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Shadowlands patch (9.0.2)
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Twintop's Resource Bar (formerly Twintop's Insanity Bar)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Twintop [More]

Twintop's Insanity Bar is now Twintop's Resource Bar!

A multi-class resource bar, based on my (Twintop's) previous Shadow Priest Insanity Bar WeakAura set from Legion.

Currently supported specs:
- Balance Druid
- Elemental Shaman
- Marksmanship Hunter, Survival Hunter
- Shadow Priest

This is a fully customizable resource bar for multiple classes and specs to use to track their primary resource while in combat. Features include:
- Full color, font, and texture customization of every part of the bar to make it suit your UI or make certain situations stand out.
- Audio and visual cues for when important spells (e.g. Devouring Plague, Earth Shock) can be cast.
- Time To Die of enemies you've targeted
- Spell icons for your current casting spell and many others that are related to your primary resource or for tracking.

Spec specific features included for Shadow Priests:
- Calculates how long you have left until Voidform will end in Hungering Void, given the current Haste and Crit levels
- Tracks Shadowy Apparition spawns (with Auspicious Spirits talented) and incoming Insanity as a result.
- Tracks Shadowfiend/Mindbender swings and expected incoming Insanity from future swings.

Bar text can be configured to show the following data in whatever format you'd like:
- Current resource, mas resource, resource from Hardcasting a spell, resources incoming from Passive Sources (e.g. Auspicious Spirits, Shadowfiend/Mindbender, Death and Madness, and Eternal Call to the Void procs)
- Current Haste%, GCD, Crit%, Mastery%
- Number of Damage over Time spells out on targets
- Time To Die of enemies you've targeted
- Spell icons for your current casting spell and many others that are related to Insanity or tracking. (2021/01/09)
Shadow Priest
- (#114) Fix a crash when computing Hungering Void remaining duration and stacks that would occur when in Voidform with extremely high Haste and Crit. In some cases, report back "∞" instead. Thanks, Torghast! (2021/01/08)
- (#53) Add support for Survival Hunter
- (#109) Fix bar height/width/border sliders from providing inaccurate values on first use per session
- Increase the scanning range of buffs/debuffs from 40 to 1000. This still exits once it runs out of found spells, but should now grab everything for Torghast comfortably.
- Add TaintLess library (https://www.townlong-yak.com/addons/taintless)
- Change some phrasing away from "spec'd" to "talented"

Hunter (general)
- (#108) Fix "Enough Resource" Focus color text change not working properly
- Refactor how Hunter pulls values to support multiple specs
- Add $regen bar variable that shows just current passive Focus regen

Survival Hunter
- (#53) Add support for Survival Hunter
- Add threshold lines and logic for all Survival abilities
- Support Coordinated Assault
- Support Terms of Engagement Focus gains

Shadow Priest
- (#107) Hungering Void doesn't require the target to have the debuff to increase Voidform time. (2020/12/09)
Elemental Shaman
- (#105) Fix Maelstrom bar color picker.

Marksmanship Hunter
- (#105) Fix Focus bar color picker. (2020/12/08)
- (#72) Allow configuration of the "Overcap" threshold level. This will influence both bar border coloring and resource text coloring.
- (#104) Any spell icon can now be added to bar text via it's SpellId. For example, Manaburn's SpellId is 2691, "#spell_2691_" would show Manaburn's icon.
- Fix use of global variables when parsing bar text.

Marksmanship Hunter
- (#95) Add support for Flayed Shot, Flayer's Mark, and Deathdealer's Scope.
- Update default "Full Advanced" bar text to include Flayer's Mark (only shows when active).
- Adjust how overlapping threshold lines are handled such that those that are "available and over" are prioritized before "available and under" and "unavailable". (2020/12/02)
- (#97) Add millisecond options to TTD for $ttdSeconds. Should now limit the precision to a reasonable and actually useful amount.
- Add additional TOC metadata for addon managers to use.

Marksmanship Hunter
- (#103) Remove debug printing of "BOOM" every time Explosive Shot is used. We get it, you explode. (2020/12/01)
- Add support for Aura scanning of units. Required to pull data about Anima Powers in Torghast.

Shadow Priest
- (#93) Add support for the Dreamspun Mushrooms (Wrathful Faerie+Fermata) Anima Power in Torghast.
- (#96) Fix Searing Nightmare threshold line and associated LUA errors. (2020/11/30)
Marksmanship Hunter
- Fix "Bar Text (Full Advanced)" alignment issues. (2020/11/30)
- (#53) Implement Marksmanship Hunter support.
- Passive resource text color option went missing; restored it.
- Overhaul how threshold lines are stored and created to support Marksmanship Hunters and to prepare for future enhancements.
- Add some general purpose Soulbind/Conduit functions.

Marksmanship Hunter
- (#53) Initial implementation.
-- Add support for showing builders and spenders in the bar, not just builders.
-- Add threshold lines and toggles for all spenders.
-- Add passive Focus generation tracking and configuration.
-- Add tracking for Serpent Sting and Trueshot.

Shadow Priest
- (#36) Implement Rabid Shadow conduit.
- (#92) Implement Wrathful Faerie and Wrathful Faerie Fermata (conduit) Insanity generation.
-- Add second passive threshold line to denote how much calculated Insanity is incoming from Wrathful Faerie (similar to Mindbender). (2020/11/23)
- Reorder Options menu to put "Reset Defaults" at the end.
- (#90) Fix some rounding and floor bugs.

Shadow Priest
- (#90) Fixed "off by 1" error with Insanity value that would display under some circumstances.
- (#90) Add the ability to track your current Insanity down to two decimal places.
- (#90) Replaced the "Show Decimals with Fortress of the Mind" checkbox with a slider to allow changing values.

Balance Druid
- (#90) Fixed "off by 1" error with Astral Power value that would display under some circumstances.
- (#90) Add the ability to track your current Astral Power down to one decimal place.
- Fixed $passive only being true with Nature's Balance and no other passive sources.
- Improve Nature's Balance bar accuracy: 0.5/sec in combat and 1.5/sec out of combat. If the bar is configured to show 0 decimal places, this will show 1/sec and 2/sec, respectively. (2020/11/20)
Elemental Shaman
- Fix Lava Beam detection and values.
- (#62) Implement Surge of Power for Lightning Bolt. Now shows predictive resource generation assuming 1 Overload proc occurs.
- Add some Stormkeeper internal tracking. (2020/11/18)
- Fix bug with font color preview appearing as fully transparent.
- Update TOC to 90002.

Shadow Priest
- (#48) Update spell value differences between 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 . (2020/11/16)
Shadow Priest
- (#89) Fix Shadowfiend/Mindbender threshold line color not updating.

Balance Druid
- Ensure that Soul of the Forest only applies to Wrath's Astral Power gain when spec'd. (2020/11/16)
- (#57) Rebuild options menus for all specs to be tabbed and with scrolling that behaves (and looks) better.
- (#84) Fix General Options sliders from throwing errors.
- (#74) Include $resourcePlusCasting (and aliases) in the text color change when a spec's special spender is usable.
- Adjust how manual entry of data in slider textboxes handle rounding.

Shadow Priest
- (#39) Fix Eternal Call to the Void tendril proc detection.
- (#85) Add bar text variable to check if Surrender to Madness is a currently selected talent.

Balance Druid
- (#82) Add legendary support for Oneth's Clear Vision/Perception and Timeworn Dreambinder. These are largely untested and will likely require additions or modifications once I can test them.
- - Add audio notification for Oneth's Clear Vision/Perception procs.
- Fix audio selection error in options for Starsurge.
- Update default bar text (simple and advanced).
- Change how Eclipses are handled under-the-hood. (2020/11/11)
- Alter threshold positioning logic to be more precise.
- Improve performance when in background only mode.
- Under the hood code refactoring/organization.
- Add $ttdSeconds bar text variable to show just the seconds left until target will die. $ttd will continue to show data in MM:SS format.

Shadow Priest
- (#68) Add end of Voidform bar color change options for GCD range or time left, with options available to only enable it when using Hungering Void or disable the color change completely.
- (#68) Remove "2 GCD Bar Color" option.
- Fix some LUA errors in the options menu when enabling/disabling certain features.
- (#39) Add some debugging statements for Eternal Call to the Void procs (sorry for the spam, Shadowlands Beta users!)

Balance Druid
- (#69) Add end of Eclipse bar color change options for GCD range or time left, with options available to only enable it when using Celestial Alignment/Incarnation: Chosen of Elune or disable the color change completely.
- Add more bar tracking logic variables for various states of Eclipse. (2020/11/09)
- (#81) Fix Devouring Plague and Searing Nightmare threshold lines not changing color when usable.
- (#81) Fix Shadowfiend/Mindbender threshold line position on bar being way off.

- (#80) Add option to make the bar flash when Starsurge is usable.
- (#81) Fix bar color not changing if you're in combat and not in Moonkin Form. (2020/11/09)
- Add option to never show/always hide the bar. This will cause the UI to be hidden but will allow it to still run in the background to populate the Global variable for consumption by other addons or WeakAuras.
- Change how bars and thresholds are positioned and maintained to be more granular and exact with positioning, regardless of bar size/UI scale/resolution.
- Change resource threshold marks to always grow from left to right in size.
- Fix some rare Lua crashes related to Threshold line resizing.
- Make sure strata changes occur on all frames without needed to reload ui.
- (#51) Fix bar not actually being centered for rendering. Probably.

Balance Druid
- (#78) Fix resizing of the bar breaking the structure. (2020/11/03)
- (#67) Fix opacity slider being reversed on color pickers.
- (#74) Allow the Resource text to be changed when certain spells are castable. See below for spec specifics.
- Allow users to enable/disable the overcapping text color change.

Shadow Priest
- (#75) Let Death and Madness tracking refresh on double taps.
- (#74) Allow the Insanity text color to be changed when Devouring Plague or Searing Nightmare is castable. Allow users to enable/disable this feature.
- (#39) Attempt to fix broken Void Lasher and Void Tendril detection for Eternal Call to the Void procs.

Balance Druid
- (#74) Allow the Astral Power text color to be changed when Starsurge or Starfall is castable. Allow users to enable/disable this feature.
- (#71) Add Starfall threshold coloring when refreshing it would be outside of Pandemic ( > 2.4 sec) range.
- Fix a bug with bars being colored incorrectly when having colors changed.

Elemental Shaman
- (#74) Allow the Maelstrom text color to be changed when Earth Shock or Earthquake is castable. Allow users to enable/disable this feature. (2020/10/29)
Shadow Priest
- While in Voidform, when Devouring Plague can be cast the bar color now changes to Devouring Plague's color.
- Fix Mindbender threshold color changing without requiring a UI reload.
Elemental Shaman
- Implement Echoing Shock.
- Enable passive bar and associated options.
- Mouse wheel scrolling is now disabled on option sliders.
- Fix issues with casting and passive bar colors being set on load.
- Fix some naming/text strings.
- Relocate code related to getting latency. (2020/10/27)
- Fix bug with saving bar position when using drag & drop.
- Fix bug that prevented restoring bar settings to default. (2020/10/26)
- Fix a bug that caused the bar to appear for specs that are unsupported. (2020/10/26)
- Balance Druid support!
- Elemental Shaman
- - Better Icefury support (Frost Shock Maelstrom gains and associated variables)
- General Improvements/Changes
- - Add max resource variable support
- - Add resource overcapping notification support for Shadow, Elemental, and Moonkin
- - - Bar border color change, casting+resource text color changing, optional audio notification
- - Abstract HideResourceBar() to Functions.
- - Change resource detection scheme.
- - Add Air Horn sound.
- - Fix some edge cases for LUA errors. (2020/10/22)
Bug fixes
- Fix being able to resize the bar
- Fix realignment of thresholds when resizing (2020/10/22)
Twintop's Insanity Bar is now known as Twintop's Resource Bar!
- Add support for Elemental Shaman.
- Large under-the-hood changes to accommodate more specs than just Shadow Priest.
- Change the global variable name to _G.Global_TwintopResourceBar. The old variable name, _G.Global_TwintopInsanityBar is now deprecated.
- Add support for more generic variables, e.g. $resource will return the same as $insanity in the Shadow Priest bar.
- Add maximum resource variable, $resourceMax (also $insanityMax and $maelstromMax)
- Change configuration menu layout.
- Fix bug related to the color picker. (2020/10/19)
-Fix Time To Die text coloring with Surrender to Madness from flickering. (2020/10/18)
- Change variable parsing order to be descending by length instead of FIFO
- Fix conditional variables involving insanity to check their respective values instead of always returning TRUE
- Add option to toggle Fortress of the Mind decimal display in casting
- Add more /slash options to access the menu (2020/10/16)
- Fix various Insanity values on the bar:
Void Torrent 10 -> 6
Mindbender 6 -> 5
Auspicious Spirits 2 -> 1
Void Bolt 15 -> 12 (2020/10/15)
- Add vertical line to show Searing Nightmare usage to bar. Only visible when spec'd and when channeling Mind Sear. (2020/10/15)
- Fix typo in $damTicks variable (2020/10/15)
- Add a new "Narrow Advanced" default text option that prunes or combines some bar text.
-- Groups all passive Insanity in to one value on right
-- Does not show total number of DPs or ECTTV on left
- Add audio cue for Mind Devourer.
- Fix bug related to DoT tracking not resetting on death.
- Fix bug related to Hungering Void calculations. (2020/10/14)
- Change Fortress of the Mind decimal precision from 2 to 1. (2020/10/14)
Initial Shadowlands Release
- Update Global Variable output.
- Fix Surrender to Madness.
- Add Surrender to Madness use color indication to Time To Die display.
- Change Mind Blast's Insanity value to 7. This may be a bug/hotfix issue!
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