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Legacy Raid Farmer auto 25hc

Version: r1
by: akgis [More]

Very simple addon that automatically set legacy raids to 25man Heroic mode, on player login.

Useful for those farming old raids for transmogs and gold, especially for gold since 25man HC gives the most loot and gold.

The importance of this addon is that WOW defaults every time to 10man normal mode once players logs in, this addon corrects that, its usual for someone to just enter and forget to set the legacy raid in 25hc, kills the boss pretty fast and then gets saved for that week on 10 normal then losing alot of gold.

That was the main reason for me to do this addon becuase I seldon forgot to set 25hc, and maybe can be useful for someone else.

Note: This addon doesn't work for WOD raids, This addon doesn't memorize your favorite setting it always sets to 25hc(best setting for gold farm old raids)

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