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Dragonflight patch (10.0.7)
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Simple Recipe Tooltip

Version: 1.0.6
by: Ghuul [More]

Greetings fellow crafter!

I have always felt that the original tooltips were a bit clunky and hard to read. After stumbling upon a different addon called "Tidy Recipe Tooltip" by LudiusMaximus that changed a bit toward the better. Now that I have gotten myself into crafting addons, here is my version of the tooltip - very clean and simple.

Another tweak that isn't shown in the image above is that if the recipe is already known, the profession requirements are hidden.

If you encounter any bugs, please drop a comment here! At the time of writing this, the addon only support the english language version.

Note: Even though you do not see the item in the tooltip, the recipe can still be CTRL-clicked to see how the item look on your character.

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