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Version: r1
by: akgis [More]

Hate the new Warlock shadow sounds that were introduced with the patch 4.03a?

Look no further. This file restores the old precast and summon warlock sounds aswell removing that annoying new Succubus Lash of Pain sound.

This doesn't change any Blizzard files instead it creates a directory with this sounds files in it, and the game will play these instead of the new ones.

To install: Unpack into the Data folder inside your WOW folder so you get a <WOW folder>\Data\Sound\Spells

To uninstall: Delete the Sound Folder inside the Data folder

Note: The lash of pain sound its the same as druid ability mangle so if you have a druid and want to hear the mangle sound, delete the files Mangle_Impact.ogg and Mangle_Impact.wav

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A Defias Bandit

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Thanks! I was annoyed over the new hiss-like summon sound, but not enough to actually compile a fix.

Cheers to you, good sir.
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