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Dragonflight patch (10.0.5)
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RingMe ( Please Read Description before downloading to use this add-on right )

Version: 10.5
by: EvilMaddness [More]

This add-on will have the Images inside the RingMe folder. Just add the Images folder to your add-on folder list. You will also need to download the other add-ons in my profile add-on list HideAnything and DragonFlash for the complete Unit Frames to work as one.
And you should also Download the add-on Adapt for the portrait frames or it won't look right with the default portrait frames. ( At least for player )

Voodoo Casting Bar is a good add-on to have for the RingMe unit frames as well but not a must.

This Setup is mainly for shadow priests at the moment but might work for other classes. I never tested it on other classes yet.
I'm making this add-on available so others can help out for the moment but it's mostly finished.
There is no frame for vehicle or focus yet. ( It's default )

The goal is to share this add-on so we can get a start and end angle right for player power and target power frame textures in the future which needs to start and end around 0.14 for player. As you can see 0.14 should be the start and end angle but the code only allows us to end at 12 o clock which makes this more difficult to figure out how to make the power work on those angles.

Thanks for the help and hope you like the Unit Frames I been working on it since 10.0 came out right before Dragonflight was getting released. I'm not going to add this on Curse Forge yet until it's more finished but this is good for starters.

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