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Version: 0.1
by: svartalve [More]

Before Gilneas succumbed to an unspeakable curse, an erudite scholar traveled Azeroth, offering sage advice to those who would listen. After years spent in isolation, he now yearns to see what changes the years and the Cataclysm have wrought upon the world. In return for your companionship, he offers to give counsel should you need it.


Fully functional beta. I plan on updating the answers to Worgen-appropriate responses when I get beta access, more Worgen NPC dialogue is released, or Cataclysm goes live. Until then, the localized answers are identical to those provided by Gobling.

Worgenius 0.1

Author: Svartalve of Bronzebeard

A fun, little addon that gives you your very own wee Worgen to help you make decisions as only a wise, enigmatic companion can.


For the adventurous types, you can customize Gobling's YES/MAYBE/NO responses easily by editing Localization.enUS.lua in your preferred text editor.


*Show "Worgenius" window

Version History

0.1 July 2, 2010
First Beta

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Version History

0.1 July 2, 2010
First Beta
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A Kobold Labourer

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what does it do?

it would be nice, if you actually describe what does this addon do...
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