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Version: 0.2
by: surgesoft [More]

Malaimo is a minimal buff/debuff tracking addon that will allow you to track buffs/debuffs, can be also used to track cooldowns, also enables click-casting.
buffs/debuffs/cooldowns can be displayed as icons. you can click these icons to cast spell.

You can track your buffs/debuffs on yourself,target,pets,focus,party and boss.
And track cooldowns of your skills or equipments or items
You can also definition location for each icon.

Getting Started
* Download this addon and copy Malaimo folder into your WoW\Interface\AddOns\ directory.
* All configuration must be done by editing MalaimoConfig.lua.
Structure of Malaimo
* Malaimo.lua : Core of addon, no need to modify.
* MalaimoConfig.lua : Most configuration.
* icon.lua : Definition of icons. Editing this file to dress up icons XD
Understanding the Group
* Group is Basic Unit of Malaimo. A Group is a series of spells with same attributes. Spells in one group would have same caster and unit.
Let's Begin: Customize Spell List:
* Open Malaimo.lua with a text editor.
* So MalaimoConfig.lua should look like this:

local addon, ns = ...                   --Namespace
["DRUID"]={                                 --Configuration For Druid
    ["buff"]={                                  --The "buff" Is Name Of Group, Just A Name, A Name Casually.
          filter ="buff",size=32,buffunit="player",caster="player",Direction = "RIGHT",
          --Definition Of This Group。
          --filter: Definition This Group Will Track "buff"、"debuff" Or "cooldown"。
          --size: Size Of Each Icon Of This Group。
          --buffunit: A Unit To Track. But If "filter" Is "cooldown" Then Here Must be "player"。
          --buffunit Could Value From http://www.wowwiki.com/UnitId。You can track your DOTs on each boss while in muti-boss combat and click-casting without change your target.
           --caster: Who cast the spell.
          --caster Could Be A Special Value: "anyone"。If "caster" Is "anyone", No Matter Who cast the spell will be tracked. 
          --Attention, click-casting only enables when "caster" Is "player"。
          --Direction:Direction Of Icons. Only "LEFT" Or "RIGHT"..
         --This Group Will Track Buffs On Player
      {id=48438,setpoint={"CENTER",nil,"CENTER", -250, 100,},},
         --Spell List Of This Group,
         -- id: The spell name or spell Id of the spell you want to display
         --Support some Specially using while tracking cooldown.
         --If you want to track your first trinket, you can write :"slot13", slotID is InventorySlotId from http://www.wowwiki.com/InventorySlotId,
         --Or you want to track some items, you can write :"itemITEMID",example,"item6948" will track your Hearthstone's cooldown。
         --setpoint: Point for each Icon。
         --In each Group, setpoint of first spell is Necessary . setpoint of other spell can be nil or {0}, for Default(Direction = "RIGHT")
         -- tex: Optional Attribute , replace default texture with this textrue, you must write full path of texture.
         --sound1:Optional Attribute,Play this sound when spell appeared,
         --sound2:Optional Attribute,Play this sound when spell disappeared.
          --can be short name as "igMiniMapOpen",or full path
--Complete for druid.
Equal List
* spells in Equal list will regard as same spell.

--moonfire and sunfire.

Hope you like it.

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