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RareMacro - Fan Update

Version: 1.1
by: Ryeri [More]

RareMacro creates a Macro that changes to the current rares (Vanilla, BC, WotLK, & Cata) of the zone you are in. After first login it will pop up the macro for you so you can put it in your ActionBars. If a rare spawn is found it will be targeted, a Raid Warning Sound played, and a raid warning will be displayed on the center of the screen.

This addon will NOT search for rare spawns for you, you must click or hotkey the macro and press it for it to search (will only search targets that you are in range to target).

How is this useful?
- Leveling a lowbie: click or hit the macro every now and then when running in between quests/areas to find rares that you might have missed otherwise (rare spawns in vanilla give extra exp (almost as much as a full quest)).
- Getting Rare Spawn achievements (BC+)
- Cata rare spawn finds

(Vanilla rare spawns will not have a raid warning displayed on the screen due to the 255 character limit of macros).

(Please note, if you are using this on multiple characters it will only do this for the first one, please type /macro on other characters to find & drag the already created macro to their action bars)

This is a fan-update. Modifications include:
- Wow Vanilla Rare Spawns added (all 200+ of them!)
- Cata Rare Spawns added
- Addition to macro system (Raid Warning Sound on rare spawn find)
The original version can be found here:

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Originally posted by mikma
Thanks , found your addon very useful due to its simplicity and effectiveness, just wanted to be able to use it myself everywhere rather than just BC/WOTLK and thought I might as well share it with others if I was taking the time to accomplish that.
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