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Updated:04-30-11 09:36 AM
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Chat Filter

Version: 1.0
by: Naw [More]

This is a simple chat addon that filters gold spammers and raid markers/icons from various channels (general, trade, whispers, say, yell, etc..). Messages from friends, guild, raid and party members are not filtered.

The gold filter works by maintaining a list of keywords with a keyword threshold. If a message goes over the keyword threshold it gets filtered. The raid icon filter works by simply removing the markers (skull, x, square, etc..) from the message.

List of commands:
/cf gold - Enable or disable the gold spam filter
/cf icons - Enable or disable the raid icon filter
/cf dupes - Enable or disable the duplicates filter
/cf verbose - Show or hide filter notifications
/cf log - View the last 10 filtered messages

Version 1.0
-Updated for patch 4.1
-Added a basic duplicate filter to ignore duplicate messages (toggle with /cf dupes)
-Changed the way realID friends are checked
-Added a few more keywords

Version 0.6
- Added several keywords

Version 0.5
- Added a throttle to the filter notifications (only show 1 notification every 10 seconds)

Version 0.4
- Now keeps track of the last 10 filtered messages (you can view the log with /cf log)
- Added an option to show a notification whenever a message is filtered (toggle with /cf verbose)

Version 0.3
- Guild members, friends, party and raid members are no longer filtered
- Added a few keywords to the list
- Changed the default keyword threshold to 4

Version 0.2
- Fixed a bug with one of the gold spam keywords
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