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Gryphonheart Items

Version: v.2.0.17
by: Pilus [More]

Gryphonheart items (GHI) allows you to create items and props for roleplaying. The items can do a large selection various actions when clicked. This includes doing emotes, playing sounds, casting buffs(that does not effect the game), showing a book, opening a bag and doing screen effects. The item actions also support LUA scripting, which makes it possible to create a lot of creative item actions.

GHI is the perfect solution for:

  • IC contracts when new guild members sign up
  • Medals and tokens of honor for guild members
  • Creating diaries or notes
  • Consumable food/drinks that effects the user
  • Casting customized buffs on other users, such as special designed blessings

New in GHI v.2.0
GHI v.2.0 includes a lot of new features and overall improvements. This page lists the majority of them.

Items have been divided into standard and advanced items, leaving the standard items a bit more simple than the old version of GHI items. This includes:
  • A live updating tooltip preview of the item have been added, showing precisely how the tooltip of the item will look.
  • Requirements have been removed, along with the buttons to toggle the actions to react on requirements.
  • Duration and related options have been removed.
  • The menu is on one page, allowing very quick overview and fast item creation.
  • Very popular scripts, such as screen effects, have gotten its own action.
All the removed features can be achieved with the advanced item instead.

The menus in GHI have been upgraded and made more user friendly.
  • A simple item guide have been created to guide new users trough creating an item
  • It is possible for the user to customize how the GHI menu looks in graphical appearance. This makes it possible to make the menus fit the users particular taste or UI skin.
  • A search function have been added to the icon selection frame.
  • A sound selection menu have been added. This includes the ability to search in the sounds paths.
  • The script/code input frame have been improved overall and also supports lua syntax highlight.

The advanced items has a lot of new options and parameters that allows for a whole new level of detailed customization.
  • Dynamic actions. You are now able to put together actions in the order you want to. You can let some actions trigger others depending on many different factors. This system allows for creating complex items without even writing a single line of LUA code. For those who likes coding in lua, this allows for a new way to structure the code.
  • Attributes. Attributes are values that are tied to a single stack or instance of an item. The value follow it when the item is moved around, traded and after logging off and on. The attributes are a powerful tool that allows for many creative applications, such as giving an item charges, durability or temperature.
  • Dynamic tooltip changes. It is now possible to change the tooltip of your advanced items dynamically, allowing for displaying a different tooltip for a specific stack of items. You can let it display an attribute value or any string you would like. This is usefull for displaying charges or displaying a specific tooltip for one item.
  • Update sequences. The update sequences can update the value of attributes at a given time frequency. This can be used to update e.g. temperature or duration.

Interaction with other addons.
  • Placement of GHI items in the action bars is now working with most major action bar AddOns.

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