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Vair's UI

Version: 2.1
by: Vair [More]

WARNING: Do not update addons by yourself. (Except marked (+))
This UI tested on 1920*1080 with x1 scale, I don't know how it's works with other resolution.
If you have any question, suggestion or bug reports, please write your feedback in comments.

Addons list:
Aurora - reskin of default Blizzard interface elements (+)
Bartender4 - actionbars (+)
diminfo - text info (gold, guild etc)
DragEmAll - allows you to move most of default frames (+)
DualSpecSpamFilter - no more spam from changing spec (+)
ItemTooltipCleaner - Delete some useless info about item in tooltip (who create item, etc)
kgPanels - allows you to place artwork in your UI (+)
m_Bags - Mono's bags
m_Map - Mono's world map
m_UI - Mono's tweaks (sell junk, repair, etc)
OmniCC - adds CC time in text to items, spell and abilities (+)
Prat-3.0 - new chat (+)
rQuestWatchFrameMover - allows you to move quest frame (+)
ShadsCore - custom textures in UI
Skada - modular damage meter with various viewing modes (+)
oUF_mono - unit frames
oGlow - light up your items, by adding a quality border to them (+)
iFilger - buff/debuff tracking addon
MSBT - battle text (+)
rActionButtonStyler - a small mod to adjust the graphical appearance of action buttons
ClassMonitor - Monitor class resources such as combo points, energy, runes
TidyPlates - nameplates


1. Backup and Delete your "Interface" folder
2. Unpack this archive into your WOW folder
3. Rename folders "Account_name", "Server_name", "Character_name" according to your accountID, server and character names.
4. Change profiles in addons to "Vair".

Important comands:
/bt - bartender config
/kgpanels config - kgpanels config

Credit to all the authors of the addOns used in my UI.

Many changes

Changed Shadscore
SUF replaced to oUF_Drk (and other oUF stuff)
rThreat replaced to Skada_threat
Added oGlow
Removed DBM (settings saved in WTF)
Removed xanAutomail
Removed stAddonManager
Removed MistXP

Changed and updatet Shadscore
Updatet diminfo
alDamageMeter replaced to Skada.
Added stAddonManager.
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