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We Don't Wipe.
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Return to Karazhan (7.1.5)
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We Don't Wipe - Frost Mage  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.01
by: Taraezor [More]

A DPS maximiser module for the We Don't Wipe AddOn.

Works great in 7.1 Return to Karahzan!

You will need the latest We Don't Wipe.

Priority Queue (aka Rotation)
* Ice Lance if the target has a Flurry debuff from a consumed Brain Freeze
* Ice Lance (x1/2/3) if Fingers of Frost is about to expire
* Ice Lance if Fingers of Frost is capped
* Frozen Orb, preceded with cool down lead-in (see below)
* Frozen Touch, preceded with cool down lead-in (see below)
* Ebonbolt, preceded with cool down lead-in (see below)
* Water Jet, preceded with cool down lead-in (see below)
* Refresh Rune of Power
* Flurry -> Ice Lance if Brain Freeze up. See Flurry Lance below
* Frost Bolt -> ( Frost Bolt -> ) Ice Lance if Water Jet is active. See "Jet Bolt" below
* Frost Bolt -> Ice Lance if Fingers of Frost about to expire but enough time to use a Frost Bolt. See Shatter Combo below
* Glacial Spike if 5 x Icicles buff
* Frost Bolt fillers

* Cool down lead-in priority list: Rune of Power refresh / Mirror Image / Icy Veins / Ray of Frost / Frost Bomb

Rotation Notes
Important: (1) Set the "maxfof" parameter. See below. (2) WDW cannot use the standard Water Jet icon. See below.

Fundamentals: In Legion it is all about your Fingers of Frost buff counter and lining up your cool downs for Ice Lance bursts. The need to "Flurry Lance" adds some extra interest, and so too the need to occasionally "Jet Bolt". Blizzard were at pains to state that the classic Frost Mage "Shatter Combo" has been retained for Legion.

Flurry Lance: WDW asks you, upon gaining a Brain Freeze, to cast Flurry followed by an Ice Lance finisher. You MUST wait for the Ice Lance in position #1 or else your IL cast will fail. (Accumulated FoF will be wasted at this point so WDW prompts you to dump any FoF with IL)

Jet Bolt: On cool down, and prioritised, WDW asks your pet to cast Water Jet. WDW then asks you to cast 1 or 2 Frost Bolt (gear/haste dependent) followed by an Ice Lance finisher.

Shatter Combo: The classic Frost Mage Frostbolt -> Ice Lance with Fingers of Frost up. When the cast of Frostbolt is almost complete, cast your Ice Lance. It will work! Blizzard went to pains to ensure this, originally unofficial, part of our "defining meta" will work in Legion! See the "shat" parameter below.

Water Jet Icon: Blizzard decided that Water Jet and Ray of Frost will share the same icon. WDW therefore uses the Unbound Elemental icon to replace the Water Jet icon.

Mirror Image and Icy Veins Synergy: The module takes one of the popular approaches, that is, to simply use both on cool down as a lead-in to a damage spike. /wdw setr tier3=n,icyveins=n will disable this and leave it entirely up to you. Note: Icy Veins by default is not included!

Recommended Talents: Players report excellent results with Ray of Frost. Likewise, Rune of Power, Frozen Touch, Frost Bomb and Thermal Void are not only popular but work really well together.

Modifiable Parameters
From the chat line, the following modifiable parameters can be adjusted by you. The values are saved between sessions.

/wdw setr maxfof=3
The maximum number of Fingers of Frost charges you may have. When you have learnt the Icy Hand trait you may have three charges. Prior to that, two. Default is "3".

(Blizzard have provided NO means for programmers to query whether you have learnt the trait.)

/wdw setr icyveins=n
Whether to include Icy Veins in the rotation. Default is "n".

/wdw setr jet=y
Whether to include Water Jet in the rotation. Default is "y". See notes above.

/wdw setr rof=y
Whether to include Ray of Frost in the rotation. Default is "y".

/wdw setr tier3=y
Whether to include Rune of Power or Mirror Image. Default is "y".

/wdw setr shat=1.5
As your Fingers of Frost draws near to expiry, WDW will prompt you to quickly do an Ice Lance. Further away, when there is still time to precede this with a Frostbolt, the module will suggest a FB / IL combo in positions #1 and #2. How much "further away"? The default, measured as a ratio of your Frostbolt cast time is "1.5". Frostbolt takes 1.32s to cast? Then 1.32 x 1.5 = 1.98s. Set to "0" to completely disable your Shatter Combo.

/wdw setr {parameter}=?
List the current value and a description of the parameter. New Patch 7.1!

/wdw listp
List the parameters for this module.

b]Cookies, Beer & Donations[/b]
It is all about the Cookies & Beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Click here to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".

== v3.01 - 25th October 2016
* Removed Hard Yards from TOC file as a required dependancy
* Version update to support Patch 7.1 "Return to Karahzan"
* Updated module to reflect new WDW version
* "Fire Mage Parameters" typo corrected
* Changes to list/setting parameter mechanics due to Patch 7.1 chat window changes
* In game listing of the "shat" parameter added
* (On-line listing of the "wait" parameter added - it was always there in-game!)
* Flurry now level 20, Frozen Orb 57 (wow!), Ice Lance 10

v3.00 - 18th October 2016
* Rewrite for Legion

v2.10 - 12th November 2015
* Module MUST use v4.11 of main module due to show stopping bug fix for Mages with Incanter's Flow

v2.09 - 8th August 2015
* Comet Storm now a much higher priority
* Thermal Void / Mirror Images / Icy Veins now work off each other.

v2.08 - 2nd August 2015
* Dalaran / Arcane Brilliance rebuff logic works better with Legacy of the White Tiger, Dark Intent, etc

v2.07 - 23rd July 2015
* TOC file update for Patch 6.2

v2.06 - 7th March 2015
* Added Frost Nova (intending Ice Nova) to the default list of CDs
* Prevent Ice Nova from appearing in pos #1 if target has the debuff already
* Added Rune of Power. Same priority as Mirror Image
* Now checks for minimum WDW version as a help to keep things up to date

v2.05 - 24th February 2015
* Update TOC file for Patch 6.1

v2.04 - 20th February 2015
* Stand alone AddOn (requiring We Don't Wipe v4.00) but hopefully Wowinterface & Curse compatible

v2.03 - 21st January 2015
* Adjust priority of Brain Freeze procs
* Now works well if player did NOT choose Frost Bomb but went for Ice Nova / Unstable Magic instead
* Phantom Ice Lances unrelated to any proc/CD now removed from rotation

v2.02 - 18th January 2015
* Complete rewrite of the Frost Mage rotation
* Rune of Power removed for the time being as I cannot test Blizzard's changes properly yet. Mirror Image is by far better for single target fights anyway
* Prismatic Crystal support is BETA!!! Please give feedback
* Incanter's Flow *might* be added later with a visible charge

v2.01 - 29th November 2015
* Added Comet Storm (lowest priority lol) for those who really must lol
* Rune of Power icon fix
* In-game rotation Note updated

v2.00 - 11th November 2014
* New rotation for Warlords of Draenor

v1.03 - 9th September 2013
* Version number bump for Patch 6.0.3

v1.02 - 9th September 2013
* Rotations completely revamped / corrected / prepared for Tier 16 gear bonuses

v1.01 - 13th August 2013
* Filler spell now correctly suggests Frostfire Bolt for players below level 12

== v1.00 - 22nd July 2013
* Initial release

(Previous incarnations were bundled within We Don't Wipe)
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Unread 11-13-15, 07:20 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Really nice addon. Started to gear my frost mage and this have been really helpful learning the rotation.

Btw, what do these numbers mean?
Last edited by Hilloo : 11-13-15 at 08:51 AM.
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Unread 01-27-15, 02:28 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Re: v2.02 - Rewritten!

Originally Posted by Taraezor
Baine: The IV CD problem: The main WDW AddOn has recently been updated as well this plug-in / module so hopefully resolved for anyone experiencing the problem.
just tested it, and the permanent suggestion of IV is gone thanks for the update and your work
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Unread 11-30-14, 10:35 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally Posted by Taraezor
Originally Posted by Baine
keeps suggesting icy veins, although they are on cooldown
Tested again (and I use actively). Icy Veins will appear when still on CD but you will note it sliding from right to left as the CD approaches zero. At less than one GCD it will appear in position number 1.

pls don't hate me :P
icy veins on cd, suggested as next spell, cd on the cooldown bars doesn't work as well
(IV is on MainBar, slot 6)

about the enrage...
the ogres in Bloodmaul Slag Mines like to enrage as well, that's were i noticed it
Last edited by Baine : 11-30-14 at 10:36 AM.
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Unread 11-23-14, 03:28 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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thanks for the update

but it keeps suggesting icy veins, although they are on cooldown

edit: spellsteal also shows on enrage effects
Last edited by Baine : 11-23-14 at 03:54 AM.
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