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Updated: 08-23-08 02:23 PM
Updated:08-23-08 02:23 PM


by: Tekkub [More]

tekPad is a tiny in-game lua editor inspired by TinyPad (yes, my pad is tiny-er). Basically I stripped out the multi-page stuff because I found that I only used the last page of code... thus I had a bunch of old snippets of code I was never going to use again floating around in my savedvars. I also removed the searching and frame moving resizing...

In short, this is an editbox with a button to run the lua you input, nothing more.

To access the panel you can use the LDB launcher or the commands /pad and /tekpad

This addon uses AddonLoader if present to defer loading until the launcher or slash command are used.


Visit my site for more info.
Please report all bugs and feature requests to my Google Code tracker
Alpha builds can be found on github.
Please direct all feedback and questions to my Google Groups mailinglist

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