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Cirk's Badapples - Fan Update

Version: 3.2.0.F
by: help137 [More]

NOTICE: This is a Fan Update of an add-on by Cirk. This is being posted to fix the LUA error on login to a toon and update the TOC to ver 3.3.x. Since Cirk appears to have gone walkabout and he has turned off the ability to upload patches to his stuff, I will leave this here until he returns or Blizzard patches (breaks) something I can't fix.

Badapples allows you to record the names (and optional reasons) of players you've encountered (or even been told about) who are, shall we say not the most sterling examples of social and gaming etiquette in action, and whom you'd really rather avoid grouping with, or dealing with at all ever again. Badapples is an alternative to ignore in that you will still see everything relating to that player as you would have before, but you will now have visual feedback to help you distinguish the badapples from the good. Badapples maintains its list of player names on a per server basis, so you won't need to add the same player again for each of your own characters.

Some of the features of Badapples are:

  • Highlights the name of players seen in chat if they are Badapples (and shows their status with reason if you click on the player's name in the chat frame).
  • Highlights the name of players in your target box if they are Badapples.
  • Highlights the name of players in your mouseover Tooltip if they are Badapples.
  • Allows you to choose the color used for the highlighting of player names.
  • Gives you a warning message with the names of party members who are on your Badapples list (or on your Ignore list) when you join a party (or when they join).
  • Gives you a warning message with the names of any raid members who are on your Badapples list (or on your Ignore list) when you join a raid (or when they join).
  • Shows a confirmation popup if you are about to invite someone who is on your Badapples or Ignore lists.
  • Shows a different invitation popup if you are being invited by someone on your Badapples list.
  • Provides a new tab in the social window next to the Friends and Ignore tabs for easy viewing and management of your Badapples list. (Alternative tab positions at the bottom of the social window or on the right side are still supported if you prefer).

Badapples also does not perform any checks on player names passed to it, so you can even add the names of players from the "other" side (Horde names if you are Alliance for example) to help keep track of them as well. However it does only check for player names that match those in its list, so although you can add NPC names, it won't ever show them in the highlights as actually being Badapples).

Badapples slash commands

Badapples supports the following slash commands (also available as /bad):

/badapples help shows these options.
/badapples list shows the list of player names in your Badapples list.
/badapples show brings up the Badapples list social window (useful if you turn off the social tab).
/badapples add <playername> [reason] adds a player to your Badapples list.
/badapples remove <playername> removes a player from your Badapples list.
/badapples check <playername> or /badapples status <playername> shows whether this player is on your Badapples list or not.
/badapples removeall allows you to remove all players from your Badapples list.
/badapples color allows you to set the highlight color that Badapples uses to flag players on your list.
/badapples notab disables the Badapples social tab.
/badapples toggletab allows you to toggle the Badapples social tab between the friends, bottom, and side positions.

I hope you find it useful!

-- Cirk of Doomhammer

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Unread 05-28-10, 10:35 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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I have a question...

Since the cross-realms dungeon finder is up, I'm encountering the worst educated people in all my years playing WoW. They must think "Hey, let's be a total as*hole with these people, 'cause I'm not going to see them anymore!".

So, it's some way to add them to the BadApples list AND the addon recognizing their server of procedence...? Because some names are popular, and I don't want to kick a good person of another server instead.

Thanks for updating this great addon!
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Unread 05-17-10, 05:57 AM  
A Cliff Giant
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Thanks. Re updates, I hope that you can continue to keep it going.
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