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Chrisevans UI v2.0(Protection Paladin/1920x1080)

Version: v2.0
by: firatwithin [More]

ChrisevansUI (v2.0)


This is my first add-on compilation, I do not own any of the add-ons used in this package so all the credit should go to the authors of the add-ons.Since I am sort of new to this business I would welcome all sorts of feedback from you.I would also gladly help you about any questions or requests about the UI if I am able to do so.

You can contact me via WoWInterface,
via twitter http://twitter.com/firatwithin ,
and via mail [email protected]

--Special thanks to "Skaarj" for giving me the lua codes to enable incoming heals on his healthbar.
--Special thanks to "Limb0" also, who designed the "Renaitre" graphics.Pure beauty.

The target is to create UI that gives every kind of information a protection paladin needs during a fight while taking as little space as possible from the screen.Also I must admit that it's not very low-spec friendly.I have tested it on 1920x1080 resolution.I have no idea how it will behave on other resolutions but I am pretty sure a little scaling and positioning will save the day.

Patch 2.0 Change Log

Got some radical changes this time around!
  • Raven Short Buff bar removed.Now I follow those from the action bar.
  • Switched Quihp ve KAHolyPower...I plan to stick with this one.
  • Replaced Grid with Healbot/Decursive combination.They serve as the new multifunction raidframe
  • Repositioned Skada under the minimap.
  • Repositioned Omen next to chatframe.
  • Titan Panel now follows every major currency so you don't have to check tabs all the time.
  • A lot of repositioning/rescaling...pretty happy with the results in-game

Patch 1.6 Change Log
  • Changed some of the fonts.Helpmed to save more space from the screen, and interestingly solved the minimap clock issue.
  • Changed "MovableHolyPower" addon with "Qbrick's Holy Power" now I support 5 stacks.Oh yeah!
  • Scaled down many many of the UI elements.You'll know what I mean.
  • Played around with "MoveAnything" a little.Totally saved the bottom/mid of the screen from the crowd now.
  • Also since leveling is once again a part of our lives now you can follow reputations through titan panel, and I got an xp bar for you


Before Installation, I highly recommend you to backup your current /Interface and /WTF folders from your WoW directory.
  • Copy the files from the .rar to your /World of Warcraft directory.
  • Access the new /WTF folder and then /Account folder.
  • Change the name of the /ACCOUNTNAME folder with your account name.
  • Then access that folder and change the name of the /Servername folder with your server name.
  • Then access that folder and change the name of the /Charactername folder with your char's name.
  • Start the game.
  • At the character select screen go to the add-ons screen.
  • Enable out-of-date add-ons.
  • Enjoy the beautifull mess.
Don't worry, all add-ons in this pack are as updated as they can be and I plan to keep things that way.Since 5.0 patch is pretty new Blizzard and the add-on authors are constantly changing things around.This will save your UI from disfunctionioning when Blizz releases minor patches.


I have been using many popular add-ons so I guess you pretty much know what many of the add-ons in this compilation does.I wil write down some information about the rest of them and give you the "/command" you need to access their configuration tools if there is one available.You can also check the Interface/add-ons screen from the "esc" menu.
  • _Cursor -Leaves a trail behind the cursor to make it easier to follow where it goes.
  • Auraframes (/af) -Buff/Debuff bar on top left.Highly configurable and user friendly.
  • Atlas and some of it's tools are in the pack but deactivated.
  • AtlasLoot
  • Bagnon (/bagnon)
  • Bartender4 (/bt)
  • Deadly Boss Mods (/dbm) and it's little brothers.
  • Decursive (/decursive)
  • Fonter (/fonter) -Felt simpler than creating a seperate /fonts folder.
  • Glamour moving around achievement warnings and stuff like that.
  • GTFO (/gtfo)
  • Healbot Continued (/hb o) The new healer-friendly raid frame.
  • HideBlizzard
  • KAHolyPower -Holy bar in the bottom/mid of the screen
  • LibSharedMedia-3.0
  • Masque (/masque)
  • Masque_Renaitre -lovely skins for Masque.
  • MikScrollingBattleText (/msbt)
  • MoveAnything
  • Omen (/omen config)
  • OmniCC
  • oUF and it's little brothers.
  • oUF_Skaarj (/omf) Check it out everyone.Awesome writer, awesome programming.
  • Prat 3.0 (/prat)
  • Quartz (/quartz)
  • QuestHelper2
  • Raven (/raven) -Short buff tracker on the action bars.Sacred Shield here!
  • ScreenGrid (/screengrid x, /screengrid 0)
  • Sexymap (/sexymap)
  • SharedMedia_Renaitre -by Limb0
  • Skada (/skada config)
  • Tidy Plates/Threat Plates
  • TipTac (/tiptac, /tiptac anchor)
  • TitanPanel

Known Issues
  • Questhelper2 still has the non-compatiability problem with patch5.0... it's a subject i may have to change later on.For now, it does it's part pretty accurately.
  • A lot of addons installed/uninstalled until I reached this state.There might be some excess files in the folders.No worries though.

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A Kobold Labourer
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Re: Player and Target frames

Originally Posted by AZMAK
Curious to know what you were using for the player and target frames, the % text shown in your screenshots.


And nice work too.
For the Player and Target Frames I used oUF_Hank Fan Update by gwyd.

For the nameplates I used Tidy Plates/Threat Plates.Just played around the configuration a little bit.

and I am glad that you are enjoying it
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A Kobold Labourer

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Player and Target frames

Curious to know what you were using for the player and target frames, the % text shown in your screenshots.


And nice work too.
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