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Version: 1.2.30300
by: Siku [More]

A New version will be coming in the coming days, completly re-written and more user-friendly, updated for 4.0 and supporting guild achievements.

This is my second addon, idea came from a chat with a friend who wished for this functionallity. Basically, this will send a message to user-defined custom channels when you earn an achievement.

That way, if you keep up a channel containing friends, guild alliances, or whatever other reason, you can keep them informed of your achievements, no longer will it only be your guild that knows about it.


/ac add <channel> - adds a new channel to the list of channels to be annouced when you achieve something
/ac del <channel> - removes a channel from the list of channels.
/ac list - Display all channels that are kept informed
/ac filterYou - It will hide channel messages of your own achievements. Getting 4 achievements at once broadcasted to 5 channels tends to be VERY spammy.
/ac filterGuild - Hide channel message of your guildmate achievements who are in the same channels as you, you're already seeing them in guild chat anyway

Both filters are enabled by default, but i gave the option to disable it as a convenience.

<channel> must be the NAME of the channel, it will find the channel number on its own

The databse is character-specific, and the commands are not case-sensitive.

The screenshot shows how the addon works, but if you have the filters on, you will not see it. (but your friends will)

- TOC Bump

- Updated for 3.1
- Added FilterYou and FilterGuild functions in case you ever wants to disable them.

- Added Chat Filters so that when you, or a guildmate gets an achievement, you dont see in it additional chat channels that they are in since you've already seen it in Guild chat.
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