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Shadowlands patch (9.0.5)
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Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks

Version: 2.0.3
by: Gello [More]

Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks is a collection of quality-of-life improvements for the pet battle UI.

Each of these tweaks can be turned on or off:

  • Round Counter: Display the number of the current round in the 'Vs' circle at the top of the battle UI.
  • Current Stats: Display the health percentage, power and speed of frontline pets beneath their health bars.
  • Health Ticks: Display ticks for important health threshholds on mouseover of frontline pet health bars.
  • Key Binds: Bind the Forfeit, Pass and pet swapping buttons to keys 6, 7 and 1-3 respectively.
  • Enemy Abilities: Display enemy abilities and their cooldown at the bottom of the battle UI.

To turn any tweak on or off:
  • Hit ESC until you get to the game menu.
  • Click Interface.
  • Click AddOns tab.
  • Click Battle Pet UI Tweaks.

  • This addon was originally called Battle Pet Battle Stats because it originally only had the 'Current Stats' feature. With the addition of a couple more tweaks, I've chosen to rename it to something more fitting. If you have the old Battle Pet Battle Stats installed, you can safely uninstall/remove it.
  • If you have the addon Battle Pet Binds enabled, the Key Binds tweak is automatically turned off the first time this addon loads.
  • Similarly, if you have the addon Derangement Pet Battle Cooldowns or PetTracker enabled, the Enemy Abilities tweak is turned off the first time this addon loads.

03/13/2021 version 2.0.3
- Updated toc for 9.0.5

12/05/2020 version 2.0.2
- Fix for tooltip overlapping abilities while in pet selection mode.
- Updated toc for 9.0.2

10/24/2020 version 2.0.1
- Removed the "titlebar" and border to the enemy abilities.
- Moved enemy abilities down a bit closer to the bottom UI.

10/13/2020 version 2.0.0
- Renamed from 'Battle Pet Battle Stats' to 'Battle Pet Battle UI Tweaks'.
- Added key bindings for forfeit, pass and pet swaps.
- Added enemy ability buttons and cooldowns in a small window at the bottom of the battle UI.
- Added options in the Interface Options Panel (ESC -> Interface -> AddOns) to turn each of the modules on or off.

Prior versions were named Battle Pet Battle Stats
-- 07/17/2018 1.0.11 toc update for 8.0 patch
-- 08/29/2017 1.0.10 toc update for 7.3 patch
-- 03/28/2017 1.0.9 toc update for 7.2 patch
-- 10/30/2016 1.0.8 toc update for 7.1 patch
-- 07/16/2016 1.0.7 toc update for 7.0 patch
-- 07/04/2015 1.0.6 added tick to mark where an unmodified Explode would kill opponent
-- 06/22/2015 1.0.5 toc update for 6.2 patch
-- 05/26/2015 1.0.4 round number displayed at top in place of "VS" after battle starts
-- 05/22/2015 1.0.3 ticks only show when you mouseover health bar area; fixed /fstack issue caused by new ticks
-- 05/20/2015 1.0.2 added ticks to mark important health percents (25% and 50% for all pets, 35% and 70% for magic pets); mouseover of ticks will show damage or heals needed to reach it.
-- 05/18/2015 1.0.1 initial release
-- 03/28/2014 1.0.0 posted on comments to another addon on wowinterface
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Re: toc

Originally Posted by VitruvianMan
Loving the addon so far, I wish this was bundled with Rematch!

Would you mind updating the toc to 9.0.2?
Updated thanks!
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Unread 12-05-20, 05:09 PM  
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Loving the addon so far, I wish this was bundled with Rematch!

Would you mind updating the toc to 9.0.2?
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Unread 10-15-20, 01:41 AM  
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Thank you for updating!

I just want to say thank you for continuing development on this addon, and also thank you, very much, for updating here on WoWInterface.com !!!

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