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Classic Patch (1.13.5)
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CTMod (Classic)  Updated less than 3 days ago!

Version: Classic
by: DahkCeles [More]

Classic version of CTMod


CTMod is one of the longest-running collections of addons for World of Warcraft (since Vanilla), developed at first by Cide and TS who can boast that many of their innovative features were later incorporated into the actual game. Resike and Dahk (DDC) have supported these addons since 2014 and 2017 respectively.

CTMod customizes your interface to include hotbars, buff timers, statistics recording, and much more. This project commits to tailoring the existing Blizzard UI wherever possible, instead of completely replacing it like some other addons do.

CTMod comes in thirteen modules that you may disable at the character-selection screen. Only use the portions you want. (CT_Library is necessary for all the others to work.)

The full list below is grouped loosely into WOW Interface addon categories:

  • Action Bars
    • CT_BarMod
    • CT_BottomBar
  • Raiding, Unit Frames and Buffs/Debuffs
    • CT_BuffMod
    • CT_RaidAssist (also called "CTRA")
    • CT_UnitFrames
    • CT_PartyBuffs
  • Mailbox, Map, and General Utility
    • CT_Core
    • CT_MailMod
    • CT_MapMod
    • CT_ExpenseHistory
    • CT_Timer
    • CT_Viewport

Please feel free to use the comments, or reach the author at GitHub. (15 Sep 20)
- Fixed: Custom action bars update to new spell icons as required with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Spell alert animations appearing on macro actions with CT_BarMod
- New: Integration to the future Shadowlands waypoint system with CT_MapMod
- New: Filter auras with/without a duration using non-secure frames with CT_BuffMod
- Improved: More click-casting options for Druid and Priest in Classic with CT_RaidAssist (22 Aug 20)
- Updated: Several changes to improve future 9.0 Shadowlands compatibility.
- New: Option for smaller spacing between raid frames with CT_RaidAssist
- New: Option to show the default UI border around icons with CT_BuffMod
- New: Option to suppress the on-load alert message with CT_Viewport
- Localization: Adding three languages to CT_Viewport (credit: dynaletik, ddc, fredakook) (24 Jun 20)
- Fixed: The Mythic+ keystone frame stuck behind custom bar positions with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Assist frame not updating when target's target changes with CT_UnitFrames
- Fixed: Tooltip error during certain raid encounters with CT_RaidAssist
- Updated: Encounter buffs in BWL/ZG/AQ20/AQ40/NL with CT_RaidAssist (10 Jun 20)
- Fixed: Text on party-member health/mana bars with CT_UnitFrames
- Fixed: Option to hide the "range dot" on non-CT bars with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Maintain a custom screen size during mid-encounter cut scenes with CT_Viewport (7 Jun 20)
- Fixed: Fading range indication on non-CT bars with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Faster update rate when the tooltip follows the mouse with CT_Core
- New: Indicator when players out of phase with CT_RaidAssist
- Improved: Reduced CPU usage with CT_BarMod and CT_UnitFrames
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Talk about a blast from the past, well done.

Edit: Of the Mod of the Week is still a thing put this up.
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