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Enrage Tracker  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.9
by: Naw [More]

Enrage Tracker lets you track enrage effects with a customizable enrage bar. This addon is intended for warriors that want to try and maximum enrage uptime and minimize enrage overlapping. Currently supported enrage effects are: Enrage, Berserker Rage, Death Wish, and Unholy Frenzy.

List of commands:
/enrage enable - Enable or disable the addon
/enrage config - Show the config panel
/enrage lock - Lock the enrage bar
/enrage unlock - Unlock the enrage bar
/enrage reset- Reset the enrage bar

Version 1.9
-Updated for patch 4.1

Version 1.8
-Added a text alignment option

Version 1.7
-Made some minor improvements to the config panel

Version 1.6
-Major update. Redesigned alot of the code (some previously saved settings will be lost)
-Removed the resize grip (you now change the size and scale of the bar from the config panel)
-The foreground and background colors and transparency are now adjustable
-The font and font scale is now adjustable
-Put the library dependencies in a seperate xml file
-Renamed the EnragedBar file

Version 1.5
-Now using custom barcode (this should fix alot of bugs)
-Plus a bunch of other minor changes

Version 1.4
-Added check to only load the addon if the player is a warrior
-Removed Recklessness from the list of enrage effects

Version 1.3
-Changed the addon name from Enraged to Enrage Tracker
-Changed the slash command from /enraged to /enrage

Version 1.2.1
-Forgot to include the AceGUI-3.0 library in previous releases

Version 1.2
-Added toggle option to only show the enrage bar while specced fury

Version 1.1
-Added the aiblity to change the bar texture
-Added the ability to resize the bar
-Plus lots of other minor changes and fixes
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Doesn't work on RU realms.
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