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Version: 2.1.2
by: Roeshambo [More]

Monolith DKP

MonDKP is a DKP system written with intent to track all aspects of DKP and looting within WoW. Every member of the guild can have it and have full access to real-time DKP values as well as loot and DKP history.
This is my first official go at writting an addon despite 15 years of playing the game. So if any bugs or errors show their face, please let me know. Any suggestions or requests are also welcome! You can submit bugs at https://github.com/Roeshambo/MonolithDKP/issues.

Release Note: Due to unforseen issues that many people appear to be having, 2.0 has been removed. If you're having issues with the addon, please restore your backed up SavedVariables file prior to migration and use 1.6.2 until the kinks in 2.0 are completely worked out. I apologize if this caused an inconvenience to anyone.

Updated Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF79bZrOigw. This is just covering the basic key operations of the addon. Be sure to check the description for additional information.

If you enjoy the addon and would like to donate it is tremendously appreciated!

Initial Setup:

  1. Ensure all players that you wish to be "Officers" within the addon have permissions to write to officer notes within your guild management. Their actual rank name does not matter.
  2. Ensure the guild leaders PUBLIC NOTE is empty or 0. This is where the timestamp for the most recent version of your DKP tables is kept. Any time the leader or officer makes a change to the data, this timestamp is updated. It is therefore heavily recommended you only give permission to alter public notes to officers to prevent someone from altering that number. If at any time you find yourself as having "out of date" tables but you know for a fact you have the most recent tables, this can be fixed by emptying the leaders public note or setting it to 0.
  3. Set proper DKP parameters in the "Options" tab as well as in the DKP Modes menu (from Options tab). Once completed, broadcast those settings to all officers to ensure all data matches regardless of who handles the DKP. (Done at the bottom of the DKP Modes menu).
  4. Add guild members to the list in the "Manage" tab and you're ready to go.

- Choose from multiple DKP modes including Zero Sum, Minimum bid (highest bidder wins), and static item values (highest overall DKP wins). As well as /roll based DKP.
- DKP Table entries provide a tooltip showing the players recently spent and earned DKP
- Right click context menu on DKP lists to provide additional filtered views and functionality. (Display only core raiders, select all and mass invite to raid or view standby raider list.)
- Loot history. What item was won, by whom, from what boss/zone, and how much they spent on it. Can be filtered by player.
- Bid timer displaying what is currently up for bid as well as it's minimum bid as well as raid timers that automatically distributes dkp in intervals (set by you).
- Several different DKP modes and variant options to get the DKP mode you're using (Minimum bidding, Static cost bidding, Roll based bidding and Zero Sum)
- Option to allow Sub Zero Bidding in "/dkp bid" window - Allows players to bid below their available dkp enabling them to go into the negative. But only if their available DKP is greater than 0. (with option shut off, any bid that is greater than available DKP will be rejected)
And far too many more to list...
Officer only features
- "Officer" permissions within the addon are granted by checking if the player has permission to write to officer notes in guild management. They must also have write to public note permissions to update the timestamp on the leaders public note. Anyone you wish to have access to officer functions within the addon must have that write to officer note permissions.
- Bid window (opened by SHIFT+ALT clicking an item in the loot window or by typing /dkp bid [item link]) that starts bidding, collects all bids submitted, and awards the item. NOTE: Shift+Alt clicking an item only works if the item is in one of the first 4 slots of the loot window due to restrictions at the moment. If the item you wish to bid on isn't on the first page, either loot all items on that first page, close and reopen window. Or simply use /dkp bid [item link]
- Default minimum bid values can be set by slot (Neck, head etc) in the Options tab.
- Adjust DKP tab (awarding DKP). Also includes a DKP Decay option that reduces all entries by X% (default set in options or change on the fly in the Adjust DKP tab)
- Manage Tab. Used to broadcast complete tables to everyone in the guild if required as well as add/remove player entries.
- Shift+Click entries in the table to select multiple players to modify.
- Right click context menu in Loot History to reassign items (if minds are changed after awarding) which will subsequently give the DKP cost back to the initial owner and charge it to the new recipient
- Boss Kill Bonus auto selects the last killed boss/zone
- Options window has additional fields to set bonus defaults (On time bonus, boss kill bonus etc)
- Every time a modification, loot entry or DKP entry is made, that information is automatically broadcasted to the guild and their GUI is updated.
- All entries can only be edited / added by officers in the guild (this is determined by checking Officer Note Writing permissions).
- If the addon is modified to grant a player access to the options available only to officers, attempting to broadcast a modified table will notify officers of this action.
- Every time an officer adds an entry or modifies a DKP value, the public note of the Guild Leader is changed to a time stamp. That time stamp is used to notify other users if they do or do not have the most up-to-date tables.
/dkp ? - Lists all available commands
/dkp - Opens Main GUI
/dkp timer - Starts a raid timer (Officers Only) IE: /dkp timer 120 Pizza Break!
/dkp reset - Resets GUI position
/dkp export - Exports all entries to HTML (To avoid crashing this will only export the most recent 200 loot history items and 200 DKP history items)
/dkp bid - Opens Bid Window. If you include an item link (/dkp bid [item link]) it will include that item for bid information.
- It is recommended you remove write to public note permission from regular rank members so they don't have the ability to alter/delete the time stamp in the leaders public note as this could cause the addon to identify your tables as out of date. If that happens, you can reset it by setting the note as blank (need to disable the addon before doing this). This may change in the future if I'm able to determine a more convenient means by which to handle this.
- Due to the volatile nature of WoW Addons and saved variables, it's recommended you back up your SavedVariables file located at "WTF\Accounts\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\MonolithDKP.lua" at the end of every raid week to ensure all data isn't lost due to somehow losing your WTF folder. Even if you do lose it, another officer with updated tables can broadcast them (Manage DKP Tab) to you to bring you back up-to-date. So there are multiple redundancies to ensure data isn't lost.
- Export DKP to HTML at the end of a raid week and paste into an HTML file and keep a week by week log in Discord for players to view outside of the game. This will also give you a backup of the data to reapply in the event data is lost.
- DKP table validation is done by using an epoch timestamp (a string of 10 numbers) to check the age of a DKP table. That timestamp is stored in the Guild Leaders public note. Don't allow players to edit the public notes to avoid this being modified (Officers will need permission to do so, however). If you delete this note or change it to zero, all tables, regardless if they haven't been updated in weeks, will be considered "up-to-date" and therefore valid for broadcasting. Inversely, if an issue arises where the number was tampered with and no one is showing with "up-to-date" tables even though you know you have the most up to date one, simply set this value to 0 in the note and then broadcast the DKP table (Manage Tab). This will set it back to the proper timestamp.
If you'd like to change the Monolith DKP Title image to one for your own guild, you're more than welcome to. It simply requires you replace "MonolithDKP\Media\Textures\mondkp-title-t.tga" with your custom tga image (MUST be 256 x 64).

- Added "Pass" button to bidding interface. This button simply tells the auction host they are passing on the item up for bid.
- Added "Bid" button to the left of the bid timer to open the bid window. Only visible if the window is closed.
- Fixed issue where initial entries were not properly adding to Lifetime Earned on a broadcast.
- Fixed bug where new players were not having their DKP properly updated in a "Merge Last 2 Weeks" broadcast if their most recent entry (first received) was a negative number.
- Fixed "Full Broadcast" bug where entire broadcasts were being ignored due to typo.
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

- Improved broadcast system with interface accessible by clicking the status indicator icon in the lower left corner of main DKP interface (Officers Only).
- Full Broadcast option will broadcast all data and overwrite the recipients tables with identical copies of yours. Any data they had that you did not will be lost (Works the same as the broadcast button in 1.6 and earlier).
- Merge Last 2 Weeks option will broadcast any entries created in the last two weeks (but no earlier than when 2.1 was installed to prevent the possibility of data duplication) and will only apply entries the Useful for merging multiple raid party data.

- All entries created prior to 2.1 installation will be reindexed under the GMs name for consistency and allow future improvements to the broadcast system. After the entire guild is on 2.1, a single officer doing a full broadcast to all other officers to ensure all data is 100% identical is recommended but not required.
- Table repair function available to officers. To use it, please view the video linked on the Curse page or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwnNnppFF2I. It is recommended only one officer use it on tables and then do a full broadcast of the repaired data to the rest of the guild or officers to pass along. Back up your saved variables files prior.
- Validate Tables option available to officers in the context menu. This will rebuild all players DKP tables (dkp, lifetime earned and spent) based on their history. Recommended you back up your saved variables file before running as it can return incorrect values if you are missing any history entries. Resetting all previous DKP values for players (context menu > select all > reset previous dkp) will allow you to see exactly how much each players DKP changed from the validation.
- Broadcasting entries during raid will still be instant as they were in 2.0. There is no waiting for entries to broadcast with fear of overwriting data.
- The seed determining if your tables are out of date are now propagated naturally within the addon (no more GM public note)
- If the status indicator says you're missing entries (are out of date) it will tell you who created the entry and at what time the entry was created. This will stay valid for 2 weeks. After two weeks, that missing entry will be considered invalid and you will return to being "Up to Date" unless other more recent entries are found to be missing.
- This new data structure is not compatible with the current data management on www.warcraftdkp.com until the developer there is able to update the logic.

-Rolled back broadcast system to 1.6 version and improved upon it. All entry creations are broadcasted instantly so you don't have to worry about waiting for data to broadcast. There also is no GM public note used any longer. All seeds are propagated naturally within the add-on.

-Fixed error with bidding windows when the number of bidders exceeded the space given in the table displaying those bidders.
-Fixed irregularity that could cause a decay with the "Add to Negative Values" box checked to result in an incorrect decay entry being broadcasted.
-Fixed syntax error that could have potentially caused a players tables to wipe if certain criteria were not met.
-Changed automatic sync system to only initiate for officers on login to reduce unnecessary traffic. Non officer players can still request a sync at any time. But it must be done manually by clicking the Status Indicator button on the bottom left of the GUI.

-Added completely revamped broadcast and sync system. All data is persistent. If you delete a player from the list and decide to readd them later. Sync requests are submitted on login if any officers are online. If none are online, all players that are online share information to see if newer entries exist. You can request a sync by clicking the Table Status button on the bottom left of the GUI. If any entries are known to be missing from offline officers, that button will be displayed as red, and the tooltip will tell you how many entries you're known to be missing and from whom (this can only be identified from online non-officer users that have entries you're missing. Online officers will send entries from other officers if they have them). The GMs public note is no longer used for anything within the addon (beyond the initial migration process). WARNING: There will be some minor frame drops on the front end when pushing out a few hundred entries. But this will only occur when someone requests a ton of information at once. And only for the officer it's being requested from.
-Table status indicator on the bottom left of the main GUI will now display in three colors. Red = additional entries are required, Yellow = Currently syncing/attempting to sync, Green = You have all known entries and no actions underway. The tooltip for the indicator will also display how many entries you may be missing and from which officer. If you are an officer, it will display whom you are currently syncing with, if anyone.
-Table validation has been added to the right click context menu on the DKP Table. Validation can take a few minutes to complete depending on your database size. Running this recalculates and rebuilds all player profiles based on history entries (including deleted profiles, though they will not be shown) and tells you how many profiles had to be rebuilt. Run this if you re-add a player that was deleted or if any values don't appear to be matching up correctly. Zoning or reloading during validation will cancel the process.
-Streamlined Raid Timers and corrected minor discrepencies. Settings are also now broadcasted to other officers when the timer starts for consistency.
-You will now automatically wipe all tables when you join a new guild.
-Added button to the Options tab to wipe all tables. Just in case your data is somehow incorrect.
-Added anti bid sniping option to DKP Modes window. This option will add X seconds to the bid timer if a bid is received when the timer is below 10 seconds. To prevent last second bid sniping.
-Added Announce Highest Bidder (and Include Bidder) to DKP Modes window. When active, you will announce any new high bids (also announces new highest roll/roller) to raid. If Include Bidder is checked, it will include the name of who bid/rolled.
-Fixed mass invites. Should now properly invite if already in a raid.
-Added additional fields to the Award window giving officers more flexibility (dropdown to select name, can change item cost).
-Changed the manual award command to "/dkp award [item link]" for ease-of-use. Cost is automatically defaulted to the minimum bid/cost set for that type of item but can be changed as needed.
-Integrated Award Item window into "Reassign Loot" option on the Loot History tab, now labeled "Edit Entry". When editing loot, you can now edit all fields for the reassignment (cost, player, boss etc). When editing a loot entry, the new entry will have a timestamp of when it was edited (so if you edit it days later, it will not fall under the same raid/mob kill. There is no reliable way to counter this as an entry edited multiple times can cause severe issues. 99% of edits are immediately or shortly after initial awarding anyway so this shouldn't be an issue.)
-Added Announce Award to Guild to DKP Modes menu. This simply announces awarding an item to guild chat instead of as a raid warning.
-Added roll protection for Roll Based Bidding. It will now only accept a roll if it is within the constraints of their expected roll. Both minimum and max roll must be at or below their expected values. (IE: If expected is 60-100, 59-99 will pass, 60-101 or 61-100 will fail) On fail, the roller will be whispered with their expected roll range.
-Added a comprehensive bidding UI for all players to use for bidding/rolling. Officers can decide (via the Modes window) if all raiders are able to see all bids/rolls. These will be displayed in the same manor they can be seen in the bid hosts UI. Minimum bid will automatically increase to highest bidder for easy increments. And if your guild is set to use roll based bidding, just clicking the roll button will automatically roll the values designated to you.
-Filters that result in an empty table will now display "No Entries Returned" on the table. Clicking this row will restore all filter defaults.
-You will no longer be prompted to reload every time a change is made in the DKP Modes menu. Rather, you will be prompted to reload if you attempt to utilize a function that is still stuck on the previous settings.
-Added "Reset Previous" option to the right-click context menu. Resets the "Previous DKP" column (right side in parentheses) of selected players. This number is simply cosmetic and for personal dkp gain/loss tracking of players.
-Added option (in Modes window) to decline bids that are at or below the current high bid.
-Added options (in Modes window) to only allow DKP awards to be given to players that are online, or players that are in the same zone. These two boxes only apply to auto award DKP (on boss kills), raid timer and zero sum distribution and only to players within raid. Standby list is not effected (this is due to the fact that if a player is not in the raid and not in guild but on the standby list, it could complicate things a bit. Will review options another time).
-Added option (in Options tab) to automatically turn on Combat Logging when entering a raid zone or engaging in a raid encounter.
-Added dropdown (in Options tab) to select which chat frame(s) addon messages are printed to.
-Added option to log all bids/rolls submitted for each item awarded (displayed in the tooltip on Loot History).
-Added updated localization values.
-Updated Roles to acknowledge fury tanks as "Tank" role if they have more than 15 points in Protection.
-Pushed addon initialization back a few seconds. This will *hopefully* solve the CompactRaidFrames taint. (I have never personally experienced this so I have no way of testing.)
-Many assorted minor bug fixes, syntax integrity corrections and optimizations.

- This update contains no new features or updates. It is a preparatory update aimed at officers. 2.0 will feature an extensive overhaul of the system, how it keeps records and broadcasts them. It is crucially important that migration instructions are followed to prevent duplicate data leading to dramatically incorrect databases. In the next update, Officers will be prompted with instructions to migrate their current tables. This can ONLY be executed by ONE officer. All remaining officers will be prompted to delete their data to accept the migrated data from the selected migrating officer. Please coordinate accordingly over the next few days to avoid issues. Once the data is broadcasted, if incorrect, is difficult to correct.
-When an officer chooses to migrate, the GM public note will be updated with that officers name to indicate to all other officers that the database has already been migrated, asking them if they would like to delete their current data (PLEASE backup your SavedVariables file prior, just in case), and instructing them to get a broadcast from that officer to complete the process. Forcing a sync can be completed by clicking the table status indicator on the bottom left of the main GUI. Once this migration has occurred, all data is persistent. In the event the migration gets somehow bunked, the only way to revert is to have all officers that have received broadcasts delete their saved variables file and put a backed up copy simultaneously. This must be done simultaneously because if you delete it and log in, if an officer has the new indexed tables, they'll simply broadcast it back to you immediately. Once migration has completed for all officers, the GMs note indicating the migrating officer can be deleted. ONLY do this once you're certain all officers have the new tables.
-Additionally, all members must update to 2.0 or later. Older versions will not be compatible. View the YouTube video linked below for a quick rundown on how migration must work to prevent any problems moving forward.

-Fixed bug with auto DKP where all officers granted the DKP (whoops...)

-Additional optimizations to reduce/eliminate lag from broadcasts.
-Optimized DKP adjust to reduce execution time dramatically.
-Filters now work properly with all list views (raid, standby, core etc.)
-Added filter dropdown to DKP History tab to view an individuals complete DKP history.
-Fixed !dkp command that was not searching user properly when just "!dkp" was sent.
-Added Standby Opt In option to DKP Modes window. When active, after a boss is killed, the raid leader will announce to guild that anyone not in the raid has 2 minutes to opt in as a standby. Players not in the raid will use !standby (or !standby MAINS_NAME if on an alt) in GUILD chat to opt in. This standby list will be cleared on every boss kill. This is to only award those on standby that are currently active.
-Added Auto Award DKP option to DKP Modes window. This will automatically award the entire raid (and standby, if selected in the same Modes window) Boss Kill DKP as soon as a boss is killed. If Standby Opt In is active, it will award the raid immediately, and award those on the standby list after the 2 minute Opt In window expires after each boss. ONLY the raid leader will distribute points. If the raid leader does not have this addon, no points will be disseminated. This is to prevent multiple officers applying the bonus.

-Added search box to main GUI. Searches and returns results found in name, class, spec, rank or role.
-Table now sortable by spec as well as others.
-Improved shift/ctrl click functionality to allow more versatility and a more natural feel. Shift+Click will now select all between your last selection and the new selection. Ctrl/Cmd+Click will include individual selections without dropping previous ones.
-Raid timer will now attempt to sync with officers that do not have a timer running if one of the officers reloads or crashes. Will only work if one or more other officers are present in the raid to broadcast.
-Raid timer now has a pop-out button allowing you to have a small movable window displaying your raid timer.
-Identified source of lag when data was broadcasted to the guild. DKP History tab has been reduced from producing 50 entries to 5 at a time (with a button to extend that view further).

-Added "Role" to the dropdown on the center column. (Player must be able to report spec to populate this)
-Fixed issue with changelog window displaying improperly in RU client
-Corrected bug preventing non-officers from reporting as out-of-date when queried by an officer.
-Multiple minor bug fixes

-Table status query results will now display within the tooltip when hovering the Status indicator rather than in chat.
-Added dropdown to center column of DKP table with the options to display rank, class, or spec. This column is still sortable by the selected data (class and rank only)
-Querying table status (clicking status indicator on the bottom left) will also return each players spec for use with the "Spec" drop down. Each player must have v1.5.2 or later for it to report their spec.
-Included line in query displaying how many players within the guild are using the addon (Displayed for Officers).
-Corrected bug with player deaths being logged with mob kills for use with the dropdown in the award confirmation window.
-Condensed the manual broadcast buttons in "Manage" tab to one button. Also blocked any changes from being made while broadcasting as this can take a minute or two if you have large history tables and doing so would cause crosstalk corrupting your tables. Forcing a broadcast of all tables together will help reduce or eliminate the possibility of entries being lost. You will be prompted with a confirmation once the broadcast has completed. Don't zone or log while a broadcast is in progress.
-Corrected bug when switching from "View Raid" to "View All"
-Rewrote process used to broadcast the deletion of entries from DKP History and Loot History. This should hopefully reduce the occurrence "mysteriously" vanishing elements.
-Corrected bug with roll bidding when someone who wasn't on the DKP list attempted to roll
-Hotfix for German specific bug related to roll bidding.

-Revamped the item award system. You will now be presented with a confirmation window with all information allowing you to change boss and/or zone from memory if needed.
-Corrected potential bug with broadcasting out of date tables.
-Addon broadcasts are now done across all chat frames. This can still be supressed within the options tab.
-Clicking the DKP Status indicator (lower left corner of the main GUI) now queries the guild for DKP Table Status. For Officers, it will return which officers have up to date tables and who is out of date as well as what non-officer players are out of date. For non-officers querying, it will simply return which officers are up to date and the status of their own tables to indicate who to contact if they are out of date.
-Updated Russian localization with corrections done by Таан-Пламегор (Flamegor)

-Raid and Standby lists should now properly update automatically when the raid composition changes
-Changed "Boss" field in the bid window to an edit box allowing you to change the boss the current item is from.
-Added drag-and-drop functionality to the bid window. Picking up an item and dropping it onto the bid window will auto populate that item.
-Expanded localization to boss kill event handling and zone/boss names within the Adjust DKP dropdown.
-Added localization for all tooltips and descriptions for Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Russian and Taiwanese
-If any translations are incorrect and you wish to assist with correct translations, please locate the English localization file at AddOns\MonolithDKP\Localization\Localization.en.lua and translate all values on the right and contact me via PM to arrange sending the file for review. These translations were simply done using Google Translate.)
-Included Raid/Party filter in context menu filter selections.
-Raid timer awarding will only occur when not in combat. If the timer interval is met to award dkp while in combat, it will delay the awarding by 30 seconds progressively until out of combat. This is to prevent any lag from occurring while in combat.
-DKP Table will now only automatically update if the DKP window is open when a broadcast is received. If it is not opened, it will update when it is opened. This is to reduce possibilities of dropped frames when receiving a broadcast.
-Total DKP column in the bid window should now show properly rounded dkp values.
-Added "Online" and "Not In Raid" check boxes to the filter tab as well as context menu filter list.
-You can now toggle "SubZero Bidding" and "Allow Negative Bidders" in Zero Sum (Minimum Bid) mode. Zero Sum (Static) still always allows bidding into the negative but does not permit bidding if you're already in the negative.
-"Add Guild Members" on the manage tab now only adds members of the selected rank, rather than of the selected rank and all ranks above it, to allow more versatility.

-Fixed loot history tooltip search function to properly return names
-Fixed issue with bidding that triggered a raid warning from all assists that were running the addon.
-Fixed issue with raid timer failing to distribute hourly DKP when "Give On Time Bonus" was not selected

-Fixed occasional stack overflow errors when auto looting items during solo/group play
-Fixed loot frame hook to work properly with ElvUI custom loot frames

-Added seed validation to ensure the guild leaders public note is not too long with the seed attached.
-Fixed bug with a few out of date updates not firing locally properly.
-Added "/dkp lockouts" command. Lists lockout cycle timers for 3, 5 and 7 day lockouts. Useful to track next Onyxia or 20 man reset even if you don't currently have a lockout. (This may require an active lockout the first time the command is run to be accurate. Primarily if you are on an EU server.)

-Added "/dkp award player cost [item_link]" command to manually award items to players without utilizing the bidding window (eg. /dkp award roeshambo 100 [item link])
-Added "Allow Negative Bidders" option in DKP Modes menu. This is visible when Sub Zero Bidding is active. This allows a player to bid even if their DKP is currently in the negative (Just Sub Zero Bidding alone would only allow them to go into the negative, but will deny a bid if they are not currently above 0)
-Fixed error with history search that was looking for a partial string rather than a complete variable. Was returning loot rewards for players who's name could be found within an item's name
-Updated Whitelist feature (still in alpha) to ensure the leader is always added to the whitelist
-Included whitelist broadcast any time the dkp window is opened to ensure all parties within the guild receive it
-Fixed timezone bug that was triggering in certain localizations
-Deleting a DKP entry in the DKP History tab should now properly be reflected in each players lifetime earned value

-Fixed bug that would cause the timestamp identifying the up-to-date table to reset to zero seemingly randomly.

-Class names should now properly display in their localized languages (has not been tested in all localizations, feedback appreciated). Though any gendered languages will strictly display as the male counterpart
-Adjusted font sizes for other localizations to more properly fit the space given.
-If you are running a Non-English client, please delete your WTF\Account\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\MonolithDKP.lua file if you are experiencing issues (if data is already saved, the alternative would be to go through that file and change any class names to the English counterpart (IE: In Russian clients "маг" should be changed to "MAGE", etc..)

-Hotfix for migrating data from pre-localized versions.

-Approached class localization differently to account for gendered class names in certain languages. Thank you custodian (git) for the assist on that.

-Added preliminary localization for all clients. This is to establish functionality within those clients. All text within the addon (tooltips, descriptions etc) are still in English until I am able to obtain correct translations for each language. Translation submissions are more than welcome at the github posting.

-Added additional boss encounters for Boss Kill bonus selection (20 mans, Onyxia and world bosses)
-Corrected issue with "Add Raid Members" only adding players in the first group.

-Fixed an addon conflict due to an ambiguously named function.

-Updated guild rank validation for Classic API that was causing an error with loading options.

-Fixed a minor bug with regards to the standby list and DKP distribution.
-Fixed bug with Zero Sum mode not shutting off percent based item costs (don't want to pay 40% of your DKP for an item in Zero Sum......)
-Assortment of minor bugs and tweaks made.

-Few minor fixes with how numbers with variable decimal places were being rounded and handled.
-Fixed bug with Zero Sum DKP distribution not updating seeds, causing officers to have "outdated" tables.

-Added DKP Modes window (/dkp modes) or use button available in Options (Officer only). This window will allow you to switch between multiple different DKP types as well as refine their individual functionality with multiple available settings for each including the ability to select what channels are open to accept commands (whisper, raid and guild), using decimals in your DKP (and select how many), and setting a max bid cap to prevent someone bidding absurdly. Among many others.
-Added a "Command Channels" dropdown to DKP Modes window. This allows you to open one or more channels to allow commands. Closing a channel requires a reload to take effect. These effect all commands. !bid commands will only be considered when a bid is in progress. !dkp commands will be responded on at all times. IE: If you open whisper and raid, players can send their !bid commands through either a whisper or in /raid chat.
-Updated whisper filter. All whispers, as well as the response, with !dkp or !bid commands are filtered from chat to keep officers from being spammed.
-Added multiple DKP Modes; Minimum Bid Values (takes !bid <value> as bid command), Static Item Values (Takes "!bid" as bid command), Roll Based Bidding (/roll <min>-<max> to bid), and Zero Sum DKP (variable bidding and static item value).
  1. Minimum Bid Values, which lets you assign a minimum bid value to each slot/item that players must bid higher than with "!bid <value>". Maximum bid can also be set here to prevent inflated bidding.
  2. Static Item Values, which assigns a static DKP value to each slot/item. Players bid with just "!bid" and the highest DKP (that has enough DKP to meet the cost) receives the loot at the set cost.
  3. Roll Based Bidding, which has several modes in itself, accepts /roll or /random as the bid command. Highest roll wins at the set item cost. DKP Table will include an additional column for "Rolls". This will identify, for each player, what their /roll should be for bidding based on the parameters given in the DKP Modes window. If a player does not have the addon, they can whisper an officer that does "!dkp" and it will auto respond with both their DKP as well as their expected /roll value. - Min and Max rolls are set as either static numbers (1-100, 1-PlayersDKP etc.) or are percentage based (70%-100% of players DKP). - Add to Max Rolls: This option allows you to add an artificial inflation to the max rolls of players. This, quite simply, adds the static value you give to what the expected max roll for each player is. IE: If player A has 1000 DKP and you have the parameters set to 70%-100%, with an "Add to Max Roll" value of 500, Player As roll should now be "/random 700-1500" (70% of DKP for min roll, 100% of DKP + Add to Max value for Max roll)
  4. Zero Sum, which has two separate destinctive modes to itself. Static value and minimum bid. These operate the same as the "Minimum Bid Values" and "Static Item Values" systems above. However, uses a zero sum DKP distribution. And Zero Sum in Static mode can bid even if in the negative. Players bid on items. And after all items on a boss have been distributed, the total DKP spent is divided and distributed to the remainder of the raid party. - Opening the Bid window will also open a secondary "Zero Sum Bank" window. This window accumulates all purchased items and costs. Once looting is completed, you can click the "Distribute DKP" button to have the total cost distributed evenly among the raid. (Checkbox available to include Standby). This data is broadcasted to all officers and can be executed by any of them as well.
- Opening the Bid window will also open a secondary "Zero Sum Bank" window. This window accumulates all purchased items and costs. Once looting is completed, you can click the "Distribute DKP" button to have the total cost distributed evenly among the raid. (Checkbox available to include Standby).
-Maximum Bid has been added to Modes window for the Minimum Bid and Zero Sum Minimum Bid modes.
-Added cost auto update value selection for both Minimum bid and Zero Sum Bidding DKP modes. Allowing you to select how the cost of the item is automatically updated. Update cost to first bidder or update it to second bidder (or min bid if only one bidder). The cost can always be manually updated in the bid window before rewarding.
-Added item cost selection. Choose between Integer and Percent. Integer is your standard dkp values. Percent allows you to charge the player the predesignated percentage of their total DKP.
-Added DKP Rounding option which allows you to set the "float" on how the addon handles your DKP numbers. Options are 0-4. (How many decimal points you want to allow when rounding DKP values)
-Added context menu to main DKP listing with multiple views and stored lists.
  1. Added "Select All" and "Invite to Raid" options to context menu. Right click and invite one player or select the entire filtered list and invite everyone selected at once.
  2. Added "Manage Core Raider" toggles to context menu allowing you to select what ranks are considered your raid "core". This will allow you to filter the list (through same context menu) to only show those core raiders (in "Table Views" dropdown). From there you can "Select all" and mass invite.
  3. Added "Manage Standby List" to context menu. Allows you to store a "standby" team that is not part of your raid but you wish to award DKP for being on standby. View filters included are "View Raid", "View Standby List", and "View Raid and Standby" which lists them both combined.
  4. Added "Filters" to context menu allowing you to filter the list by class (same as filter tab). These filters can only be applied to the full DKP listing. Not specific list views.
-Added context menu to Bid Window listing to remove bid submissions if needed.
-Updated export sheet to generate tooltips from classic.wowhead.com
-Added both CSV and XML support in the /dkp export module. This will be used in conjunction with other 3rd part application in development.
-Added Raid Timer to the "Adjust DKP" tab. This will allow you to begin a raid timer that will automatically distribute X DKP to the raid (and standby list if selected) in set intervals. Any officer in the raid can initiate the timer. However, only the raid leader will distribute the DKP. This is a redundency designed to allow a timer to keep ticking if the raid leader goes offline or somehow reloads his UI, which will stop their timer. In this event, simply hand off Raid Leader to another player with officer permissions and they will begin doing the updates. There is also a check box to indicate you want the "On Time Bonus" applied to the raid (and standby) when you hit "Initialize Raid" as well as apply the "Raid Completion Bonus" when you end it. Warning: As all mass updates, this will likely cause about a second of lag on the raid leaders computer when the update occurs.
-Added "Add to Negative Values" checkbox under the Weekly Decay section of "Adjust DKP" tab. Checking this will increase any players that have a negative DKP by the % given when you do the Decay. If unchecked, anyone in negative will not have their DKP changed at all from a decay.
-Your personal entry on the DKP table has been made a bit more prominent to help you identify yourself quicker/easier in a full list of players.
-Altered the custom minimum bid feature as some modes do not have a "Minimum Bid" box. For any modes that no longer have a minimum bid box, changing the "cost" and awarding the item at that cost will store it's custom cost for that specific item. Checkbox to reset custom cost to default will appear next to that box as well.

-Fixed a bug with deleting -% decay history items when returning the DKP to each player that caused it to fail.

-Added whisper functionality to accommodate players that do not have the addon installed. They can whisper an officer that has the addon running with the commands "!dkp" or "!dkp player_name". The former will respond with the DKP available to the player sending the whisper. While the latter will respond with the dkp that is available to the player name should they want to check someone elses current DKP standing. All whispers received and sent by the officer will be hidden to the officer. So you don't have to worry about your chat being spammed if multiple people are continuously doing this.
-Bid submissions and responses will now also be hidden to the officer to reduce spam. Suppression can be toggled in the Options tab.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug with deleting items from loot history
-Fixed multiple bugs with seeds and validation
-Fixed a soundfile bug

-Added a right-click context menu to DKP history with the option to delete entry. Deleting any DKP entry will also add/remove any DKP that was granted or taken away from every player in that entries list. This also works with % decay entries.
-Added additional layer of protection on broadcasted DKP tables with officers. If an officer attempts to edit any entries or broadcast any tables with outdated tables, they will receive a confirmation prompt warning them. If they choose to carry out the change, all other officers will receive a confirmation prompt informing them that outdated information was broadcasted asking if they wish to allow the information to be written to their tables. In this scenario, it's safest for the change to be avoided and that officer given updated tables.
-Added custom minimum bids to assign alternative values for specific items if you feel they should be cheaper/more expensive than the rest of the items of their respective category (category values set in Options tab). In the "/dkp bid" window, changing the minimum bid value to something other than the default set in the options tab and starting the bid will store that value. From that point on it'll always use that custom value any time that specific item is opened in the bidding window. This custom value can be deleted by unchecking the "Custom" checkbox next to it and starting a bid.
-Added broadcast button below minimum bid values in the Options tab to broadcast set values to all other officers. This includes any custom values you've set via previous update note.
-Added "Add Guild Members" to the Manage tab. Along with the dropdown next to it, you select the minimum rank you wish to add. This will add all players in your guild to the dkp table that have not already been added who are the selected rank or higher.
-Added whitelisting functionality (Leader Only) to limit permissions to the Manage tab. Only officers (players with "Edit Officer Note" permissions) can be whitelisted. This should only be used if you wish to limit the officers that you want to have officer permissions within the addon. Any officer not whitelisted will be treated as a standard user. If the whitelist is empty, the feature is deactivated entirely and all officers will receive officer permissions within the addon as usual. (ex: If you have 4 officers and whitelist 2 of them, the other 2 will be treated as a standard user. Deleting the whitelist entirely will grant all 4 officer permissions). Selecting no one on the list and clicking "Set Whitelist" will delete the whitelist.
-Added "Add Target" button to Manage tab. Unlike the other buttons to add players to the list, this one adds any player character you target even if they aren't in your guild.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug when deleting all DKP History entries that would cause the last entry to fail.
-Fixed a bug throwing an error if you attempted to reassign loot in "Loot History" away from someone no longer on the DKP table
-Put a hotfix on race/class combinations for testing in 8.x.x client. Non-Classic races and classes were excluded entirely from the addon. For testing purposes, all non-available classes (DK, DH, Monk) are automatically stored as Druids when added. Paladins will be reassigned as Shaman if you're Horde and Shaman to Paladins if Alliance

- Added module to the Options Tab to set default minimum bids on a per-slot basis (Head, Neck, 2h Weapon etc). The bidding window minimum bid will be auto-filled with the value corresponding to the default you set.
- Added Sub Zero Bidding functionality to the Bidding window. Checking this allows bidders to submit a bid that would put them below zero. But only if their available DKP is greater than 0. If unchecked, any bids greater than what the player has available will be denied.

- Weeded out a few more bugs

- Fixed the addon failing to load properly if player is not in a guild
- Fixed graphical alignments causing editbox borders to render improperly

- Fixed issue with the class breakdown breaking if there wasn't at least one of each class present in the table.
- Fixed issue with class breakdown displaying class bars in incorrect order
- Fixed issue with DKP History tab throwing an error if no history entries existed.

- Added checkbox to Adjust DKP tab allowing the Decay to only be applied to selected players.
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A Kobold Labourer

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does every member in the raid / guild have to have the add on for this to work?
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Unread 08-16-19, 06:32 PM  
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dafuq is DKP?
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Re: DKP system is awesome

Originally Posted by Xectra
I just want to write down thank you for making this addon happen.
This is exactly what i was looking for and after testing it during beta i am pleased to see it actually work.

Ps. the side note to change the Title towards the guild was also great thank you for that.
Thank you! I'm working on it every day to add functionality to accommodate as many different players as I can. And I'm working with someone to get web support as well to upload to a more persistent archive.
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Thumbs up DKP system is awesome

I just want to write down thank you for making this addon happen.
This is exactly what i was looking for and after testing it during beta i am pleased to see it actually work.

Ps. the side note to change the Title towards the guild was also great thank you for that.
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