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Arena123 Widget Icons for Tidy Plates: Threat Plates Beta

Version: 1.00
by: Pixol [More]

Written in response to

This patch adds widget icons above arena1, arena2, and arena3 players' nameplates for pvpers who use @arena# macro bindings but sometimes get tired of memorizing the order/number with the corresponding class during an arena match.

After patching, please type "/tptp" to open threat plates config window
Then to go the last tab called "Custom Nameplates" and under "General Settings", Enable.

These are Widget Icon files for use in Arena with the following add-ons:
Tidy Plates v6.3.1 by danltiger
Tidy Plates: Threat Plates Beta v5.2 by suicidalkatt
(Both "Required" unless you know how to manage your own textures)

Please also check out a skin I modified for Threat Plates
Caith Skin for Tidy Plates: Threat Plates Beta

has already been modified to include the changes to display the widget icons (included) above the nameplate 1,2,3.
I have not tested this in arena at all but I did test it with party#, it should work fine. *watches the add-on burn and crash*
I have not added anything for arena4/arena5 so it may look weird in 5v5 (I predict it'll show widget icons for 1,2,3 but not 4,5)
I guess if you want, you can go into the lua file to do a

if not UnitExists("arena4") then
--insert the arena123 code here
"If arena4 doesn't exist, then go ahead and apply the widget icons"
Or make your own textures for 4 and 5 and edit the code to adjust for more.

How to Install:
Just extract into your
"World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns" folder like any other add-on
It will replace the lua file and add the new icons in the Threat Plates Beta folder

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Now working properly.

Hey there. Thx for that addon. But it work not properly for me. Most of the time i dont see any nubmer. Sometimes i see only one of it above one enemy nameplate and very rarely all of them. I doubt it must be uodated because its ptetty simply thing and should be universal. So can someone help me? Thx.
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