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Bongos3  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.3
by: Tuller [More]

I have written a new action bar addon, called Dominos, and am no longer supporting this one. Please feel free to try it out, along with Trinity Bars, and Bartender 3

Bongos3 is a main action bar replacement designed be both powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

Have Questions? Check out the wiki first!

Included Addons:

  • Bongos - The core addon.
  • Bongos_AB - The action bar portion of Bongos.
  • Bongos_CastBar - A casting bar replacement. Colors the bar based on if the spell being cast is helpful, harmful or neutral. Also includes a timer.
  • Bongos_RollBar - Makes the dialogs that pop up when rolling on items movable.
  • Bongos_Stats - A movable framerate, latency, and addon memory usage indicator.
  • Bongos_XP -A movable experience/reputation bar.
  • Bongos_Options - A load on demand options menu.

  • Every bar can be moved, hidden, and have its scale and opacity altered
  • Sticky bars - Each bar can be anchored to any other bar
  • 120 action buttons, which can be setup in any number of bars
  • Customizable stance transitions and state visibility for each action bar
  • Buff and debuff highlighting on action buttons

* Bugfixes

* Fixed a petbar error

* Updated keybound

* Corrected zip file structure

* Removed an erroneous debug print

* Switched to using LibKeyBound instead of KeyBound
* Added jailborc's XP bar modifications
* Fixed errors with the class bar under the case of a class with no classbar skills.

* Fixed a bug causing my upgrade code not to run. If you're upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1, please make sure you've set a bar as the possess bar
* Fixed typo

* The possess bar will now default to the pet bar if no action bar has been set to act as it
* You can now only have one possess bar at a time
* Bongos now fires two Ace3 messages: BONGOS_LOCK_ENABLE and BONGOS_LOCK_DISABLE

* Fixed some grammar issues

* Fixed a bug causing disabling sticky bars causing bars to move out of place
* Fixed bug causing bindings to clear on a new version update
* Fixed a bug causing bindings to not disable properly when removing a button or loading a profile
* Added an option to show tooltips only in combat
* Slightly tweaked the interface options menu

* Added an option to make the pet bar act as the possess bar
* Made the binding and config mode dialogs movable
* Fixed a bug for new users

Beta 10:
* Added a Page slider to each stance menu, tried to make the bar creation help more informative/noticeable.

Beta 9:
* Replaced the term Action Set with paging, and altered all of the stance sliders to say Page X instead of simply X
* Differentiated Page 1 from the default state of do nothing, called Disabled.
* Changed the format used for creating the right click menu for action bars to be table driven. Take a look at Bongos_AB/actionBarConfig.lua if you wanna edit it.
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Unread 03-18-08, 12:04 AM  
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Originally posted by Tuller [*][b]So, the !UIOptions_2.4 addon is from Trinity Bars. Only run it if you're running Bongos3 on a 2.4 realm.
From the download page[*]Only run !UIOptions_2.4 if on a 2.3 realm. Disable otherwise.
Um...I know it's an election year and I should be used to conflicting data but...ya might wanna look at that one there Tuller
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Unread 03-17-08, 08:43 PM  
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Hey Tuller... trying out Bongos3 and I love it so far. Only thing I noticed isn't actually a problem with Bongos3 necessarily but it seems that Cycircled only affects the pet bar. Does Cycircled need to be changed to work with the new Bongos or is that something you're still working on since this is Beta?
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Unread 03-17-08, 07:15 PM  
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So, the !UIOptions_2.4 addon is from Trinity Bars. Only run it if you're running Bongos3 on a 2.3 realm.

Differences from Bongos2 to Bongos3
  • The configuration interface has been completely redesigned. The old /bongos options menu is now part of the new interface options menu. All right click menus now look more Blizzard like. The minimap button has been redone: <Left Click> to enter and exit configuration mode. <Shift Left Click> to enter and exit bindings mode, and <Right Click> to show the options menu.
  • Action Bar bindings are now done via the state binding mechanism, and are now treated as sitting on top of the standard binding interface. This means that if you set a binding to Bongos, it won't completely remove it from the normal binding interface, and thus work if you unload Bongos. It also means I get to finally setup default bindings, and thus end the problem of "my bindings don't work when in <stance>" It also means that action bar bindings are now attached to a profile.
  • It is now possible to create bars of arbitrary sizes via the new "painting" mechanism. In configuration mode, simply hold down alt, click and drag to create a new action bar. The system is still limited to 120 buttons. I don't feel as if the API is quite ready/there's a huge need to break the limit.
  • It is now possible to hide bars until a macro condition happens. Check the wiki for more details.
  • Settings between Bongos2 and Bongos3 are incompatible. I'm not going to be writing a converter, because I don't wanna test it
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