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Version: 1.2
by: Naw [More]

This is a simple mod that tracks the uptime of Pulverize with a nice looking timer bar. This mod is intended for feral druids that want to maximum their pulverize uptime.

You can move the bar around and resize the bar using the resize grip in the bottom right corner of the frame. Once you have the bar set up the way you want use the command "/pulverize lock" to set it in place. You can also use the command "/pulverize test" to see how the bar will look.

List of commands
/pulverize enable - Enable or disable the addon
/pulverize lock - Lock the pulverize bar
/pulverize unlock - Unlock the pulverize bar
/pulverize reset - Reset the pulverize bar
/pulverize test - Test the pulverize bar

Version 1.2
-Now using custom bar code (this should fix alot of bugs)

Version 1.1
-Now hides the bar when leaving combat
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