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MetzUI - Displaysia Rendition

Version: 1.1
by: Displaysia [More]

I based the Unit Frames off the lovely design of MetzUI from way back. I remember seeing the UI on omgphatloots.org and have been addicted to sans_serif fonts and flat textures ever since.

I'm not exactly playing WoW atm, just dabbling on a starter account and around with the UI for now.

I didn't include things like bossmods, raidframes, PvP addons, etc. I just wanted to upload the visuals. I also feel like when Recount or Omen is incorporated into a UI that people just reset it and leave it sitting there reconfigured anyway.

I tried to get everything lined up pixel wise, will be improving the UI, trimming the fat, etc.

Major Goals:
- Cut out any of the textures and fonts not used in the UI that are present in the media folders.
- Try different addons and try and cut the UI down to as little memory usage as possible.
- Figure out the kgPanels and Kong issues.
- Adapt the UI to different resolutions.

-Backup/Delete your Interface and WTF Folders
-Copy the Interface and WTF folders from the download into wherever you installed WoW
-Inside the WTF, Account>YourAccountName>YourServerName>YourCharacterName
change the three folder names to suite you.

/kgPanels config --- Change the layout to Displaysia.
/bt or /bartender -- Change the profile to Lilja-Warsong (will be updating it so it reads "Displaysia")

If for some reason Kong has bugged out (When I tested my zip file and logged into a new character, ActionBarPanel was being hidden and I never set it to do that).

-Just run /Kong and adjust it based on the screenshots of the UI or to your liking.

Known Issue:

-Upon logging into a character, fps may be extremely low. Opening and closing the action bar panel(s) fixes it. No idea how to prevent it from happening right now but am looking into it.

-Kong will sometimes randomly hide certain UI elements that were NEVER specified to be hid, and un-hide others. Also looking into it but it seems to be a Kong thing, it's occurred even with the default UI for me.

Credits: Metzerott, Miir, Ferous, Ishtara, pHish, sylvanaar, Tuller, totalpackage, Vrul, xentaros, StormFX, Caith, Roth, danltiger, suicidalkatt, Kendian, Seerah, Gnack, Leatrix, Freebaser, Kagaro, elchefe, jostor.

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