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Guild Paint

Version: 0.1
by: Motig [More]

Guild Paint allows guild members who also have the addon to paint on a shared canvas. The image is stored in the guild information so it's always available for everybody.

Everybody needs to be able to change the guild information text for this addon to work or else people can only see the image.

First time use
The first person to run the addon will see the "update" screen. Since the guild information text hasn't been adjusted to an "image" yet you need to click on clear and save. Clear will fill the entire painting with the same color and save will save it in the guild information text. This will erase your previous guild information text!

Normal use
When you login and open the painting screen you will either see the update screen or the guild painting. If you see the update screen it means the addon hasn't been able to get the guild painting yet. You can get it by clicking update. If nothing happens try again in a few seconds. You can only update once per 10 seconds. It should automatically update when you open the window but if you open it within 10 seconds of logging in it might not. Feedback of your actions can be read in the chat window.

[Clear]: Fills the entire screen with the current selected color.
[Update]: Updates the painting to synch it with the guild painting.
[Save]: Writes the painting to guild information text.

Type /gp or /guildpainting show to show the paint window.

This is the first version and there are probably still some bugs I've missed. It's more of a test to see how it'd work with storing data in the guild information text. However in my tests the addon worked fine with 2 accounts but if you do encounter a problem please give a shout here so I can fix it asap!

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