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Version: 0.4
by: Shirik [More]

Lightweight tracker addon for the guild perk "Cash Flow".

This addon tracks the loot you and your guildmates pick up through the "Cash Flow" perk. This perk allows you to loot an additional 5% gold when looting gold and puts it in the guild bank. With this addon, you can track how much you've put into the guild bank due to this perk.

It also estimates other guild members' contributions by watching the guild bank total and money log. To activate this feature, you need to periodically go to the guild bank and click on the "money log" tab. The addon cannot update this information unless you click on this tab. (Future versions may do this automatically for you whenever you open the guild bank.)

Note this addon is still in development. It is very rudimentary right now, but it gets the job done. Please let me know of any issues or feature requests.

To dump out information, type one of the following:

  • /fm
  • /flowmaster

Please do not redistribute this addon publicly.

v0.4 - Bugfix Update
  • Corrected an issue where gold deposited into the bank could be computed wrong in the totals. This issue did not corrupt data because it triggered an assertion failure, but would prevent data from being updated.
  • Worked around a Blizzard issue where guild bank transactions do not have a timestamp with greater precision than 1 hour, so they could be recorded multiple times if checked in the same hour. To work around this, Flowmaster now only updates at most once per hour. This is a temporary workaround until a more mature solution can be identified.

v0.3 - Bugfix Update
  • Corrected an issue where gold looted was no longer tracked if you were in a party or raid

v0.2 - Bugfix Update
  • Corrected an issue where if more than 1g has been contributed to the guild bank, the addon would crash when outputting data

v0.1 - Initial Release
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Unread 02-03-11, 11:00 AM  
[email protected]
A Kobold Labourer

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Giving it a go!

Essentially, this add-on captures some of the data export I am looking for.

We are trying to capture who contributes, who spends, and how much is generated to the guild.

Not sure why Blizz doesn't show what's been generated from Cash Flow

So thanks for making up for their shortcomings
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Unread 01-30-11, 12:18 PM  
A Theradrim Guardian

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My number and the guild number update, but I'm not sure that they're correct. I'm in a small guild, with 10-15 active members, and find it hard to believe that I don't even contribute 1% of the total amount.
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Unread 01-13-11, 12:25 AM  
OmNomNom's Pet
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Been getting 0 contribution from other members since I've started using this and I've check the money log a couple of times now. Also I seem to be frozen at 1g44s38cp.
But I am getting this error too when I check the guild bank

2x Flowmaster\Flowmaster.lua:112: assertion failed!
Flowmaster\Flowmaster.lua:112: in function `?'
Flowmaster\Flowmaster.lua:30: in function <Flowmaster\Flowmaster.lua:29>

guildData = <table> {
lastMine = 13471
lastTotal = 75055499
lastCheck = 1294535157
lastOther = 0
mine = 14438
lastCheck = 1294535157
timeSinceLastCheck = 364477
total = 11551391
difference = -4305460
guild = "Purgatory"
DoInitialPopulation = <function> @ Flowmaster\Flowmaster.lua:57:


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Unread 01-04-11, 09:45 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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I got an error (was in the middle of a dungeon so didn't copy it) and it stopped counting at 6 silver 4 copper Ill get more info later
If you don't like my avatar keep in mind I could have used this one.
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