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Version: v5.17.70000
by: spiel2001, Telic

Telic has been kind (crazy) enough to allow me to take over the care and feeding of this beast. Please be patient with me a bit while I get up to speed on the code. I'll get regular updates going as soon as I can. In the meantime, please feel free to visit PartySpotter's official technical support forum in the "Support" section at http://forums.nUIaddon.com for any questions or comments you may have on this addon.


Small, standalone Modification that adds extra information to the Party/Raid dots and tooltips (compatible with BG Raid groups).
Compatible with WorldMap, BattlefieldMinimap, AlphaMap (including AlphaMap Battleground maps).

Has Multiple viewing modes - just use the provided key binding or Left-Click on the WorldMap PartySpotter button to cycle through them when in a Raid/Battleground and see which mode you find most useful.

Default mode displays player dots as numbered icons showing the Raid Group they belong to, and are also coloured based on the character class of that player.

Rings around player dots will also indicate when players are :
Corpses (Black ring)
Ghosts (Grey ring)
AFK/Inactive (Pink ring)
In Combat (Red ring)

Now integrated with both the Raid Frame, and the Battlefield Score Board
: mouse over players to flash their position on the map.
: mouse over Class buttons to highlight all players of that class on the map.
: Alt-Click on Players to permanently highlight them and track them via the minimap

Individual groups can be highlighted on the map by clicking on that group number in the PartySpotter Map Key (Map Legend).

Chat messages can be prefixed with the number of the Raid Group a player is in, and/or they can be coloured based on the Raid group the player is in if viewing Coloured Raid group dots.

Can also highlight Friends or Ignores or Guild Mates in the Raid. Key binding or WorldMap Button can be used to cycle through the different highlighting modes.

Use a key binding or <Control>-Left-Click on the WorldMap PartySpotter button to show/hide Map Keys.

Can also track the Raid Leader via slash command



- Key binding to highlight your Party members only so you can check where they are
Press again to go back to the viewing mode you were using previously

- Key binding to cycle through the main PartySpotter modes
1.) Show Numbered Raid sub-groups coloured by Character Class
2.) Show Differently Coloured Raid sub-groups
3.) Show Numbered Raid sub-groups
4.) Show Player dots Coloured based on Character Class
5.) Show All Other Raid sub-groups in the same colour
NOTE: Left-Click on the WorldMap PartySpotter Button to cycle through the above viewing modes

- Key binding to cycle through the PartySpotter highlighting functions
1.) Friends
2.) Ignores
3.) Guild mates
4.) No Highlighting
NOTE: Right-Click on the WorldMap PartySpotter Button to cycle through the highlighting modes

- Key binding to Show/Hide the Map Keys
NOTE: <Control>-Left-Click on the WorldMap PartySpotter Button to Show/Hide the Map Keys

Slash Commands

/pspot : Displays the status of PartySpotter, and this list of Commands

/pspot 0 : Disable PartySpotter (i.e. /pspot followed by a zero)

/pspot <1 - 10> : Enable PartySpotter and set the delay between WorldMap Updates in seconds.
Default value at install is 10.
PartySpotter is now mainly event driven, so I'd suggest "/pspot 10" is the best way to enable PartySpotter if previously disabled.
(It is possible to use a decimal point and set this vaue to 0.5, or 3.6 for example)

/pspot showgroups combined : If in a Raid, then player dots will show the Raid Group number they belong to, AND the dots will be coloured based on the character's Class

/pspot showgroups icons : If in a Raid, then people in different sub-groups will be represented by different coloured icons

/pspot showgroups numbers : If in a Raid, then people in different sub-groups will be represented by icons clearly marked with their group number

/pspot showgroups off : If in a Raid, then people in different sub-groups will be represented by the same Orange icon. Your local Party/group members are still highlighted differently as Blue

/pspot showclasses : If in a Raid, then Player dots will be coloured based on their Character Class as per the colours in the Blizzard Raid Frame

/pspot showfriends : to TOGGLE the highlighting of Friends

/pspot showignores : to TOGGLE the highlighting of Ignores

/pspot showguild : to TOGGLE the highlighting of Guild mates

/pspot -l : to TOGGLE the highlighting of your Raid leader (Marked by a Red "1")

/pspot -t <name> : will highlight the specified individual(s), so that you don't have to mouse over lots of icons to find one single person (Marked by a red "X")
Right-Click Menu option when clicking on a Party/Raid Portrait or Chat frame Name to Highlight a player will also do the same thing.
Highlighted Players will be tracked in the Minimap
The slash command has been extended and can accept multiple names separated by a comma and/or spaces)
To remove an individual player's highlighting, simply highlight them again to toggle them off.
To clear the entire list, use the "/pspot -t" slash command with no name parameter.

/pspot -t : leaving the name blank, will cancel the highlighting of any highlighted player(s)

/pspot -c : to TOGGLE coloured BattleGround/Raid messages when showing different coloured map icons

/pspot -n : to TOGGLE Raid Group Numbered Chat Messages

/pspot -s < 8 - 36 > : to adjust the size of the PartySpotter Icons (Default 18)

/pspot reset : reset all defaults, and anchor the map keys to the default map positions

Changed in v5.17.70000
- toc update for 4.3 patch

Changed in v5.17.60000
- toc update for 4.2 patch

Changed in v5.17.50000
- toc update for 4.1 patch

Changed in v5.17.40000
- fixed arg1 nil value error at line 829

Changed in v5.16.40000
- fixed TOC for WoW 4.0

- fixed event handlers for API changes in 4.0

Changes in v5.15.30102

- given the change in the ADDON_LOADED
implementation and that it is no longer
guaranteed that the addon's variables
have been loaded when VARIABLES_LOADED
fires, changed the mod to use the
ADDON_LOADED event instead

Changes in v5.16.30301

- Fixed a packaging error

Changes in v5.16.30300

- Verified function and Updated TOC for Patch 3.3

Changes in v5.16.30100 from v5.15.30100

- fix to unit right click menu support

hanges in v5.15.30100 from v5.14.30100

- fix to mouseover tooltip error

Changes in v5.14.30100 from v5.12.30100

- fix to Rotating Minimap support in 3.1
(NOTE: This version is backward compatible with 3.0.9 - but must Load Out of Date AddOns)

Changes in v5.12.30100 from v5.12.30000

- toc update for WoW Patch 3.1
(NOTE: This version is backward compatible with 3.0.9 - but must Load Out of Date AddOns)

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