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Dark Heart (10.2.7)
Cataclysm Classic (4.4.0)
Classic (1.15.2)
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BetterBags - Hearthstones  Updated this week!

Version: 1.17
by: myrroddin [More]

BetterBags - Hearthstones
Plugin module for the World of Warcraft AddOn BetterBags that sorts all items that provide "hearthing" mechanics into a virtual group.

World of Warcraft Supported Versions

  • Classic Era. Includes Classic Era, hardcore, and seasons
  • Cataclysm Classic
  • Mainline or retail. Currently, that is Dragonflight

Supported Items
Just like AdiBags_Hearthstones, items are added by WoW expansion to the virtual groups. Items that do not exist because the expansion doesn't support them are not added. The full list can be viewed online or with any text editor. I suggest Notepad++ which will maintain the readability of Database.lua when reading directly from the AddOn folder.


Incompatible BetterBags Modules
  • BetterBags - Teleports

Use either the Teleports module or the Hearthstones module, not both. The Hearthstones module supports more items and is compatible with all WoW versions. You must delete your choice of module from the
\World of Warcraft\_game_version_\Interface\AddOns\
folder, keeping the module you want. You can use an AddOn manager app to delete the unwanted module.

IMPORTANT If you have both BetterBags - Teleports and BetterBags - Hearthstones, THEY WILL WIPE EACH OTHER'S DATABASE!!! Again, pick one addon or the other; DO NOT USE BOTH!

Neither module should trigger errors nor warnings if you use both; however, your virtual bags will look messy, if not a little silly, with both modules installed.

Bugs, Issues, and Improvements
Please use GitHub's issue tracker for the project. Thank you!

BetterBags - Hearthstones
1.17 (2024-07-19)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
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