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Eluial's Moonkin UI | 1440x900

Version: 092312
by: Eluial [More]

Updated September 23rd 2012

**This UI should work for most of the wide resolutions -- some minor tweaking might be necessary if your resolution is very different from mine, though.**

See the last image for a list of all the addons included in the package.

Most of the addons are accessible through the interface options menu. The ones you cannot get to from there are as follows:
SL Data Text - /sldt
Shadow Unit Frames - /suf
Bartender 4 - /bt
Deadly Boss Mods - /dbm
Grid - /grid
WoW Instant Messenger - /wim
Weak Auras - /wa
Raven - /raven
TipTac - /tiptac

List of everything with brief descriptions:
Bagnon - combine all your bags into one, see what your other characters have in their bags/bank.
Balance Power Tracker - eclipse energy bar
Bartender4 - action bars
Chinchilla - minimap
Clique - binds spells to mouse clicks (I use it for thorns, MotW and a couple other things)
DBM - boss encounter timers
Grid - raid unit frames
MapCoords - puts coordinates on the big map
Masque - Makes icons look prettier
Mik Scrolling Battle Text - scrolling combat text I show blizz default outgoing damage/heals so make sure you have that turned on in your blizz options if you want to see yellow damage on your screen.
Move Anything - lets you, well... move anything.
OmniCC - puts numerical timers on your action bars/buffs/debuffs
Prat - chat box mod
Quartz - casting bar and proc tracker
Raven - Buff/debuff tracker. All the icons, bars and the CD timer are this addon.
Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit frames
Skada - damage and threat meter
SL Data Text - shows various information -- I just use it for the clock, durability, and location/coords on my minimap.
Tidyplates - enemy health plates with buffs/debuffs
TipTac - tooltip mod
WeakAuras - Pretty auras and 3D images that help warn about CDs and spell timers.
WIM - makes whispers look look instant messenger. Very nice for keeping tracking of tells.

Addons I use but are not included in this package:
Altoholoic - because I am one, and this addon makes managing them easy (see professions, gear, bank, etc of all alts)
Atlas Loot - see what loot drops where
Fortress - puts buttons for addons anywhere on your screen (for easy access as an alternative to minimap buttons)
Gatherer - gathering profession helper addon.
Outfitter - change quickly between outfits.

Downloading and Installing
Tankspot.com has a guide on how to download a UI compilation, so if you're not sure what to do, I highly recommend checking it out.

But always make sure you make a backup of your current interface and WTF folders before you do ANYTHING!

The ICONS folder under Interface is a bunch of cleaned up icon files. It's not an addon, but it will make the icons in-game look cleaner (and it works for buff/debuffs, items and addons like power auras, too). If you prefer the old school rounded-edge look of icons, you can delete that folder.

My macro and keybinding files are NOT included. If you'd like to keep your old keybinds and macros you can just import your bindings-cache.wtf and macros-cache.txt files from your old WTF folder to the new one. There are 2 copies of each file, one under World of Warcraft > WTF > YOUR ACCOUNT NAME and another one under World of Warcraft > WTF > YOUR ACCOUNT NAME > Your Server Name > Your Character Name. You need to copy both versions of each file and put them in the proper location to make sure you keep your bindings and macros.

One UI-related macro that you should copy over is used to show/hide the action bar that has archaeology and fishing on it.

/script if i==(nil or 0) then BT4Bar10:Hide() i=1 else BT4Bar10:Show() i=0 end
When you download and install this UI, you will very likely have to go through and set a lot of profiles so that it looks right. Open the interface menu for each addon (most of them are in the interface options menu, but some of them have slash commands that I've listed above) and select the profile that is called something like "Eluial - Korgath" "Eluial - Balance" or just "Eluial." For *SOME* of the addons, I've left a couple other options in there, in case you want to try out different set ups. For all the addons (except for MSBT) I copied my profile to settings over the "default" settings, so a lot of them should be set up automatically (I hope).

If something doesn't look right, please make sure to check the profile before you complain about it. Also, if you're going to try to adjust things, make a NEW PROFILE so that if you want to restore things to how they looked before you can do so easily.

Your keybindings/spells will likely be messed up since BT bars don't always map correctly to default (or other addon) bars. So make sure that you go to the BT option menu (/bt) and unlock all the bars so you can see where everything is, and then move your buttons and binds accordingly.

About the UI
You can see videos I've recorded on my youtube channel.

My basic moonkin UI philosophy is that I want to be able to easily see the things that are going to affect my on-the-fly decisions. I need to know detailed information about my eclipse energy, time left on procs and buffs, and CD left on procs/buffs that are down. And I want it all in one easy to see spot, without a lot of clutter.

I've also uploaded a very quick video that shows the various hidden/confusing elements of my UI, plus a little bit of target dummy DPS. I plan on making a more in depth one in the future with audio commentary, but for now that video plus this summary should suffice.

Stuff You Should Know
Because of where I've placed grid, this is pretty optimized for 10m raiding, but you can move grid elsewhere if you do 25m raiding. There is a 25m profile under grid that you use, or you can unlock it and put it anywhere else you want it.

The biggest thing is I hide my main action bar. To unhide it, type /bt to open the bartender config window, go to bar 1, visibility options, and scroll to the bottom. You should see a custom script box for visibility -- uncheck the box there and the bar will remain permanently visible. There are also a few other BT profiles (a feral, a resto and my paladin Aveele's setup). You should experiment with those ones, too, to see what you like best.

The action bar that is showing can be paged to a second bar by holding down your alt key.

The micromenu (the blizz menu that has your character screen, spell book, dungeon finder, etc) is hidden until you mouse over it. It's at the very bottom of the screen, just to the right of the chatbox.

Right above the micro menu is a block of shortcuts for atlas loot, altoholic and outfitter, which are also hidden until mouse over.

Above the minimap there is a hidden button that will open the bags. Or you can just hit B (by default) and they will open.

An action bar with arch and fishing buttons can be showed/hidden using the macro posted above.

My stance bar is not shown, since everything is keybound. You can show it by going to the BT options menu, but you'll have to configure it and find a spot for it, since I never bothered to.

Contacting Me
If you have questions or comments about my UI, the best way to get in touch with me is either on the WoW forums in the Moonfarespam thread or by sending me a PM on The Moonkin Repository (nickname is Eluial). You can try leaving comments here or on youtube, but I don't check those often and am unlikely to respond in a timely fashion.

092312 - Updated to be MoP compatible.

0303012 - more clean up, deleted some redundant addons. No real change to the actual layout though. Hopefully fixed profiles for a smoother install.

021012 - cleaned up the file a lot. Removed information for addons that are no longer there, and removed all profiles for addons except for the ones meant to be used in the UI.
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I wanted to say thx for the work and efford u put in these postes. I am a complete noob in Boomkin playing but i always wanted to do better. Now i hope i get there. I am and was a melee player but the boomkin was my favorit caster dps, if i only can master it than i would be happy

Thx again

Vultus (bloodhoof)
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