/2019
NOTE:Blizzard just updated (build 30920) to make the temporary 8.2.0 fixes I fixed for Autobar, Decursive and Prat broken. FauxMazzle 8.2.0a fixes the fixes I fixed that got broken by Blizzards fix... or something like that.
8.1.2 - 16/3/2019
  • Works with 8.1.5
  • Fix: DUF fix for Kul Tiran Human and Zandalari Troll race icons.

8.1.1 - 7/1/2019
  • Works with 8.1.5
  • Fix: DUF Alt. Mana bar.
  • Fix: DUF UNIT_AURA not updating buffs/debuffs properly.

8.1.0 - 15/12/2018
  • Update: 8.1 Tides of Vengence.
  • Fix: The BNToast frame should now properly anchor above the right tower.
  • Update: The artifact tooltip now includes the actual level as well as percentage attained.
  • Update: Added option to leave the pet battle UI in its default state.
8.0.8 - 8/9/2018
  • Fix: Missing Azerite Power event.
  • Update: BfA Portals and Teleports added to the Context Menu defaults.
  • Update: General cosmetic updates and fixes.
8.0.7 - 19/8/2018
  • Fix: Updated Discord Unit Frames with Deathknight rune fix.
  • Change: Artifact tooltip a bit easier to understand.
8.0.6 - 19/8/2018
  • Fix: Artifact numbers were <cough> a little off.
  • Update: Added a full chat reset before running the chat configuration.
  • Change: Moved the talking head frame to no longer block the island invasion scoreboard.
8.0.5 - 13/8/2018
  • Fix: Change to the chat configuration to fix an error popping up via Prat's EditBox code (will require the FauxMazzle process to be run for each character).
  • Change: Update to the PetBattle UI to make pet selection more accessible.
8.0.4 - 5/8/2018
  • Fix: Contains a fix for a BfA change effecting HitsMode. There is still a tracking message that might be printed (reports greatfully appreciated) but it should no longer generate an error.
  • Update: This is a rollup of all the latest addon updates including the release version of Autobar.
8.0.2 - 25/7/2018
  • Fix: Includes updated Discord Unit Frames to fix DK rune bug.
  • Update: Includes the BETA version of Autobar for BfA.
8.0.1 - 22/7/2018
  • Fix: For nil table return by the map function when in instances (thankyou legion3pm).
8.0.0 - 21/7/2018
  • Update: Updated for 8.0 Battle for Azeroth. SmartBuff is probably dead for good. At some stage I may look at building something similar into FauxMazzle. There is no nameplate addon included which may well be the case moving forward (there are plenty out there).
  • Fixed: Replaced the broken BreakupLargeNumbers() function with FormatLargeNumber()
  • Change: Money text now displays the coins rather than g, s, c.
  • New: Option for the money text to display only the gold portion once a character has acquired a selected amount.

7.3.8 - 2/7/2018
  • Fix: Artifact Bar tooltip error generated trying to process bottomless bucket of Artifact Power.

  • Update: Updates for release 7.3.5.

7.3.6 - 10/12/2017
  • Update: For a DUF code change.

7.3.5 - 8/11/2017
  • Fix: For a DART update bug

7.3.4 - 30/10/2017
Requires: Running the FauxMazzle Process on a single character (you can do this after setting the new option below).
  • New: Preserve option for the raid frame settings. Checking this box will preserve all your per character raid frame settings when you run the FauxMazzle process. If you want to re-set for an indiividual character you can press the "Default" button while playing that character.
  • Fixed: Several fixes and improvements.

7.3.3 - 30/9/2017
  • New: Druid Taxi Icon: When your Druid takes a taxi while in Flight Form, the Flight Form icon will display in the top left of the player portrait frame. The icon will disappear when the taxi ride ends.

7.3.2 - 14/9/2017
  • Change: Moved the various MicroMenuAlert Close buttons to the Top Left of their frames so they can be used in game.

7.3.1 - 3/9/2017
  • Update: Latest Addons.

7.3.0 - 30/8/2017
  • Fixed: Updated the FauxMazzle chat channel changer for the 7.3 SondKit change.

7.2.2 - 17/6/2017
  • Updated: For 7.2.5

7.2.1 - 29/3/2017
  • Fixed: An error being generated when mousing over the Artfiact Globe.
  • Fixed: For a change to the API used in the HUD.

7.2.0 - 29/3/2017
Requires running the FM process on a single character.
  • Update: Made compatible with 7.2, The Tomb of Sargeras.
  • Fixed: Information panels parented to the MinimapCluster are no longer permanently hidden.
  • Fixed: Target background no longer causes the Hunter pet select flyout to collapse.
  • Fixed: Caching problem causing the Context Menu to display the wrong background when switching characters using different skins.
  • Fixed: Some background panel alignments.
  • New: Option in the Menu/Chat tab to display the chat Social button.
  • New: Skins (2). An artistically challenged gnome's take on both Legion and Lich King themed backgrounds (many in-game assets were butchered in the creation of these skins so my thanks go to the truly talented artists at Blizzard).

7.1.6a/b - 23/2/2017
  • Fixed: Changed the Raid Frame and Context Menu tab order in the setup window for those that don't use the FM raid frames.
  • Fixed: Bug introduced when creating new characters (thanks Trzy) .
7.1.6 - 23/2/2017
  • Changed: Moved some Decursive frames that were incorrectly placed.
  • Changed: Clean up of some Context Menu code.

7.1.5 - 12/1/2017
  • Changed: Made compatible with WoW 7.1.5
  • Changed: Animation for Artifact bar when 100% or more.
  • New: Context Menu, see the Context Menu section below.

7.1.4 - 12/11/2016
  • Fixed: Chat channels: Requires running the FauxMazzle process for each character.

7.1.3 - 8/11/2016
  • Removed: Plater: Please delete Plater from the AddOns folder.
  • New: TidyPlates: Requires running the FauxMazzle process for each character.
  • Fixed: Chat channels: Requires running the FauxMazzle process for each character.

7.1.2 - 28/10/2016
  • Fixed: An option window bug being manifest due to a bug in another addon not part of the FauxMazzle package.

7.1.1 - 28/10/2016
  • Returned: Mapster and SCT, you may need to re-enable them in the FauxMazzle setup window.
  • Fixed: Prat is now fixed in the included version.
  • Fixed: An error when the raid frames options is unchecked.
  • Updated: Minor pieces of code have bee modified or moved.

7.1.0 - 26/10/2016
  • Removed: Mapster and SCT until fixed or replaced.
  • Warning: Prat is thowing an error on login but i consider the benefits outweigh its removal.
  • Fixed: An error with DART coordinates.

7.0.7 - 2/10/2016
  • Changed: Artifact Power orb/text is coloured red when you have more than enough power to update your weapon.

7.0.6 - 15/9/2016
  • Returned: SmartBuff.

7.0.5 - 11/9/2016
  • Changed: Artifact Power bar text for better visibility.
  • Changed: Artifact Power tooltip now shows "over power" levels not yet spent as +100% ... +200% etc.
  • Changed: Archeology "site completion" bar moved to left of the chat channel buttons.

7.0.4 - 2/9/2016
  • Fixed: Placement of the Demon Hunter Autobar class bar.
  • New: Artifact bar tooltip also displays unused powerup levels (*1, *2 etc.).
7.0.3 - 31/8/2016
  • Fixed: Returned a missing texture whose absence was causing raid frame units with agro to appear mostly blacked out.
  • New: Raid frame option "Highlight Self" replaces the thin silver border around the player raid frame with a solid black border to highlight your character in the raid frames stacks.
  • New: Tooltip when your cursor is over the Artifact Power globe to show current power percentage plus current power/power required for next level.
  • Changed: Scaled the talking head frame down slightly.
  • Updated: latest known version of addons included.

Changed in 7.0.2
  • Returned: TrinketMenu. Make sure it is enabled in the FauxMazzle settings window.
  • Returned: Autobar. Make sure it is enabled in the FauxMazzle settings window.
  • Fixed: Quartz swing timer.
  • Fixed: Target name text being displayed behind the protrait.
  • New: Decursive added. It has 3 settings which are character specific.
    • Show(default): Show Always.
    • Party/Raid: Show only in Groups and Raids.
    • Raid Only: only show in Raids.

7.0.1 - 21/7/2016
  • Returned: Mapster.
  • Returned: TomTom.
  • Returned: OmniCC.
  • No longer included: Gatherer (GatherMate2 has been updated if you want to use instead).
  • Fixed: SCT with fix for DK runes.
  • Disabled: Blizzard Floating Combat Text.
  • Updated: DART to account for some events that are no longer being fired when you enter the game for the first time.
  • Updated: Latest known versions of addons included.
  • NOTE: Clique still has some issues that will be updated over time.

7.0.0 - 20/7/2016
  • New: FauxMazzle made compatible with version 7.0 Legion.
  • New Added the Totem bar just to the left of the player section of the HUD growing from first totem upward.
  • New Option to place the Totem bar above the Buff/debuff frame rather than on the HUD.
  • New Added the Artifact Power bar.
  • New Option to set the distance at which nameplates are visible.
  • New The Personal Resource bar is now automatically hidden.
  • Changed: Disabled Blizzard scrolling combat text.
  • New: TalkingHead frame moved to top of screen.
  • New: Hiding the UI (Alt-Z) will now resize the 3D world to full screen and adjusts back when the UI is shown (yay for screenies).
  • Fixed: Bottom left hotspot will once again open/close the zone ability frame (I'm not sure if this has any use outside Draenor and the function of this button will most likely change if there is something more useful it can do).
  • Updated: Latest known addons included.

***NOTE*** sRaidFrames is no longer included or supported by FauxMazzle, please REMOVE sRaidFrames from your addons folder before starting WoW!

6.2.12b - 4/7/2016
  • Removed: A function from Aloft used during configuration was failing silently ie. no errors were posted. Given that Aloft is no longer supported and will be replaced with the Legion pre-launch I will not try to fix this so for the next couple of weeks any new setup will get the default Aloft settings. The replacement for Aloft will look different sooo.....:cool:
6.2.12a - 3/7/2016[list]

6.2.12 - 3/7/2016
  • Fixed: Configuration not working properly (possibly a pre Legion launch patch change) most notable for characters that have not been FauxMazzled before.

6.2.11 - 14/4/2016, 6.2.11a - 15/4/2016
The "a" version fixes a bug where the DART configuration might not be updated correctly.
  • New: General option: Meters in instances. Automatically displays your meters when entering instances, raids, battlegrounds, arenas. Does not hide them when you leave!
  • New: HUD text options:
    • Player only: When displaying health or mana as a precentage the targets health/mana will be dispayed as an absolute value.
    • Max.: If player or target health/mana is dispayed as an absolute value, this option will dispay the max. health/mana under the current value once current is less than max.
  • Changed: Latest known versions of addons included.

6.2.10 - 23/3/2016
  • Fixed: Errors caused by Battle.net api changes in 6.2.4 patch.
  • Changed: Minor changes to background and pet battle frames when in pet battle.
  • Changed: Latest known versions of addons included.

6.2.9 - 3/9/2015
  • Fixed Included a 6.2.2 compatible version of Aloft.
  • New: No Type DELETE - Option to remove the "Type DELETE" requirement to destroy better quality items. After you've destroyed Archmage Vargoth's 467th spare staff you figure you might know what you'r doing. NOTE: No responsibility accepted for accidently destroyed items ;).
  • Change: Raid Frames - Default settings to better contrast health etc..
  • New: Raid Frames - option to display the Player raid frame when not in a group or raid (NOTE: Triggers an automatic UI reload when checked. NOTE: This option is cleared on entering a group or raid)..
  • New: Raid Frames - options to change the background colour and alpha of the frames.
  • New: Raid Frames - options to change the units health Full, Low and Critical colours.
  • New: Raid Frames - options to choose a single colour for unit names and the name shadow (default is colour by class).
  • New: Raid Frames - option to adjust the alpha for units that are out-of-range.
  • New: Raid Frames - option to adjust the Raid Icon alpha.
  • Updated: Latest known addons included.

6.2.8 - 28/7/2015
Note: The first two additions are hot swapable but I would resist the temptation to do so in combat.
  • New: Raid Frames: There is now an option to sort units by group (1,3,5,7 on the left 2,4,6,8 on the right same a pre 6.2).
  • New: Raid Frames: There is now an option to show the raid icon a unit is targeting.
  • New: Raid Frames: The units group number is now included in the unit tooltip.
  • Changed: Moved the targets raid icon so it doesn't clash with the marker buttons.

6.2.7 - 11/7/2015
  • Fixed: Raid Frames: Last pass optimisation removed some wasted cycles that were occuring when not in a raid.

6.2.6 - 9/7/2015
  • Changed: Raid frames health bar graphic to help it stand out.
  • Changed: Raid frames minor changes to help differentiate between in-range and out-of-range units.
  • Fixed: Raid frames update code consolidated and optimised for better performance.

6.2.5 - 4/7/2015
  • Fixed: A bug where realm names of nil were being considered valid and creating an invalid unit name which meant that unit didn't get added to the roster leading to a lopsided roster configuration.

6.2.4 - 3/7/2015
  • Fixed: Raid frame roster not being updated after leaving combat which could leave units lost in limbo.

6.2.3 - 29/6/2015
  • Fixed: Incorrectly using a fonrt I thought was a game default.
    manually checking and re-FauxMazzling).

6.2.2 - 29/6/2015
  • Fixed: HealthColourLow error.
  • Fixed: HUD and RaidFrames checkboxes not working corectly (may require manually checking and re-FauxMazzling).

  • Fixed: Major bug in the initialisation code.

6.2 - 28/6/2015
  • Updated: Support for 6.2 Fury of Hellfire.
  • Fixed: Chat frames, may require removing of the chat-cache.txt files but maybe not (I deleted mine before thinking of testing...oops).
  • New: Raid Frames (this is early release so there may be issues but I hope not. Thoughts, bug reports welcome). Supports:
    • Health bar with heal prediction.
    • Power bar (mana (default), energy, rage etc.) selectable per character.
    • Role icons (tank (default), healer (default), damage) selectable per character.
    • Role grouping and prioritisation. Roles are sorted tanks, healers, the rest and each role group is sorted in alphabetical order. They are displayed from bottom right of the right hand stack (default) or bottom left of the left hand stack growing inward and upward. Side selection is per character.
    • Debuff icons. The first three dispellable debuffs are displayed on units. Once one is gone the list is checked to see if there is still another to take it's place. Debuffs also have tooltips.
    • Clique support.
  • Updated: Latest known addons included.

6.1.3 - 8/6/2015[*]Fixed: Error being generated for new FauxMazzle users on entering the world for the first time.

6.1.2 - 31/5/2015
Requires running the FauxMazzle process once.
  • New: The bottom left hotspot toggles the Draenor zone ability button.

6.1.1 - 2/3/2015
  • Fixed: Internal code changes for future options support.
  • Fixed: Included version of Dominos now supports the "land at next Flight Master" button to terminate taxi rides.
  • Updated: Chat code.

6.1.0 - 25/2/2015
  • Updated: FauxMazzle release for Warlords of Draenor patch 6.1.[/color]

Release 6.0.17
  • Fixed: Initialisation error that could effect new installs.
  • Fixed: Removed debug code from DUF.

6.0.16 - 28/1/2015
  • Fixed: Initialisation error that could effect new installs.

6.0.15 - 21/1/2015
  • Fixed: Updated Autobar configuration add flasks.
  • Changed: Update TrinketMenu and AutoBar positions.
  • Fixed: Disapearing chat channels.
  • Updated: Latest known addons included.

6.0.14 - 14/12/2014
  • Fixed: Updated Autobar configuration to bring back high level food and health pots.
  • New: Option to make the Omen/Recount display sticky between sessions.
  • Updated: DBM timer placement moved to better fit vertical boss frames (depending on where you've placed them)

6.0.13 - 10/12/2014
  • Updated: DUF dupport for Chi orbs.
  • Updated: DUF support for Anticipation points.

6.0.12 - 22/11/2014
  • Fixed: DUF found the gas control for the fourth Warlock Burning Ember.
  • Fixed: DUF Shadow Orbs showing for Disc. Priests.
  • Fixed: Position of Chi Orbs for Monks with Assention.

6.0.11 - 18/11/2014
  • Fix: Action buttons per row can now properly switched 12 to 14 or 14 to 12.
  • Change: Chat changes are now "onLoad" so the need for a per-character FauxMazzling with chat (maybe not Prat) changes is negated.

6.0.10 - 15/11/2014
  • Fix: Update to DUF, Potential error being generated for Destro' Warlocks.

6.0.9 - 7/11/2014
  • Fix: Update to DUF, Combo and Anticipation points are now "on the player" and are displayed when not in combat.
  • Fix: Update to DUF, Party frames now properly show/hide when entering/leaving a raid group.
  • Fix: Update to DUF, Better support for Clique.
  • Fix: Item links in the combat log a loot chat are clickable again.
  • New: Alternate Demonology Fury bar layout option in the FauxMazzle settings.
  • Included: Latest known versions of addons.

6.0.8 - 1/11/2014
  • Fix: DUF update to fix several potential errors.
  • Fix: Addon frames should no longer be re-parented when it has been unchecked in the FauxMazzle options window.
  • Updated: Library update for the HUD range text.
  • Included: Latest known versions of addons.

6.0.7 - 25/10/2014
  • Fix: DUF update to fix warlock shard bar error.
  • Added: Configuration for Deadly Boss Mods. DBM isn't included so select the core and expansion modules you like from here at WoWInterface. Check the DBM box in FauxMazzle (DBM setup is per character).
  • Changed: Finalised configuration for SCT/SCTD (also turns off all Blizzard floating combat text).
  • Changed: Viewport height for some resolutions.
  • Changed: Lifted co-ords text.

6.0.6 - 22/10/2014
  • Returned: Gather.
  • Returned: TomTom. You will need to check the TomTom box in FauxMazzle before running the FauxMazzle process once.
  • Added: SCT-Damage.
  • Changed: Configured SCT-Damage and some minor changes to SCT.

6.0.5 - 21/10/2014
  • Returned: AutoBar.
  • Returned: SmartBuff.
  • Changed: SmartBuff action button and vehicle button positions.
  • Changed: Scrolling Combat Text configuration to de-clutter the centre of the screen.
  • Added: Objective tracker mover code. Shift-click drag to your prefered position.

6.0.4 - 20/10/2014
  • Fixed: Discord Unit Frames update to fix party frame updates in raids.

6.0.3 - 17/10/2014
  • Fixed: Discord Unit Frames update to fix priest orbs.

6.0.2 - 16/10/2014
  • Added: MoveAnything (you will need to check the MoveAnything box and run the FauxMazzle process once).
  • Added: Examiner.
  • Replaced: RatingBuster with Pawn.
  • Updated: TipTac revert to original configuration.

6.0.0 - 15/10/2014
  • Updated: For Warlords of Draenor and the 6.0.2 pre-patch.

1.0.0 - 23/9/2014
  • Fixed: Fixed a Deathknight rune color error.

Beta 17 - 9/9/2014
  • Fixed: Autobar class bar flyout buttons being placed on the Background strata and behind party frame elements.
  • Fixed: Added missing channels to whisper.

Beta 16 - 2/9/2014
  • Added: Hide at Max. Health option to the HUD. Players who use the OOC Alpha HUD setting can now hide the OOC HUD once the've regened back to full health..
  • Added: Target Markers. These will show up when you mouse over the target frame when in a group or raid.
  • Fixed: HUD text initialisation.
  • Fixed: DART font error.
  • Fixed: Player health/mana bar spacing to remove a mouseclick deadzone.
  • Fixed: Error for screen sizes over 1920x1200.
  • Fixed: Druid mana bar text.
  • Fixed: Boss death status text.
  • Fixed: Pet and Class bar alignment when using 12 buttons per action bar.
  • Fixed: Dropdown initialisation in setup window.
  • Changed: HUD Druid/Pet bar default colour.
  • Moved: ItemRefToolTip to top center of screen.

Beta 15 29/8/2014
  • Fixed: Range text displaying at center on initial login.
  • Fixed: HitsMode sending combat log to the wrong chat window.
  • Fixed: Recount size and position.
  • Fixed: DART font error again.
  • Fixed: Error if Omen or Recount have been removed after initial FauxMazzle.
  • Fixed: Error for screen sizes over 1920x1200 (fingers crossed).
  • Fixed: Autobar bars not displaying if not using TrinkeMenu or Dominos. Still relies on having DART installed.
  • Changed:TipTac now anchors to the very left of screen and grows right and up.

Changed in Beta 14 - 27/8/2014
  • Fixed the Omen and Recount HotSpot not toggling Omen and Recount.
  • Fixed a possible corrupt font causing DART to somethimes throw a non existant font error.

Beta 13 - 26/8/2014
NOTE: The FauxMazzleConfig folder is no longer used and can be safely deleted.
  • New setup window.
  • Complete re-write to major sections of FauxMazzle.
  • HUD configuration added (see section below).
  • HUD - fixed mana bar and pet health/druid mana bar placement.
  • Added a FauxMazzle setup window toggle button (beside the tracking both button before and after FauxMazzling).
  • Options for adding Say and Whisper to various chat channels.
  • Option for setting DUF Boss frames vertical and their position.
  • Adjusted position of SCT.
  • Added Smartbuff toggle button to the setup window.
  • Option for screensizes larger than 1920/1200 to select a 1.6 or 1.8 setting (largely untested so feedback would be appreciated, working or not)
  • Lots of tweeks.
  • Tested and working in Warlords of Draenor Beta (with the addons I could find that also work)
  • Known latest versions of Addons included.

Beta 12a - 9/8/2014
  • Fixed Omen/Recount toggle hotspot.
Beta 12 - 8/8/2014
  • Chat frame configurations have changed to allow the combat log to work properly
  • Removed ArkInventory (All FauxMazzle did was position the frames, you can do that with your favourite bag addon).
  • Fixed, HUD (DMB/Pet cutout specifically) to work properly for low level characters.
  • Changed, HUD Druid mana bar behaviour. Druids with quest pets, the bar will always show mana level while in cat/bear form and will change to pet health when not in cat/bear form.
  • Moved the Quartz cast bars above the boss frames.
  • Fixed chat font scaling when choosing between Eagle Eye, Normal, Large and Magoo size. Will look to extending this beyond just the chat frames in future builds.
  • Fixed handling of /FM OOC100.
  • Fix to DUF means unit frame damage overlay texts now display.
  • Dominos pet and Autobar class bars should now align properly when selecting the 12 button action bar option.
  • Added HitsMode5 for combat text (will need some more tweeking).
  • Added Scrolling Combat Text (might need some more tweeking).
  • Update to fading of combat log and loot frame texts.
  • Increased size of DUF buff and debuff timer texts (will look at adjusting this with the chat font selection size (eagle eye/magoo etc.)).
  • Tweeks and twiddles I didn't log.

Beta 11 - 29/7/2014
  • Fixed bags squishing into the micromenu bar.
  • Fixed positioning of sRaidFrames.
  • Removed Omen toggle hotspot.
  • Changed Recount hotspot to toggle Omen and Recount.
  • Moved Omen and Recount, they will now toggle over the bottom right chat frames.
  • Fixed a bug genreated if sRadiFrames is not installed.
  • Added buttons and filters to limit chat display from General to Group, Guild, Trade, Whisper (Group includes /say).
  • Fixed positioning of Boss frame 1.
  • Added dropdown to the /FauxMazzle window to select 12 or 14 button layout from Dominos action bars.
  • Latest version of Addons included.

Beta 10 - 25/7/2014
  • Fixed incorrect zone name being displayed when first entering the world.
  • Added hotspots for toggling on/off TargetofTarget and Focus frames (only works out-of-combat). They are located left and right below the TinyPad and Map hotspots.
  • Changed Hotspot text to white for better contrast with some of Elcaraths skins.
  • Re-enabled selection/de-selection of Chat, DART and DUF in the FauxMazzle window.
  • Fixed so that Autobar pet bar popups display over sRaidFrames.
  • Change to the viewport height in 1920x1200.
  • Various tweeks.
  • Latest version of Addons included.

Beta 9 - 8/7/2014
  • Should now support any designated [wide] screen resolution up to 1920x1200 (1440x900 seems to be off the table ATM).
  • Changed the method for anchoring, sizing, aligning, parenting and scaling the major components of FauxMazzle.
  • Major overhaul of the unit frame configuration to allow for better display and scaling (current and future).
  • Changed the proportioning of the background art so your pets are no longer in danger of toppling off the castle tower and turning party member 1 into a bloody spot atop the ramparts.
  • HUD now scales.
  • Re-aligned/sized the chat windows to maximise their viewing area.
  • Improved click targeting for unit frames.
  • You can click the clipboard icons (top-right of General chat and the Combat Log) to allow you to select and copy (Ctrl-C) text from their respective chat frames.
  • The time display is now a button that when clicked changes to the defaul Blizzard time button (and a close button) so you can set alarms and countdown timers.
  • Player Druid mana bar is now horizontal at the bottom of the status bar stack.
  • I've disabled unchecking of the Chat, DART and DUF addons but these will most likely come back at a later date.
  • Lots of tweeks.
  • Removed Chinchilla minimap addon.

Beta 8a - 3/6/32014
Fixed an error being thrown when adjusting the BNToastFrame when configuring in 1920x1080 resolution.

Beta 8 31/5/2014
  • Added Answering Machine.
  • Moved all achievement frames and PowerBarAlt above the the target cave.
  • Update to the latest addons.

Beta 7 - 6/5/2014
  • Removed a mouse click dead zone just above the action bar/minimap background.
  • Added a slash command parameter to set out-of-combat alpha for the PLAYER health/mana half of the HUD. /fm bga0 to /fm bga9 will set how visible the player portion of the HUD is when not in combat. /fm bga0 = invisible, /fm bga5 = 50% visible up to /fm bga9 = fully visible .
  • Widened chat frame 2 (combat log).
  • Changed the format of the player level/class text. This should reduce the overlap for DKs with longer names especially now we will be leveling to 100.
  • Character based artwork. The individual artwork chosen when /FMing a character should be set each time that character enters the world. If you set individual backgrounds for some but not all characters then the characters that have NOT been configured will use the background of the last character to enter the world.
  • Moved the AchievementAlertFrame up above the target cave.

Beta 6 - 27/1/2014
  • Added a Mazzle style HUD and removed IceHUD (you will need to either remove the two IceHUD folders from the wow\Interface\Addons folder or disable IceHUD).
  • Changed the mechanism for clamping the background artwork.
  • Moved the DUF class bars and combo/anticipation points from their respective unit frames to the bottom of the new HUD.

Beta 5 - 3/1/2014
  • Updated RatingBuster conifugration.
  • Added and configured the BNToast frame.
  • Added and configured Quartz.
  • Added Recount.
  • Changed MoveAnything configuration.
  • Added Omen.
  • Aded Smartbuff.
  • Added options to re-position the Blizzard quest tracker frame.
  • Changed IceHUD configuration.
  • Added several addons that don't get configured.

Beta 4 - 23/12/2013
  • Elcarath has kindly allowed me to include his Blood Elf, Draenei and Orc skins, available via /FM.
  • Added options to enable/disable colouring and or flashing of the background while in combat.
  • Adjusted bag and micromenu for new shop button.
  • Added a message for new installations to remind people to check "Out of date Addons" before using /FM.

Beta 3 - 1/12/2013
  • Moved party buff/debuff frames to avoid timer collision with status bars. Requires /FM Once.
  • Modified positions of trinketmenu in 1920x1080 resolution. Requires /FM per character.
  • Included updated Discord Library.

Beta 2 - 25/11/2013
Fixed initialisation of Arkinventory option to remember the setting between sessions.
Included updated Discord Library to correct an outdated combo point function call
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Unread 11-18-13, 02:00 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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GoGo Mount

I do not know what it was. Got the error on first download of GoGo, now after a couple reloads and tweaks to the UI no errors at all. So thanks again.

Oh, how can i change so of the text on the player and party frames? Shorten the health text and class text, stuff like that.
Last edited by Nonspecific : 11-18-13 at 02:01 PM.
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Unread 11-18-13, 01:35 PM  
I did that?
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Re: Amazing

Oh, I did have 1920x1080 already in there. One to add to the list, thank you for reminding me.
As for GoGoMount, are you saying the error only occures with FauxMazzle installed? I haven't used GoGoMount in ages.

Originally Posted by Nonspecific
I have now tried it on a 1920x1080 monitor and it is amazing. Only issue that i have had is with GoGoMount add-on. Gives me errors mounting and dismounting.
Maintainer of Discord Unit Frames and Discord Art.
Author of FauxMazzle, FauxMazzleHUD and Move Pad Plus.
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Unread 11-18-13, 01:13 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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I have now tried it on a 1920x1080 monitor and it is amazing. Only issue that i have had is with GoGoMount add-on. Gives me errors mounting and dismounting.
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Unread 11-18-13, 12:10 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Screen Resolution

The first monitor i tried was 1440x900.
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Unread 11-18-13, 11:59 AM  
I did that?
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Re: Screen Resolution

What resolution are you using Nonspecific?

Originally Posted by Nonspecific
Mazzle was the first UI replacement i ever used. I have been searching for a clone ever since it died. Please

add more available resolutions to the add-on. The screen shots look amazing, can not wait to play this UI.

I have everything ready to go in a separate Interface/Addons folder. Thank you for working on this.
Maintainer of Discord Unit Frames and Discord Art.
Author of FauxMazzle, FauxMazzleHUD and Move Pad Plus.
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Unread 11-18-13, 11:01 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Screen Resolution

Mazzle was the first UI replacement i ever used. I have been searching for a clone ever since it died. Please

add more available resolutions to the add-on. The screen shots look amazing, can not wait to play this UI.

I have everything ready to go in a separate Interface/Addons folder. Thank you for working on this.
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