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Version: 2.91
by: schnoggo [More]

With RealID going live, most guilds don't need AKA anymore.
Altaholic provides the secondary features so I'm planning to discontinue development of AKA unless there's a lot of demand.

AKA allows players to specify a nickname that will be seen in chat by other users of the addon regardless of which character they are currently playing.
Like this:

[Guild][Nelorb]:(MyNickname) So tell me a story...

Shift-clicking on the character name brings up a tooltip listing all of the know 'alts' in addition to the regular /who information.

Event creator nicknames are shown on the Calendar.

AKA tracks the multiple characters in a given account and provides mechanisms
for sharing character information with other players running the addon.
As you log into each character, its information is added to your personal roster and shared with other players running AKA.

Because the nickname is added to the chat by the addon, and not actually sent in chat, it will not conflict with addons which watch chat such a DKP or Suicide Kings mods.

Character data is transmitted using the 'addon' guild channel.
Version 2 adds the option to set nicknames using guild notes. Check the options panel for different methods.

Extract the files into your World of Warcraft Interfaces/AddOns directory.

In WoW, type /aka to bring up the interface window. The first panel shows which players you are tracking. Clicking on the OPTION tab allows you to change your nickname and create new communications channels for non-guild sharing.

Log into each character to automatically add its information to the list.

Special thanks to the ISCA Alliance guild and the other guilds of the SLACK alliance on Whisperwind for their patience during the months of beta testing.

Jan 4, 2010 (2.91)
* Fixed the issue with cross-realm player names in PUGs and BGs.

Dec 8, 2009 (2.9)
* Updated TOC version for WoW client 3.2
* Removed in-game Calendar integration. This broke with the last version and needs a more maintainable approach.
* New (untested) code to identify player realms in cross-realm PUGs and BGs.

Aug 5, 2009 (2.8)
* Updated TOC version for WoW client 3.2

May 7, 2009 (2.7)
* Updated TOC version for WoW client 3.1
* Removed math.randomseed reference - no longer avail in WoW client

Oct 14, 2008 (2.61)
* Added Inscription to talent tracking
* Hopefully fixed the folder name at wowinterface

Oct 14, 2008 (2.6)
* Removed beta designation
Changes since last release verion:
* Fixed preference checkboxes and radio buttons. These were not properly displaying their current state
* Scrolling toon list now uses "faux" scrolling fames. More attractive and much faster
* Calendar support. Now shows nickname of event creator on calendar
* Updated event handliung to be 3.x-compatible
* Lots of code clean-up
* Updated to-do list
* Updated TOC version

Oct 13, 2008 (version 2.6b)
* More code clean up
* Changed event handling from 'this' to passing 'self'
* This fixed /who tooltips

Oct 13, 2008 (version 2.5b)
* More code clean-up
* Preferences are now being drawn correctly. (This was also causing the "losing my settings" problem.)
* /who tooltips aren't working on test realms.
*NOTE* files have changes from 2.2x versions - you will need to exit WoW for this update.

Oct 12, 2008 (version 2.4b)
* Scrolling toon list working
* Lots of code clean-up
*NOTE* files have changes from 2.2x versions - you will need to exit WoW for this update

Oct 4, 2008 (version 2.3b)
* Calendar support. Now shows nickname of event creator on calendar.
*NOTE* files have changes from 2.2x versions - you will need to exit WoW for this update.

Sep 21, 2008 (version 2.2b)
* first build for WoW 3.0 client

Sep 21, 2008 (version 2.2b)
* first build for WoW 3.0 client

July 26, 2008 (version 2.11)
* Looks like wrong file uploaded to the Addon sites - this release is to ensure the correct files are being distributed.
* Changed the URL in the update message.

July 22, 2008 (version 2.1)
* Updated TOC for patch 2.4
* Fixed critical bugs with data synchronization
* Added license information
* Changed the "home" web site
* Removed the To-Do list from this document

Nov 13, 2007
* Upated TOC for patch 2.3. No other changes.

Oct 29, 2007
* Bug was discovered in housekeeping routines that delete users that haven't been seen in over 100 days. Hopefully fixed.
* Also disabled some debug code that would display guild roster updates if you were using the guild notes options.

Sep 25, 2007
* Updated TOC for patch 2.2.
* Made the beta versions the live version
* Updated message format version to force updates

Aug 4, 2007
* Added Preference options for the new sharing model.
* Added Preference options for guild note support.
* Finally implemented deleting of obsolete toon info!

Aug 3, 2007
* Removed the channel options. AKA now watches all chat channels and attempts to get nickname information through the guild, raid or whisper channels.
* Added support for player names in guild notes.

Aug 2, 2007
* Added ability to close AKA preferences with ESC

July 1, 2007
* Minor change to ensure that player information is updated when entering the world

May 21, 2007
* Updated TOC for WoW Client 2.1
* Updated version number to recommend upgrading

May 17, 2007
* Just updaed TOC # and refreshed files to get out of ui.worldofwar.net "archive" status

Jan 9, 2007
* Fixed the problem with non-guild communications!
* Updated for WoW client 2.03
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awesome,it's very usefull when my "so much" friends have "so much" charactors
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You, er, need to turn smilies off in your post, I think mate. The example you gave has turned it into something a little different to what would appear in-game.
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