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BigWigs ThaddiusArrows  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: R24496
by: Kebinusan [More]

I havent updated this in a while on here, most people that use this site know to check www.wowace.com/files for the latest release... figured it was due for an update.

BigWigs Strategy Module for Thaddius in Naxxramas.

BigWigs_ThaddiusArrows is a separate module for BigWigs because it involves
strategy and tells the player directly what to do, instead of simply providing
information on what happens in the encounter.

It supports 4 strategies; Circular with both left and right as first direction
based on what debuff you get, "run through" where the raid is split in 2
groups on either side of him according to their debuff, and "four states"
where raid changes diagonals on each polarity shift.

Currently it can announce the direction to move in 3 ways:
* Displaying huge arrows on-screen.
* A BigWigs text message with directional text arrows like "<---", etc.
* A female voice that says "Go right", etc.

BW_TA assumes that your raid is bunched up at the start of phase 2. After the
first Polarity Shift it will tell you which direction you should move based on
the selected strategy.

* Circular R/L
* Circular L/R
Both strategies involve everyone in the raid rotating 90 degrees when a
Polarity Shift occurs. If your debuff changed, you move in one direction,
and if it didn't, you move in another.

The only difference between these two is the starting direction based on
debuff; R/L goes right for Positive on the first charge and left for
Negative on the first charge and then right if you did not change and left
if you did.

* Run Through
Simply running through Thaddius to your charges camp. Typically Positive
charged people will stand on the initial tank spot and Negative charged
people will move to his back.

* Four States
Imagine a square, which has + charges on the top/wall (NW, NE), - charges
on the bottom/edge (SW, SE). Key rule is this: On each polarity change, you
always move, and to the nearest area which matches your polarity charge.
Movement is conducted along the sides of the square, with people grouping
at corners. Everyone starts bottom right (SE) on the square with no
polarity. On the first polarity charge, if you get +, you move to nearest
+ area, which is NE. If you get -, you move to the nearest - area, which is SW.
On the second polarity charge, if you are +, you could either remain + (move
to NW), or change to - (move to SE). If you are -, you could either remain -
(move to SE), or change to + (move to NW). At all times you always move, and
to the nearest +/- charge area to match your polarity, along the sides of
the square, which itself is defined to have + on the top, and - on the
bottom. This pattern now repeats on all subsequent polarity changes,
always following the key rule above.

You should make *absolutely sure* that everyone uses the same tactic, or youwill wipe for sure.

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Re: WotLK ???

Originally posted by Raczorm
this addon works raid 25 WotLK ?
Seems not ..or im too dump ^^
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WotLK ???

this addon works raid 25 WotLK ?
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