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Rematch 5 Beta

Version: 5.0.0-beta-21
by: Gello [More]

Rematch is a pet journal alternative for managing pets and teams.

The beta has ended and Rematch 5 has gone live. You can find the most recent update at this link:

Thanks to everyone that helped test this! Any further issues, please post to the main addon at the above link (or you can PM me).

Rematch 5 is a complete rewrite of the addon. The goal was to make it easier to maintain, to take advantage of modern UI/API developments, to make the UI more consistent, to rework the data structures/UI to allow multiple teams in a target and vice versa, and to remove cruft. I believe all of these goals have been achieved.

If you're interested in testing this beta, please let me know of any issues, bugs, questions or concerns. You can post them as a comment here on wowinterface or to the warcraftpets thread here. Instructions for updating are at the bottom. (Remember this is a beta, the chances of bugs are higher than the release version. You may want to backup your WTF folder too just to be safe.)


There are many (many) changes, not all listed here, but some highlights include:

General UI:

  • A more polished and consistent UI using modern elements like scrollboxes and views, while keeping a familiar look and feel
  • The toolbar now includes more buttons, including rarity and leveling stones (that automatically change based on summoned pet and stones you have), a Load Random Pets button, and a pet satchel button to cycle through buttons in more compact views
  • Tooltips now have an option for a delayed mouseover reaction speed (Slow, Normal, Fast) like pet cards and ability tooltips
  • Throughout the UI, text in the dark blue "rare" color is a little bit brighter to make it easier to read against dark backgrounds
  • Lists (pets, teams, targets, queue) can be separately made compact while other lists remain in their normal size

Standalone Window:
  • The standalone window can now be expanded into three panels like the journal, while still collapsible down to two or one panels (or minimized)
  • Tabs now align with the chosen anchor (eg. bottomright anchor will move tabs to bottomright)
  • The standalone window can now be anchored to center top and center bottom in addition to the four corners

  • Pets can be marked and filtered with a "Pet Marker" similar to the target/world markers (skull, cross, star, etc.)
  • From the filter menu, pet markers can be renamed to use for whatever purpose you want. Rename star to "Pets to Buy", skull to "Tier 1 Pets", etc.
  • A list of filtered pets can be exported from the pet filter menu, optionally as a csv of their stats such as rarity, level and breed
  • Pets can now be sorted by three levels of sort instead of one
  • The number of teams a pet belongs to is now a sort option
  • Compact pet lists are now styled more similarly to the normal-sized pet lists

Pet Cards:
  • Pet cards are now minimizable for a more compact view of a pet's stats and abilities
  • More options to "flip" a pet card over, including changing modifier key or requiring a click
  • Background art for pet cards now include portrait, icon, pet type or no art in addition to expansion art
  • Pets of the 350+ notable targets now display their rarity and stats on the pet card, with abilities adjusted for their stats
  • Ability tooltips now have an option for background art of its icon or pet type

  • Teams can now contain multiple targets
  • Teams are now organized into unlimited, scrollable, collapsable groups with up to 15 of them being shown as team tabs
  • Teams and groups can be picked up onto the mouse and reorganized by drag and drop, much like pets in the queue
  • In addition to drag and drop, a Team Herder tool from the Teams button allows easily moving many teams to other groups with simple clicks
  • Team groups can be colored and teams within will inherit their color
  • Leveling preferences and win records properties are now within the team edit dialog and not separate tooltips/dialogs

  • Targets can now be assigned to multiple teams, with a priority order of teams you can reorder
  • The target list is now in its own tab with targets colored by the expansion they're from
  • Random counter pets can be loaded for any of the 350+ known targets to randomly pick high-level pets that are Strong Vs and Tough Vs the target's pets
  • When targeting something with more than one team, the target panel will display the topmost team with buttons to cycle through other teams
  • When targeting wild pets, the target panel at the top will now display the pet for viewing its pet card and abilities before you battle
  • Notable targets with known pets will always display their pets in the target panel in modes that always display the target panel
  • Target models in the target panel are now displayed as their better-curated 2D portrait

Leveling Queue:
  • A new Default Preferences in addition to Team and Group Preferences allows setting criteria regardless of the team loaded (such as a global max level for the queue)
  • The queue now uses a stable sort by default so all things being equal, pets remain in the order they were added/moved during a sort
  • Pets in a team can now be sorted to the top of the queue
  • The leveling queue can now be exported and imported

  • Many options were converted to dropdowns
  • Targeting Options has been renamed Interact Options with separate interact behaviors for target or mouseover of saved targets
  • (If looking for Auto Load, it's in one of the Interact Options dropdowns)

Features Removed:
  • Toolbar Option 'Move Toolbar To Bottom' was removed to make layouts easier to maintain
  • Standalone Window Option 'Combine Pets And Queue' was removed to make layouts easier to maintain, and it's no longer needed with 3-panel option
  • (If anything else is missing let me know. It may have been an oversight or moved elsewhere. The above two are the only two options intentionally removed that I can think of.)

Along with fixing bugs and optimizations, a few features are still in development and may show placeholder dialogs until complete:
  • Collection summary/statistics
  • Sending/receiving teams in-game to/from other Rematch users
  • Dealing with wrapped pets
  • Creating a script to pull out localization strings

Notes for existing Rematch users
  • Before installing this beta, I strongly recommend backing up your WTF folder (or the Rematch.lua within, described below) in case anything happens, so you don't lose your teams and settings to a bug in the beta.
  • Your queue, teams and many (not all) settings will seamlessly convert from Rematch 4 to 5 when you log in, but many settings will not carry over. Notably: Auto Load and related options will not automatically carry over. (These are in Interact Options now and have changed a lot.)
  • Some team names may be slightly renamed to add a number after them to keep them unique. If you had a team named Squirt with a target and another team named Squirt without a target, then the latter will be renamed to Squirt (2) (or an incrementing number if 2 already used). The team with the target will always be the "primary" team on an upgrade from 4.x to 5.x. In Rematch 5, teams are uniquely named regardless of whether they have targets or not.
  • While old Backup strings are supported, they contain no information about the tabs other than their names. The new backup export includes information about groups (icon, color, sort mode, whether it's shown as a tab). If you import this new backup into Rematch 4, it will not recognize the icons and such.
  • To do a large scale reorganization of your teams into new groups, I highly recommend using the Team Herder from the Teams button at the top of the Teams tab rather than dragging individual teams up/down the list. As you'll notice, when you pick up a team onto the mouse, it collapses other lists to choose where to drop it. (For drag and drop, if you prefer, search for the option "Require Click To Drag Teams". This may become default, I'm not sure yet.)

Beta feedback I'm most interested in
  • Is there anything that doesn't make sense? The addon should be usable without a manual. More advanced features should be evident when they're discovered.
  • Is there a bug? If so please describe the steps to reproduce it. I can realistically only fix bugs I can reproduce.
  • Is there any behavior that was unexpected? Let me know what behavior you expected vs what happened.
  • Is there a feature/option of Rematch 4 that you're not seeing? There are over 100 options to this addon and some were consolidated and some added. Some were probably missed. Some were dropped intentionally but feel free to ask.
  • Is there anything else that would be useful within the scope of this addon? The scope is a journal alternative for managing pets and teams.

How to install

For the moment it's only on wowinterface here.

I'll consider uploading this beta to curse soon, but I'm worried about curse's auto-updating client installing this on unsuspecting users. So I want to make sure it's stable when that happens.

Using Rematch 4 or any other addon is not a prerequisite to trying this beta. But if you're an existing Rematch user, this addon should be installed over your existing Rematch folder while out of the game. I recommend:
  1. Exit the game entirely.
  2. Make a backup of your existing WTF folder (or specifically, World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\Account\%AccountName%\SavedVariables\Rematch.lua).
  3. Delete the Rematch folder from your Interface\Addons folder (specifically, World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns\Rematch).
  4. Extract the above download to Interface\Addons (or ontop of existing one if you didn't delete).
  5. Log into the game.

(Do not attempt to upgrade this while logged into the game. The client will not recognize any new files and the addon will not work.)

If you're a Rematch 4 user, the first time you log into Rematch 5, it will make an internal backup of your Rematch 4 teams and settings and then convert everything to Rematch 5. The internal backup will persist for at least as long as the beta lasts.

If you decide you want to go back to Rematch 4, repeat the above steps except download and extract Rematch 4 found here:

If you were using Rematch 4.15 or greater before, it should automatically restore the old teams and settings. (Note: any changes in Rematch 5 will not translate back to Rematch 4. Re-installing Rematch 4 will revert to your teams and settings before the upgrade to Rematch 5.)

Thanks for trying this beta and thanks in advance for feedback!

11/04/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-21
- Clicks to the background Rematch frame while it's in the journal will pass through to the underlying collections frame
- Added Rematch.badges:UnregisterBadge(list,badge) for outside addons to unregister their badges
- Importing multiple teams or groups will expand the group(s) that contain the teams imported
- Removed debug code
- Updated readme.txt

10/29/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-20
- Added Standalone Window Option 'Panel Tabs' with a dropdown to choose a corner to anchor panel tabs (Pets, Teams, Targets, etc.) independent of the standalone window anchor. Note: Changing the regular standalone window anchor will switch this setting to match until you change this setting again
- localization/template.lua rebuilt

10/29/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-19
- Sounds added for many UI interactions
- The button to filter level 25 pets in the pets panel type bar will also filter for rare level 25 pets when the button is right-clicked
- When team or target names are truncated (Sully "The Pickle" McL... instead of Sully "The Pickle" McLeary) then a tooltip will display the full name when the mouse is over the team or target
- Added Help Option 'Hide Truncated Tooltips' to not show the above tooltips
- Restored periodic dialog offering to backup all teams (and Confirmation Option 'Don't Remind About Backups' to suppress these dialogs)
- Level badges updated to use an uncompressed blp for higher quality textures
- Moved 'Display Unique Pets Total' from Appearance Options to Toolbar Options

10/14/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-18
- Added right-click menu options to teams and targets to allow loading or editing the teams saved to targets and vice versa, to make it easier to manage mulitple teams for targets and targets for teams
- The Load Target menu options will (if necessary) expand the window to show the target panel for the target loaded
- The team right-click menu option Share -> Send will now show the dialog to send teams to other Rematch users. Note: Rematch 5 and Rematch 4 users can send teams to each other but if a Rematch 5 team has more than one target, only the first target will be picked up by Rematch 4 users
- When importing a single team and saving, if you're not already in the team list it will go to the team list to show where the imported team was saved
- Create Group added to team group right-click menus to create new groups
- Fix for potential lua error when filtering for Level -> Moveset Not At 25
- Fix for Prioritize Breed For Imports checkbutton on import dialog not wired up to the actual option
- Fix for lua error on 10.2 PTR clients relating to a ModelScene template

10/01/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-17
- Added Pet Filter Option 'Sort New Pets To Top' to temporarily sort new pets you've collected to the top of the pet list until Rematch is next closed or Reset All chosen from the pet filter menu
- When new pets are wrapped (from the store or promotion), they'll now properly sort to top of the list
- Rather than using a right-click menu to unwrap a pet, simply clicking the wrapped pet in the list will show its pet card (if not already shown) and unwrap the pet
- For event REMATCH_TEAM_OVERWRITTEN, arg1 is now always the teamID being overwritten and arg2 is the teamID it's being overwritten by (if applicable)

09/27/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-16
- Reduced time it takes to retrieve an uncached target name
- Fix for "Keep Companion" option's setting not properly carrying over from Rematch 4

09/17/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-15
- Reworked post-battle processing to more reliably handle changing pet health and xp
- The leveling queue is now a little more aggressive in checking if a new pet should be slotted
- Fix for the leveling queue's self repair in cases like a server petID reassignment
- Fix for Revive Battle Pets button not immediately showing proper cooldown when window first summoned
- Fix for potential lua error when the option 'Use Pet Cards In Battle' is enabled while using the addon Pet Tracker
- Added support for capturing Rematch 4 to Rematch 5 team conversions. See savedvars/convert.lua
- Added event REMATCH_TEAM_OVERWRITTEN when a teamID is overwritten by another. See docs/extending.txt

09/11/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-14
- Added localization/template.lua with all strings pulled out for potential localization
- Fix for lua error on pet cards for pets like Cassandra Kaboom's Gizmo that have abilities shifted to adjacent slots

09/04/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-12
- Restored Team Options 'Load Healthiest Pet' and its suboptions 'Allow Any Version' and 'After Battles Or Heals Too' (latter was previously 'After Pet Battles Too')
- Casting Revive Battle Pets or using a Battle Pet Bandage will potentially slot new pets from the leveling queue if the Leveling Queue Option 'Prefer Living Pets' is enabled and a leveling pet was skipped due to being dead or injured
- Interact Option 'Prefer Uninjured Teams' will check for 'Load Healthiest Pet' option also and choose the topmost team that can be loaded at full health
- When Interact Option 'Always Interact' is enabled and the loaded team is different than the current preferred team for the target (due to healing pets with 'Prefer Uninjured Teams' enabled or raising another team to top preferred team), interacting with the same target will re-trigger the chosen interact behavior, if any
- Loading a team with an invalid pet (caged, released, petID reassignment) will automatically find a replacement
- Behavior Option 'Preferred Window' has been "baked in" so that some behaviors that summon the window will return to the last used window (eg. if you were in journal last, it will summon the journal)
- Added Interact Option 'On Soft Interact' if the SoftTargetInteract cvar is fully enabled (3) on login
- Added cache for petIDs by speciesIDs to speed up internal search for alternate pets
- Moved notes OnSizeChanged to a little later in the login
- Updated toc for 10.1.7 patch

08/20/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-11
- Update for how notes/pet card is handled when shown without a mouse interaction
- When dialog is on screen and UI hidden, dialog is properly dismissed (so it's not blank when UI returned)
- Clicking a type bar button will now hide the filter menu
- Auto Load and Prompt To Load options from Rematch 4 will now import an approximation of settings into Rematch 5
- Notes window closes when leaving a battle unless it has focus
- Fix for PVP battle wins not being recorded when 'For PVP Battles Only' checked in Team Win Record Options
- Fix for "Other" category of Favorite Filters not importing properly from Rematch 4
- Fix for team/group remaining darkened after hiding the UI while dragging a team/group
- Fix for loadout slots remaining flashing after hiding the UI and then dropping a pet while UI is hidden
- Fix for lua error when checking 'Export Simple Pet List' in options
- Fix for lua error when dropping pets onto minimized loadout slots

- There is not a 1:1 relationship between old and new Auto Load/Prompt To Load settings. Please see the Interact Options in the options panel for ways you can now interact with targets.
- The Auto Load and "Other" favorite filter import changes will not retroactively update settings already imported in prior beta versions. If you haven't made many changes in Rematch 5 you can "/rematch reset everything" to do a complete wipe and re-import, but this will wipe changes to all teams, groups and other settings since upgrading from Rematch 4 to the Rematch 5 beta.

08/04/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-10
- Added keybind back to toggle notes for currently-loaded team
- Clicking the alert popup for new pets will go to that pet in Rematch
- Fix for potential lua errors when clearing search

08/01/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-09
- Fix for potential issues in automatic conversion from Rematch 4 to 5

07/31/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-08
- Fix for Rematch 4 teams/queue/settings not importing since beta-07
- Fix for \n not being translated back to newlines in imported notes

07/22/2023 version 5.0.0-beta-07
- Collection summary added which includes a team battle summary tab for all recorded team battles
- Fix for unique pets count in collection button at topleft of window
- Updated handling of target names while waiting for them to be cached
- Searches are now "accent-insensitive" on French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Portuguese, and Brazilian clients
- Favorite filters now automatically import from Rematch 4
- Added many ways to extend this addon from third-party addons, including events, badges and menus. See docs/extending.txt
- Added LDB launcher
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