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Version: 1.2
by: Gello [More]

This mod estimates how long each frame's OnEvent takes to run.

__ New in 1.2 __

- Removed redundant 'Refresh' button
- Separated 'Stop' and 'Reset' buttons
- MyMinimapButton change for 1.10.2
- Events shift+clickable to chat (see below)

To use: /onevent

When you first do /onevent, it enumerates all frames and notes those with an OnEvent handler. It then wraps those OnEvent handlers with a debugprofilestart()/debugprofilestop() to estimate the time it took for the OnEvent to run.

Due to the microscopic times involved, the estimate should be taken as a comparative guide and not a definitive measurement.

All further /onevent will toggle the event tracking window. This window displays a list of all frames that received an event, those events and the estimated total and average time to process them.

You can search by frame name or event name (partials are fine) in the editboxes at the bottom of the window.

As with all profiling mods, don't use this as a sole meter for mod performance. There are many, many other things going on in mods besides OnEvent.

The minimap button serves two purposes: As a reminder that OnEventWatch is running, and as a convenient way to toggle the list without a slash command. If you'd rather not have it, you can delete the MyMinimapButton.lua file and it won't be created.

re Events shift+clickable: If the ChatFrameEditBox is open, shift+click on an event will insert that event's stats to the edit box, mostly to ctrl+c for comparison purposes (or to bore your guildmates).

1.2, 5/4/06 - made 'refresh' to 'stop', MyMinimapButton 0.7, events "linkable" to chat editbox
1.1, 4/16/06 - removed garbage creation on sorts, added minimap button, continually update list
1.0, 4/14/06 - initial release

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