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Version: 2.3
by: Straata [More]

New for Version 2.3:

  • Fixed formatting on numbers so they can be easily read.


Spiritual successor to TankForge!!!

Designed with Shield Tanks in mind, TruBlock prints to your chat window the ACTUAL percentage of attacks you can block. But what does that mean?

In Mists of Pandaria/5.x, Block is on a second roll table. This means the game will check against your avoidances first, determine if you are hit, and then give you a chance to block. For Example:

3% Miss, 20% Dodge, 20% Parry, 40% Block
Roll 1:

1 - 3 Miss
4 - 23 Dodge
24 - 43 Parry
44 - 100 Hit

Roll 2:

1 - 40 Block
41 - 100 Hit
How does this effect Shield Tanks? Well instead of having a 40% Block rate, you now have 40% of the Hit chance, in this example, meaning a "True Block" chance of roughly 22%

TruBlock calculates all that for you and prints it out, along with your new CTC value (sadly CTC capping is no longer possible though).

Dont get smacked around, get TruBlock and let them know who the real 'baws' is!

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