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Version: 1.11
by: Zax [More]

AspectReminder is a hunter mod to help you manage your Aspects. It simply displays a colored frame depending of your current aspect.
The "Aspect of the Pack" buff is prioritized, even if this buff has been casted by a member of your party or raid.

This frame is movable and resizable.
Each aspect's color and transparency can be customized.

When AspectReminder's frame is visible, you can:
- right click to lock/unlock the frame

When AspectReminder's frame is visible and unlocked, you can:
- drag the frame using left click
- resize the frame with the bottom-right handler
- ALT-click to change current aspect's color

Supported slash-commands:
/aspectreminder -- open settings in the standard addons settings panel.
/aspectreminder show -- show the frame.
/aspectreminder reset -- reset settings to default.

Development note
Buffs are fetched by ID and not by name, so AspectReminder should work with any localized WoW versions.


- 1.11 : 2011-10-10 : WoW 5 compatible with some new aspects.
- 1.1 : 2011-06-29 : Major LUA and XML optimizations. Default button in settings UI fixed. Patch 4.2 compliant. User previous settings will be lost.
- 1.03 : 2011-06-01 : Some code optimized. Standard settings panel used.
- 1.02 : 2011-05-26 : Frame color and transparency fixed.
- 1.01 : 2011-05-23 : First use frame position fixed.
- 1.0 : 2011-05-22 : First public release.
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recursion error

hello. i find this tool very handy, but whenever i run it, i get spams of this line, over and over again:

AspectReminder ERROR: too much recursion!

like, 12-15+ of them at a time, then a short break, then another dozen or more. it doesn't seem to lag me out, but it seems wrong, so i figured i would come pick your brain about it.
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